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LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds A tactical turn-based RPG that takes you on a journey through Legrand, a chaotic world that's torn apart by civil war and threatened by an otherworldly invasion. You play as Finn, the reluctant leader of a band of unlikely heroes, who soon discovers that the true peril to their universe lies within themselves.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1588
Genre Role-Playing, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
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LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds reviews ( 6 )

DarschPugs, Feb 3, 2018

Legrand Legacy is a true masterpiece. it combines amazing visuals with a beautiful soundtrack that lends itself well to the narrative unfolding through out the game. The CGI cut-scenes are deliberately crafted to be reminiscent of classic PSOne era jrpg titles and adds this sense of nostalgia that helps this game hold a special place in my heart. The mini games are fun and fresh in an era that has largely forgotten its roots in the genre. This game belongs in every rpg players inventory.

andresurya07, Feb 5, 2018

THIS GAME SIMPLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR A LOOOOOONGGG TIMEE!! as per description IT IS A LOVE LETTER TO ALL TIME FAVORITE JRPG. RATING : 9,5/10 I've been waiting so long for this kind of game since Final Fantasy VIII/IX, Was playing/watching recent JRPG such as tales series, nino kuni, legend of heroes,etc. But all of them doesn't have either turn based combat and/or static background combined. The closest one that I can remember that almost have both of that might be baten kaitos, even that the game have static background but the combat sadly a card-luck turn based combat, Anyway this game simply a pure nostalgic JRPG experience. The game feels really polished with almost no bug. Controller respond and support also great (im using PC joystick). Loading time also pretty fast with fluid FPS and no stuttering at all, simple graphic/sound/controller/gameplay setting as well which is good. Handrawn artworks looking great, Great FX (sunset water, snow, etc), Good 3D model, FX and animation in-game quality that match well with old JRPG quality, Great cinematic as well, simply match the old JRPG feels. Combat also feels very balanced, complex and challenging I've almost got heart attack few times with challenging boss and almost got a game over LOL. Love the suikoden type batlle wars combat, All in all the combat really feels great! The game design overall also amazingly done, with all the creative little traps, balanced dungeon/monster difficulty, addictive mini games which is a lot of FUN, complete and very informative tutorial, simple but yet enjoyful side quest; simple, easy to learn UI and awesome inventory/crafting management makes the gameplay even more enjoyable. The soundtrack is simply AMAZING I even dare to compare it with FInal Fantasy series quality soundtrack (IMO), Really LOVE the world map Music, I even sometimes leaving it ON and keep it playing when I do another stuff. A Masterpiece. For the downside, Well even tho the story is good, I feel that the script and text is quite draggy, I feel that many conversation a bit too much, but well you can always skip it anyway. Short word : IF YOU LOVE JRPG such as Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX/X, Legend of Dragoon, Shadow Hearts, etc. I Simply recommend LEGRAND LEGACY! and for 24.99 USD (international price) which have this rich content and gameplay hours it's simply awesome value! Pros : - Great handrawn artworks and Full 3D CGI Cinematics - AMAZING high quality soundtrack - Great combat system which feel balanced and challenging - Gameplay feels really enjoyable just like Great old JRPG Game - A lot of content (mini games, crafting, many city/town, a lot of dungeons, many side quests, long gameplay hours) Cons : - Conversation feels a bit draggy Overall : 9,5/10 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! and really hope there is Legrand Legacy 2!!!!!!

franck99, Feb 14, 2018

i like my time with legrand ( took me 43h to complete ) - good soundtrack - well developed story that can feel Epic by time - unique characters that we learn to know throught the game - good jrpg combat - background that we didnt see often ( hand draw) for an indie game with a small team we need more of those game.

GBG_Jason, Jan 30, 2018

The game will not surprise anyone familiar with popular RPGs from the 90s, or even early 00s. It begins with a cinematic of the main character, Finn, being pitted against an enemy that is much stronger than him. The game uses this battle as a tutorial for basic attacks and defense. After a couple of rounds, you see another cinematic where Finn comes close to certain death, and an unknown power awakens within him and he all but kills his opponent in one fell swoop. After blacking out and waking up, you find out you??�re a slave, you??�re going to be killed for winning, and are then bought off the slave owner without any need of convincing and freed from your predicament. You??�re soon made aware that Finn is the amnesia-inflicted character you??�re no doubt familiar with, having no understanding of the world around him. The amount of exposition that NPCs throw at you in this is nauseating. It??�s not that I dislike dialogue, but the way that it??�s presented in this can be a bit of a chore. For example, fairly early in the game a conversation between Finn and Aria involves asking for information, and the other asking for water. They say the same thing in essence several times before any development is made. This could be fun banter, providing insight into the characters??� personalities, but instead comes off as annoyingly redundant. Sadly, a large majority of the dialogue throughout the game plays off this way, and one of the aspects of the genre that made me love it serves as something I??�d rather skip. To say the characters never develop is a bit of an overstatement, although you won??�t see any changes like you would playing Final Fantasy IX, where characters like Steiner become fan favorites as we see him change. Instead, we see Finn go from annoying slave to slightly less annoying swordsmen. That??�s not awful, as other games did the same and were still plenty successful. One that stands out is Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, which had a fairly average story and a set of characters that never really changed, but had a pretty strong combat system. Similarly, this has a fighting system that works well and amplifies the experience. To say the combat is unique unto itself would be a lie. It holds similarities to The Legend of Dragoon and Shadow Hearts, with its ACT (Action Circle Tempo) system playing a large part. This simply means that with any action you choose that results in an attack or a defensive maneuver yields a circle with three different zones and a button to press. When the needle goes around the circle, you must choose for it to stop in the right spot. Landing it in any of three zones affects what happens ??� whether it be increased AP gain and critical chance, or less damage done and a higher probability of the attack missing altogether. This avoids combat becoming overly monotonous, although I did find the confirmation to be a bit sporadic. I often had to hit the button well before the needle was where I wanted it, while other times doing so it registered immediately. The system also has a series of weaknesses and resistances for each enemy, be it the elements or the type of weapon you are using. If you don??�t want to focus on looking at the types, the game is nice enough to show you whether or not it will be effective by shining a light over the enemy. If there??�s no light, you??�re safe to use it, but it??�ll do normal damage. Once you reach a full bar of AP, you can use your boss killer move. I call it this because it??�ll often wipe 25%-50% of a boss??� life. Gaining AP is easy enough ??� simply use your attacks or Grimoires (spells that don??�t cost anything other than going after normal attacks with the potential of being interrupted) and do well during the ACT section. In some instances, these are necessary for winning battles, but other times it??�s a wonder they were included with how powerful they are. To speak toward the aesthetics of the game, it absolutely nails what they were going for. The music is fantastic and compliments the painted backgrounds very well. I know when I initially saw it, I was thinking it was more of a PS1 style, but after playing, it??�s definitely more along the lines of the PS2 era. And that isn??�t to say the game is bad looking at all, as the character portraits are beautifully modeled and rendered, with enough animation to bring the conversations to life. The world is a joy to adventure in, although it is a bit linear as much of it doesn??�t allow for free roam. The dungeons are fun, albeit simple. Some will add a bit of challenge with traps and elements that will slow you and cause damage over periods of time. Luckily, there is often times a room with a place that you cannot only save, but heal your wounds for free. This is a fantastic debut for an indie company, and taking what they learned from the development of this, I??�m certain their next entry will blow this one away.

Shepard16, Feb 8, 2018

This game got me hooked for the first three hours until the poor writing got on my nerves. Yet, I decided to finish this game. Good points: -game's lore is promising -the soundtrack fits game's theme -battle mechanics are ok (different with skirmish) Bad points: You won't hear any voiceovers in this game, thank god it didn't! I can't imagine someone reading those cringe-worthy lines out loud. Yes, it's just that dumb. Character interaction is just moronic. Aria takes the cake for being the most annoying character in this game. Also, the skirmish gameplay is so dragging! It takes almost an hour to finish! So what's the saving grace in this game? Probably the ending. Wrong! Get ready for 3 minutes of nonsense, and there was no closure to the war and all the parties involved. Use your 40 hrs. with another game.

Almia, Feb 10, 2018

The writing is just too bad to make it worthwhile. Neither the art nor the soundtrack is exceptional so it can't overcompensate like some older jRPGs could, and the gameplay isn't fun enough to carry you through. Spoiler line --- Who had the bright idea to not let you finish off the first boss? Talk about the most UNSATISFYING fight imaginable! It was hard too, i had to grind for it, probably because I didn't pick the appropriate stats to level up, but still! After all that work somebody else comes in to finish him off for me?? REALLY made me not want to pick up the game again.