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Lemma A first-person parkour in a surreal, physics-driven voxel world. Every move can modify the environment. Surfaces pop in and out of existence at will.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1170
Genre Action Adventure, Linear
Company / Developer
Evan Todd / Evan Todd

Lemma reviews ( 4 )

LRoyz, Aug 23, 2015

This is a great single player first person puzzle game. Somehow it's also one of the eeriest and scariest games I've ever played. Not jumpscarey, but just the vibe of being stuck in an entire unknown world with weird everchanging landscapes that can easily kill you. On top of that this eerie soundtrack adds to this vibe. Story is nothing to write home about, but the puzzles are amazing. They kind of remind me of Portal.

mugen_is_here, Oct 25, 2015

Brilliant game! It's a completely new genre in gaming and I wish that more companies start taking this genre seriously. It's so damn fun running and jumping around an environment. You gain a couple of more abilities as the levels progress and it's somewhat of a puzzle to figure out where to go next. You make some jumps and reach a destination. Then you look back and marvel and how well you've climbed it all. I just love this game!

Goldchocobo, May 12, 2015

A brilliant game, I love it. Pro: Mirror's Edge fans will eat it up. Grade AAA gameplay mechanics here. Puzzle solving reminded me of Portal Cool looking environments Graphics slightly better then expected Satisfying sound design and music, albeit a few technical errors Story was, surprisingly, much better then anticipated L only, esoteric atmosphere Con: Some incredibly minor sound issues Some jittery camera movement Game world can feel a bit empty... take this for what you may.

oradio10, Sep 24, 2017

This game is great, the parkour mechanics are well done (I love the freedom that the game gives you), But for the main campaign, i have a problem: there are too much puzzles and enemies. I know it's pretty fun for some, but i prefer when it's parkour. But i still like some puzzle games, but puzzle aren't meant for this game (in my opinion). Enemies are sometimes annoying, because those little exploding lights, you can't kill them, that means some are unkillable, and they destroy everything and follow you. But Lemma is a good game in of it's parkour mechanics and challenge levels.