Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Crack/Patch

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Cross Scrabble with an RPG and see what you get.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1417
Genre Puzzle, General, Logic
Company / Developer
Digerati Distribution / Bacon Bandit Games

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey reviews ( 3 )

TomiTachikoma, Aug 13, 2016

Solid word game, a little grindy (need to purchase hit point and damage upgrades to be able to do later levels), but good for at least 4 hours. Excellent value for money if you can get it in an indie bundle!

DanySK, Sep 3, 2016

It's a funny word game, with RPG elements (your character improves along the game). The main problem is that it gets repetitive pretty soon. On the other hand... it is a word game. Good thing: it runs on Linux, flawlessly. Only available in English: if it's not your first language (nor the language you want to train in) look elsewhere.

SuperkenGaming, Nov 26, 2017

Letter Quest Remastered About as fun as a spelling test. Letter quest remastered is a puzzle game where you play as a little grim reaper dude out to grab some pizza and I love pizza as much as the next guy... but coming up with words for 8 hours to get some? No thanks there’s a bit of charm here in this RPG meets scrabble game... You’re given a bunch of random letters and you do some turn based combat with enemies using those letters... Your goal is to come up with the best word possible, and you know your boy superken from superkengaming has the vocabulary of a 3rd grader, so this wasn’t the best game for me to flex my spelling skills on.. The bigger the word with the better more challenging to use letters the more damage you do to enemies, and enemies will attack back.. However not with letters... they just get free damage... and their can do things like mess with your letters, giving them poison effects or breaking them so that they give you no points for a certain amount of turns.. Definitely stacking the deck against you... and as the game progresses more effects are put into play and enemies get spongier and spongier... this is how the game challenges you... with sponge… thankfully enemies drop gems when you beat them allowing you to upgrade your weapon, health, and armor... you can even buy spell books to give you an advantage such as the letter e giving you health every time you use it, and these bonuses are leveled up while using them… But its apparent with its boss battles and later stages that this game wants you to replay the same levels over and over... to grind for gems to upgrade your gear… As boss battles for example will have a ridiculous rule attached to them like the enemy only takes damages from words that start with vowels… again I only know like 3 words that start with a vowel.. rough time for me… so I threw my gems at the shop for some health potions to give myself a better chance because I wasn’t about to go back and replay levels to grind for gems… levels are samey enough as it is Why grinding is ultimately a problem is that this game gets old insanely fast.. The different tiles and effects don’t keep it interesting... the battles don’t get more interesting... there are 40 levels total here, and all of them are just defeat enemy after enemy, occasionally get a shop to refill your health a little or do a wheel of fortune style game for a perk before the next battle.. And if you die you have to restart the level all over again... it’s a spelling test that never ends And if you want that... there literally is an endless mode… Letter Quest starts cute, but gets really challenging and really tiring fast it’s a play a level once every few years kind of game more than it is beat in sitting kind of game it’s that repetitive I give Letter Quest Remastered a 5/10