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Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry Hey ladies, I’m back in business. My new adventure, Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don’t Dry, takes me – whatever the route or twist of fate – from the end of the ’80s directly into the 21st century and wow, how the world has changed.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 39
Genre Adventure, Point-and-Click
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
CrazyBunch / CrazyBunch
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Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry reviews ( 6 )

resident01, Nov8, 2018

So far I love it. It's funny, challenging and it feels exactly like playing the old games outside of some modern gameplay improvements (ie: fast travel, better controls, graphics, etc) which are a welcome improvement. Easily my favorite one.

bartvincke, Nov 12, 2018

This newest additiion to the Larry series is great. IT finally goes back to the roots and delivers a charming and funny game. It's hard not to laugh with all the subtle and more often not so subtle hints to existing persons, companys, apps Everyone who likes point and click adventures should be playing this. It's not like humor filled ones are abundant these days.

BrunoFonseca, Nov 13, 2018

Although sometimes the humor is less sophisticated than the original games, this new Leisure Suit Larry adventure is a return to form for the character. A thoroughly enjoyable adventure game that is full of clever puzzles and funny characters. If you are a fan of the old adventure games, give this game a go, you wont regret it. If you are a new fan... jump in both feet at a time, you'll have a blast.

Unlikeminded, Dec 12, 2018

Rather positively surprised about the game. Don??�t trust the negative user scores, especially the guy with the 3 point negative. I know for a fact from an adventure game forum that he didn??�t even play the game. Regrettably I had posted about the release and he immediately rejected it without playing a single second (apparently just by looking at screenshots and a trailer he "knows" that this game is "wrong from head to toe"). That his "review" is the most liked here really says a lot about the intelligence and niveau of a lot of Metacritic users ... It??�s also pretty suspicious that - apart from Fuz??� fake review - none of the negatives are able to back up their score with any reasons - A few accounts just have voted the game and most positive reviews down with very little effort. Before this it had 7.5 user score - similar to the critic??�s average. Make of that what you will ... The game???s certainly no masterpiece but just giving a terrible score from screenshots or because it doesn???t have pixel graphics like LSL from the 80???s is a crappy thing to do. Anyway, didn???t expect too much when I first heard of it but in the end LSL: Wet Dreams Don???t Dry has become a very decent classic Point??�n??�click adventure with a neatly balanced puzzle difficulty, quirky characters and for the most part a funny story. I also liked the in-game time jump from 1987 to 2018 which has resulted in the game being full to the brim with witty references to our modern social media culture but also plenty of nods to the older LSL games (eg it???s possible to die - thanks to autosave without much consequences though, there???s a section that plays and looks similar to the first Larry game etc). Pros: - Plenty of classic (inventory-based) puzzles with usually perfectly balanced difficulty. - As long as you pay attention and revisit locations/NPCs help from a walkthrough should hardly ever be necessary. - Long playing time, especially for an adventure (~15 hours) - Easy, efficient controls - Great gameflow, you usually always know what has to be done next in order to further the story - Nice humor with lots of funny cultural references - World is full of positively weird and quirky NPCs - A lot of usable items, which speaks for the great variety in puzzles and quests. Of course the size of the game??�s inventory can look intimidating as it blows up quickly at first. You sometimes have 20 items or more. It usually gets obvious what to use where and when though which is a very impressive feat imo considering the item count. - Story stays interesting up until the last chapter, as you just want to help Larry getting his "Timber" score to 90 Cons: - Some errors with the English Localization. Most are just smaller spelling, grammatical errors but there are also instances where the text doesn??�t match the spoken word. For example, one bouncer says Larry can only enter his club when his Timber score is at least 25. In the subtitles it says 40 though. - The German voice of Larry doesn??�t fit at all and his lines often lack any emotion. Even though he??�s the German voice of Barney Stinson of HIMYM, he didn??�t do a very good job in this game and it doesn??�t sound as if he felt like making a lot of effort. - Because of this I switched to English after a while (which is pretty rare for me with a game from a German developer). But the English speaker does a much better job, the only drawback being that his high pitched voice doesn??�t fit the new taller, leaner version of Larry as much anymore. Luckily, most of the other characters are voiced fittingly and flawlessly though. - Even though it???s rarely necessary as long as one pays attention to dialogue and surroundings, some people might be deterred by the lack of a hint system. - The humor and Larry??�s sexual innuendos probably aren??�t for anybody, especially today. But he??�s a guy from the 80s who overslept the past 30 years after all. - The game loses steam at the end, especially after you reached the 90 points "Timber" score. Puzzles get very easy in the last hour or so and the conclusion of the story is rather silly and unsatisfying. The first cons can probably be explained by limited budget and time constraints. All in all LSL: WDDD is an above average classic Point??�n??�click adventure with very good production value, an amusing story and funny characters. The devs showed a great love for details and packed the game with challenging, yet still logical puzzles. For anybody who likes classic, puzzle-heavy Point??�n??�Click adventures - games in the vein of Monkey Island or some of the titles from Daedalic for example - this is a must buy.

Hijacker, Nov 12, 2018

Leisure Suite Larry: Wet Dreams don't dry is not the best point-to-click adventure I've played. But voices and jokes are well done. The progress while playing is however new and annoying for adventure games. You'll find far too many items that you won't be able to use until much later. In addition, at the same time you are confronted with far too many puzzles that require items that you can't find yet. This always leads to frustrating moments when you combine all kinds of items only to find out that you can't find the required items yet and as soon as you finally get into a new area, the required items literally fly towards you without any enjoyable effort. This way the once stubborn puzzles are mastered far too easily and without any fun in puzzling or combining.

ae91x, Feb 24, 2019

WDDD has nothing to do with the original Larry developers, and it shows. The art style is horrid, as is the puzzle design, the dialogue was clearly written by somebody who does not speak english natively, and just the entire tone of the game is completely off. Then, of course, the game makes a point in the later stages of making you unable to control Larry as he "bravely" renounces Donald Trump for some completely arbitrary reason, in a jarring sequence that for me was the concrete shoes that sent this game straight to the ocean floor, hopefully never to be seen again. The one saving grace is that the game by and large is so boring and unengaging that I wager most people will never even see the Trump thing. Buying a pack of all the original Al Lowe games is cheaper than buying this flaming hunk of garbage, and you'll have infinitely more fun with it.