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Lethal League Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game where the goal is to launch a ball into the face of your opponent. Lethal League first gained notoriety when it was featured as the grand final ‘Mystery Game’ on UFGT9. It quickly became clear that the extreme nature of the game, mixed with the stylized street visuals and chip-hop music hit a sweet spot with the crowd.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1319
Genre Action, Fighting, 2D
Company / Developer
Reptile / Reptile

Lethal League reviews ( 7 )

AttackingHobo, Sep 9, 2014

Amazing game. Simple yet extremely addicting. Its a fighting game where you don't need to memorize convoluted button presses to do combos. Goal of the game is simple. Knock the ball into your opponent and avoid getting hit yourself. You can smack the ball in different directions, smash it down to double its speed, or bunt it to through off your opponent. Each character has different movement mechanics, and a unique special. The sense of speed is incredible. The hit pauses are suspenseful and add a lot of depth to the gameplay. My current Game of the Year for 2014.

MenageGameTrois, Aug 31, 2014

Lethal League (LL) is the quintessence of competitive arcade gameplay. Being completely free of over complication, Team Reptile have fortunately channelled the most special elements of the nostalgic games of the golden era, where a sole focus on gameplay has driven design and development. The result being a game with no apparent story, not character progression, and no cheap ways of making you feel as though you should be playing the game, instead it slaps you in the face with a fresh take on Fighters, that is plain and simply, unsullied fun. The gameplay and structure of LL lends itself perfectly to the resolution of longstanding disagreements (1-on-1 Fights), bouts of personal worth and glory (4 way FFA), and also to bond-building exercises (2-on-2 Team Fights). The beautiful thing about the simple gameplay is it works so well not only in the hectic 4-way FFA, but also in 1-on-1 combat, where the simple mechanics eventually boil down to a game of whits, where you are more trying to force the other player/s to swing at the wrong point, or you are trying to think and act fast enough to catch them off-guard. That long winded jargon can be distilled down to; this game is perfect for playing with friends, and that is exactly how it should be consumed. This game has one of those qualities where if you get served too hard, you will hate it; so take it in with friends and you will instantly see the gratifying outcome of learning together, while also pulling off some badass manoeuvres resulting in you all squealing like manly Girl Scouts. We have not tried it in Online Play as my internet services would make the game run like an interactive slideshow. But we can safely say that by grabbing a few ales, a few controllers, and huddling around your PC, you will be parting in the finest display of competition I have seen in a video games since Mario Party 64. Team Reptile have not given this game a huge amount of content, with 5 characters and 6 Levels, BUT, the content in the game is so perfectly polished, I question whether the development team is really as small as they say. We would love to see more playable characters and levels in the future just to give the game that bit of spice, but where it stands now is a testament to where AAA game development falls short in modern game development; where such heavy focus on being the next money making machine makes games lose that…specialness. From a developer’s standpoint this game has soul, you can feel the love that went into it when you play it. So get it, you won’t be disappointed. 3 / 3 Worth Playing - C

NianGao, Sep 14, 2014

Pretty underrated by people. Simple, yet it has a lot more depth than it looks. Very competitive, addicting, outstanding soundtrack, and easy to learn. The only negative part I have really is that the art isn't too good and not many characters. maps, and a little pricey. Overall, a solid buy.

ToFewViews, Jan 10, 2016

Lethal League is a 2D pixel fighter but with a bit of a twist. It's not about fighting hand to hand or anything, It's about using a baseball that doesn't accept gravity's rules to knock your opponents out. The ball can travel at a moderate speed that most people can handle all the way up to the point you are guessing when you hit the ball back because it's moving so fast. You can choose your base speed so if your a fan of the fast pace or bit slower you can pick, but if you and your fiends are good enough you can get the ball up to some extremely fast speeds. Each character handles unique to there style, The baseball player destroys the ball in heavy hits and the Ping Pong player can curve the ball and catch you off guard so depending on who your opponents pick/Map and ball-speed each character will play different. Each character also has some skins to unlock as to level up to help keep the game fresh. Some maps are wider then others and others are just smaller in every way to you really must watch out for the balls ricochet.The music to the game fits great and does a good job at keeping the Adrenalin pumping. Playing at high speeds can be extremely fun once you start to get used to it and Lethal League is just an all around great pick up and play game for when you have some friends over or even online with some buds. But remember practice makes perfect.

RainbowEon, Sep 13, 2014

I got this game on a whim from the recommendations of a friend. I'm not too into these types of games, but playing it was a blast. So far, I've only played with one other friend, the one who recommended it to me, and I can safely say that the $14 that I used to buy this game was well worth it. The game is fast paced, intense, and zany. My only real qualms with it so far are the lack of characters, with only a few to choose from, but with the character's special moves and general movement, I can see why it should be limited and not be overdone.

smilzoboboz, Oct 16, 2016

Just started to play and what I've seen so far is enough to recommend this game to everyone. Mechanics are rock solid (amazing with every game mode, from 1v1 to 2v2 to free for all) Animations are really well done and backgrounds are just as simple as fitting to create a futuristic (cyberpunk) atmosphere. Music, just a cherry on top, blends perfectly and gives a certain enjoyable rhythm to the matches. It's not a "deep" fighting game, but it is definitely a unique one (no other fighting/brawling games have a dodgeball-like mechanic as far as I know) and even if there are no fancy commands/moves it gets pretty technical with angles/feints/tactics. Again, strongly recommended to everyone.

darkfury45, Feb 8, 2016

This game is very simple, yet very fun. You're not gonna rage at getting crushed in 4 man FFA's because of just how absolutely crazy the game gets, and it's incredible with friends, especially in a call with skype or discord. However, the random matchmaking is down right terrible and KILLS the game sometimes. Like with Smash Bros, you can play against bots or other players and friends. Playing with friends is nice as you can form a party and let the chaos unfold, but the match making for random people an be brutally long and sometimes impossibly laggy. I've had several matches where I wait for up to FIVE MINUTES for a game, and their ping is above 200. Some games are so laggy the game can't even start. This is a great game, but I wouldn't expect reliable online play without friends who have a stable connection.