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LEGO City Undercover In LEGO City: Undercover developed by TT Games and published by Nintendo, players assume the identity of Chase McCain, an undercover detective armed with clever disguises. As players run, drive and even fly through the city, they'll use the Wii U GamePad as a map, communicator and indispensable crime scanner. This is the first time that the LEGO City play sets have come to life on a gaming platform and it's exclusively on the Wii U console.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1349
Genre Action Adventure, Open-World
Company / Developer
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / TT Games

LEGO City Undercover reviews ( 4 )

HeftchenHeld, Apr 6, 2017

I waited 4 years and now it´s out. Lego City Undercover the best game i ever played. But first i had ab bug that i cant change my resolution but in game it worked. So ist the best game i ever played.

SuperkenGaming, Apr 10, 2017

Lego City Undercover Doing too Much LEGO City Undercover is an open world grand theft auto True Crime styled Lego game where you play as Chase McCain going after an escaped prisoner Rex Fury Before I start this review, It’s important to note that I don’t like Lego games I’m probably gonna complain about things you love But LEGO City Undercover is easily my favorite one to date The charm and humor here is the best I’ve seen in a Lego game, which is surprising considering it features a unique cast of characters.. A few parodies thrown in there… But there wasn’t 1 character I met throughout the journey that didn’t make me smile in one way or another… I was in love with the first half of this 12 hour campaign… You’re driving around the Lego city to each destination, stopping along your way to collect new costumes, or cars from doing time trials if you’d like… destroying and rebuilding during the campaign to complete tasks and find keys… And slowly you’re introduced to different undercover identities… This is where the games potential starts to shine, but it’s also where the game starts to fall apart… There are 15 chapters in total here and the missions in these chapters are mixed between in city with car chases and climbing buildings and then there’s the sections of the game that are inside of buildings… And this is where the game comes to a crawl.. Especially later on in the world... For starters... this is where you have to deal with the slow and boring combat system of reversing, mashing the o button and throwing handcuffs on enemies.. It’s a little fun for a while, but gets old pretty fast… At first I don’t mind these more puzzle platformer sections of the game... They’re a break from the fairly small Lego world... This stops that world from getting boring… And it extends playtime as you’re switching through the different identities to throw different switches and break different items… I’d get to some annoying spots where the game forces you to go collect a ridiculous amount of blocks to complete a super build, which isn’t too bad since there are special blocks usually pretty close and you can use your communicator to see them in the world so you have an idea of where to go.. But by time you unlock the color gun. .all of it becomes just so overwhelming… The game doesn’t reserve 2 different characters for these levels... which would’ve been much better Instead they want to throw them all in... making you constantly switch through characters to make little progress only to have to switch back to another and another and another The fire fighter and the color gun just became obnoxious… The fire extinguisher hardly works and the paint sections are just time wasters… Where sometimes it isn’t even about changing the color of a switch,, its painting a wall so you can climb it… The pacing just becomes awful in the final stretches and it ruins the charm and feel of the game completely… The puzzly grind is sort of what Lego games are about.. so Lego fans rejoice… But in general, while this game genuinely surprised me during the first 7 chapters and had me smiling nonstop, I felt it just started wasting my time towards the end just because… Don’t let the final bits scare you away though.. LEGO City Undercover is a great game full of laughs and fun even if like me, you hate Lego games. I Give LEGO City Undercover an 8/10

Maskachirlas, Aug 13, 2017

Will not make history but its playable. Too much simple, in general. 2 players at same time is good. Camera is terrible, hours searching things for complete 100%.

GlobusDiablo, Apr 7, 2017

Important edit: The game keeps crashing to desktop. Can't figure out why. Until some sort of patch is released for this, I can only give it 5.... I've been waiting for this pc release, and for me it's definitely worth it. I love the laid back gameplay with tongue in cheek humour. It's almost a meditative experience compared to the rest of my library. Absolutely no stress. :) Bought a Steam key at approx.: 20 usd. On my high spec pc it runs butter smooth (I've read that others have experienced serious frame drops, but I haven't noticed any). I highly recommend it if you're looking for a quality title with relaxed gameplay. Added split-screen co-op makes it a romp with your children/friends/spouse and what not. Edit: I suppose the lack of any kind of P2P online multiplayer leaves the game wanting in this day and age. A perfect 9 it is then. :)