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LEGO Worlds In a galaxy of procedural worlds made entirely from LEGO bricks, will you... EXPLORE environments filled with adventure, then alter them? DISCOVER secrets and treasures, then play with them? CREATE your own models, then make a world your own? In LEGO® Worlds, it’s up to you.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1583
Genre Action Adventure, Sandbox
Company / Developer
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment , TT Games / TT Games

LEGO Worlds reviews ( 7 )

pr1v1t, Feb 17, 2016

This game is great, and is only getting better with each update. As it's an early access title, I'll be reviewing it as an incomplete game. So, the final game may have a different score requiring a review edit. Before we get into the review, I want to talk about the game's early access status and their Youtube policy. Yes, it's an early access title. As such, there's always the possibility that the game will never be finished. However, the devs have maintained constant communication, offered frequent feature updates, and have already shipped a number of LEGO games (TT Games) for Warner Bros. They're a pretty good studio with a huge publisher backing them. I'll never say never, but it's pretty unlikely that the project will be shelved this far into development given its feedback on Steam. Second, I know a lot of us like to stream on Twitch or upload videos to Youtube. The devs have explicitly stated on the Steam Community forums that they are fine with this, so you shouldn't have to worry about copyright strikes. Now, let's get to the good stuff! First, let's address performance. I have a decidedly mid-range computer (FX-8120, GeForce 760). Under DirectX 11, the game runs adequately, and MUCH better than it did when it first became available on Steam's Early Access. The performance gets a little better with each update, so I'd be surprised if it wasn't completely optimized by release. Second, let's take a look at the gameplay. Some people are of the opinion that this is a Minecraft clone. I disagree. It is definitely the same genre as Minecraft (sandbox creation), but the ability to build things in procedural worlds is about the only similarity on that front. In fact, this game's creation tools are much more versatile, with the notable exception of not having a circuit system (like redstone) as of the last time I played. LEGO Worlds rewards discovery by allowing players to become characters they have met or recall vehicles and animals they have discovered. The kits are a nice touch as well, allowing you to instantly create entire sets that you have found in-game. While you can still manually create anything you could with real LEGO bricks, you have additional options here. On a somewhat different gameplay note, LEGO Worlds also added a quest system a couple updates back for those who want a break from the sandbox and would like a bit more "traditional" gameplay goals. They're by no means required, but they are nice for those of you who like game-set goals once in a while. Next, let's talk about graphics and art direction. The art direction and graphics are familiar to anyone who has played any of the recent LEGO games. This is probably due to the fact that the same studio is behind this one. If you like that art style, you'll like this one. If you don't, you won't. If you couldn't care less about graphics and simply want to create your LEGO empire of doom, they're more than adequate. Personally, I like the art style, but that's just my preference. If the ability to create anything you want with an infinite set of LEGO bricks sounds like something you'd like, then this game is definitely worth checking out. If the lack of a redstone equivalent is a dealbreaker, wait a little longer to see what gets implemented. Now, let's talk about the features that AREN'T in the game yet: -Online multiplayer: the devs have continously said that this will arrive later on. That being said, I am of the personal opinion that this will be implemented MUCH closer to release. -Underground cave networks: The devs say that they will also be procedurally generated. -Towns, villages, settlements. -Underwater gameplay (vehicles and creatures) -Other things that aren't that important to me but you can check out on their Steam listing.

butterflyman01, Jun 28, 2015

This game is great. There is often a misconception that this game is Minecraft; it is not. Stop saying it is. There are three parts of Minecraft: Digging, building and crafting. People often say exploration is a key part of Minecraft; it is not. You can literally spawn, walk 5 blocks to a tree, start punching it and you're done for the rest of the game. I do like Minecraft, but there are many differences in this game. This game offers proper exploration. You start in the woods, find a horse, and you travel to a land full of candy canes and cupcakes and find a gun and a plane! The exploration is literally endless. The building. The building in this game is often the point of the negative/positive ratings. Contrary to popular thought, building is actually not that difficult. The brick by brick build is actually far more simple than most people think. If you actually read how to do it, you'd know that you can drag a brick using left shift and I made myself a fully operational castle with individual rooms in under an hour. Try doing that in Minecraft survival. Another thing is the pre-fabs. They are amazing. I have made my own town with roads (using the steam roller) and houses, and barns, and even a McDonald's down the road. The creation in this game, like the exploration, is pretty much endless. The building is far easier than most people think and the exploration is amazing and endless. I have nothing major to fault on this game, especially since it is in early access. The one, tiny, tiny fault is the third person view. Aiming is very hard with guns and bow and arrows and I think it would be a wonderful addition to add a first person view that is optional. TL;DR: The exploration in this game is incredibly fun and endless, the building takes a bit of skill but once read up on is easy, and the endless creation is amazing, but this is NOT Minecraft. Third person view can be buggy but otherwise this is an amazing game. I recommend to anyone who likes LEGO and who is very creative.

StarWarsFan, Jun 11, 2015

I'm giving it a 10, not because it is perfect right now, but it WILL be everything we have been dreaming of for a Lego game. This game is missing a map and an easier individual brick building interface; however, before you count those small things as detractors, let me say this: "THIS GAME IS IN EARLY ACCESS". That means that this game is already FAR and ABOVE expectations and it still in its infancy. It isn't Minecraft, because this game has FAR more things to be creative with. Welcome to being a kid again.

TrilobiteG, Jul 10, 2015

For a game that has been on steam for only a little bit, I can only pick out a few negatives showing a glimmering shine of potential for the future. The open world aspect works in this lego game because it is COMPLETELY OPEN WORLD. Not 'oh do this mission and explore a bit' open world. COMPLETELY OPEN WORLD. IT IS A LITERAL SANDBOX. YOU CAN BUILD WHAT YOU LIKE FROM ACTUAL LEGO BRICKS!!!! This is what LEGO was meant for as well so it really does make sense. Of course, there are a few aspects of this game that needs to be fixed such as the brick building but the creativity included is so wide that is shadows over a couple bugs and improvements. Really solid start guys!

isthis4you, Jun 4, 2017

LEGO Worlds is a weird game for no one in particular. Younger players will be happy seeing brick men jumping around brick worlds but they won't be able to complete most tasks. Older players will become bored by low difficulty level and repetitiveness. There is hope in the inevitable additional content - fingers crossed for free distribution.

SirKirbyThe4th, Jun 18, 2015

Not Minecraft at all. More about exploration & construction than survival. There are many tools to use like: Add/ subtract big chunks of lego at a time, specific 1-piece placement, & paint. You explore to find things like vehicles, items, & characters who you can use to customize your character. This game is still early access when this review was written, so it will only get better.

kobeworld, Mar 16, 2017

Boring. and SHAME to TT Games for closing LEGO DIMENSIONS for this **** . Another **** company after Disney. GG i hope this game will sell very little copies.