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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a new three part standalone story adventure set three years before the events of the first game. This time play as Chloe Price, a rebel who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber in dramatic new story in the BAFTA award winning franchise.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1898
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Deck Nine Games

Life is Strange: Before the Storm reviews ( 5 )

HMMurdoc, Feb 23, 2018

People should stop to compare this game with the original LiS always and always again. Although lt's tied close with LiS in a scenario and with the characters and the mainstory so it's still an other thing... its own thing. I see Before the Storm as an absolutely fantastic and magical storybased adventuregame that tells us "its own! story in its own way of theatre, of drama and poetry". Somehow it feels like homecoming. Especially with given limitations of a prequel did Deck Nine a very good job with this. That's my opinion

lukasDerZweite, Aug 31, 2017

First sorry für my bad English. (Episode 1 only): This game is absolutely amazing there is almost no criticism in this game. Except one randomly disappearing Person after a cut seen and two AIs randomly walking the same way. The story is very very good and emotionally but not too much this is one of the best games I ever played yet.

rodericrinehart, Jan 2, 2018

First off, another great game from Dontnod. There are no magical powers this time, but it does not detract from the story or the gameplay. It was really refreshing to see what happened to Rachel Amber and see a lot more of Chloe. The new voice actor was good, but the old one will return in the true sequel. These games are just better in every way from the Telltale games. I want more of these types of games, but only if they are the quality of Life is Strange, Edith Finch, or Oxenfree.

SuperkenGaming, Dec 19, 2017

Life is Strange Before the Storm A decent story with not much choice Before the storm is a 3 episode long adventure game that tells the story of chloe and Rachel amber The girl that’s missing at the beginning of life I strange The 3 episodes last about 3 hours long and is much more dialog focused.. You play as chloe and she has no special powers Ocasionnaly you get into a battle of words where you have to try and talk your way into or out of a situation… you have to pay close attention to what your opponent says and say something back to go along with it in a smooth way… Other than that, youre just choosing what you believe is the best response for chloes situation, you can be cold or warm, not much in between As youre dealing with your new step dad david, and getting into trouble with Rachel amber… There are a few special moments here, but not much… Overall I feel there are no real choices of consequence here which is a bit of a let down.. Making this feel more like an interactive movie than an actual adventure game. The first episode I found it hard to care what was going on at all.. despite me crying for chloe in life is strange.. I just didn’t care about her or her relationship with amber at first, the only saving grace being a dungeons and dragons game thrown in there… But episode 2 completely changed my opinion of the game and the relationship of these 2 girls… Easily my favorite episode where theres a little more adventure type sections of looking for items you need but more importantly theres more bonding, there are more characters, drama, theres a play that for me topped even the dungeons and dragons game… The relationship felt alive and real, and then episode 3 comes along and It just disappoints in comparrison…. It goes by at a snails pace, though there are touching moments with chloes father that really saves it from feeling like an ultimate let down… The story telling saves this game, and its middle episode makes the 7 hour journey worth it. The delivery of this game is just very inconsistent… filled with great moments as well as moments youll be begging to just be over But I cried and I cared, And as a game that sets out to tell a story I guess that’s all that really matters I give life is strange before the storm a 7/10

plakat, Apr 16, 2018

Posted: Dec 15, 2017 @ 3:12am This has got to be the biggest disappointment ever. I come from four playthroughs and countless recommendations of the core game (Life is Strange). I preordered this because of the trust I placed in the company that made the original - here's the twist: Before the Storm wasn't made by DontNod (the Paris-based devs who brought us the original) but shuttled out by the publisher, Square Enix, to Deck Nine - an obscure company that brought us such blockbuster hits as "Neopets: The Darkest Faerie" and "Ratchet: Deadlocked", both flops on the PS2. In fact, when they got Before the Storm handed to them they hadn't developed anything since 2013. Even so, the name "Life is Strange" carries a lot of weight - it's a brand of quality I expected to carry over no matter who the developer is. Characters with depth, surreal and immersive storylines, heart-wrenching plot twists, and cringey-at-times but emotive voice acting are all elements of Life is Strange fans came to know and love. Before the Storm has none of that. We follow Chloe with (spoiler alert) no time travel powers like Max had in the first game - which leaves the game feeling void of any gameplay elements to set it apart from other choose-your-own-point-and-click story games. Instead there's a confusing and rarely used "backtalk" element that's as poorly introduced and explained as it is boring to use. The mechanic holds no weight and adds nothing to Chloe's character. Otherwise, the game's game mechanics are practically identical to its predecessor, with a few more technical issues probably due to the jump from Unreal Engine to Unity. Graphics look a lot worse - might as well be a PS2 game (and judging by the developer's portfolio, it's no surprise that PS2 graphics were the standard they held themselves to). All this could be excused if the story and characters mattered. I spent most of my time in the first couple episodes waiting for something to happen. The most interesting things in this game are tie-ins to the original like meeting characters or visiting locations from the first game, but there's very little point beyond "hey, remember this?" Locations and characters have very little purpose and value to the story. What story? Who knows. The plot meanders around aimlessly. Chloe gets in arguments with her parents, spends time at school, meets Rachel Amber who she has a crush on? I guess? It's unclear and heavy handed at the same time. Stilted voice acting doesn't help the process, and while I know some people criticized voice acting in the first game I tend to disagree - the voices and mannerisms felt right at home in Arcadia Bay when DontNod did it. Here, however every time a mouth opens on screen what comes out sounds like it was recorded phoenetically by non-nativespeakers. By the end of the second episode I found myself not caring whether the main character and her squeeze lived or died. This game made me feel bad for not killing Chloe at the end of the first one.