Life is Strange: Episode 4 - Dark Room Crack/Patch

Life is Strange: Episode 4 - Dark Room Darkroom follows the antics of series protagonist, Max, as she attempts to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Rachel Amber and get to the bottom of the bizarre happenings in Arcadia Bay. With the ‘End of the World’ party on the horizon, time is running out for Max to become the saviour of the town.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3132
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Square Enix / DONTNOD Entertainment

Life is Strange: Episode 4 - Dark Room reviews ( 7 )

TenchuuKhan, Jul 29, 2015

The strongest episode in the series so far. It kicks off right away with an intense travel back to our reality and after a short buildup and some detective work it gets really really dark and darker. That's been a really interesting and unique emotional experience

shtomer, Aug 1, 2015

Best episode so far, in my humble opinion. Pure emotional trip. The game still sins at times for being too simplistic in my opinion, but that's hard to avoid when you mix time travel with a teenage drama together. Still, a sharp 10 - if only for the absolutely incredible soundtrack (but for so much more)

Husker, Jul 28, 2015

Just when I thought that video games can no longer affect me as they used to came Life is Strange (especially Ep 4). Yes, it is the most glitched episode (time mechanic, sound sync), but what a story!!! I've never been so shocked (even though what Dontnod did in the Ep 4 with story is what I suspected after previous episodes) as with this game. "Dark Room" certainly doesn't deserve 10/10, but for the first time I have to give such a mark. Unbelievably high bar is set for Dontnod and their final episode of Life is Strange.

Gnawer, Sep 3, 2015

Life is Strange is hands down the best interactive story I played so far. It feels like it targets a specific "creative" crowd, but that doesn't make it unappealing to everyone else. The story is very engaging, at times dark, and in the course of 4 episodes it escalated to some really unexpected events. I would easily give it a 10, if it wasn't for some mildly annoying graphic bugs on PC.

Steeldude, Feb 7, 2016

Having just finished the game, I was like "WTF" at the end (even though I guessed half of the ending beforehand). I really do not want to spoil anything in this review, I'll just say the following: - Some photos are really hard to get - It is by far the longest episode in the series so far - It nicely combines elements from previous episodes and brings something new to the table (not gonna tell you ... :)) - Certain portions of the story are kind of slow this time, though. - And there was no suspense moment throughout the episode, not counting the final scene. So, I'd say it does not compare to the previous episodes. The first episode felt fresh and new and introduced all the characters and the premise of the story to us and did it in an amazing way that made me get interested in the whole plot. 9/10 The second episode felt worse than the first one, but managed to get on the same level of the first one, as you could actually take part in the drama at the end of the second episode and the impact of your actions was really big. 9/10 The third episode showed some new game play elements and the ending was simply amazing. 10/10 The fourth episode follows in the footsteps of the third one, once again introducing some new game play elements and returning a few elements from other episodes, but fails in presenting any actually thrilling moment that you can have an impact on. Some puzzles are quite annoying and the middle part kind of drags on. 8/10 But, do not let that discourage you, it is still an amazing episode in an amazing series of games, it's just ... not as good as Episodes 1-3. I'm super excited for the final episode, though. It looks like things are going to get super interesting. Update (07.02.16): Having replayed Episode 4 I decided to increase the score by one point. It is still the weakest of the episodes, but I have had my share of fun with Episode 4 after knowing what to do in several puzzles that are in this episode.

Rem, Jul 28, 2015

Episode 4: The Dark Room in many areas is a rocket ship up in intensity and emotional payoff in the ever growing beloved world of Max and Chloe. But a big warning to those following the story so far, this is quite one of the darkest episodes not just in Life is Strange, but in gaming in general. Instead of using buckets of blood and violence, The Dark Room bathes in creepiness, the unknown, and general paranoia of something much darker on the horizon. The beginning I have to admit however, is an emotional roller coaster, probably the best I've ever experienced in a game so far because it harkens back to the relationship between Max and Chloe and manages to bring me to tears at several points in this Episode alone. Episode 4 more than the other 3 Episodes sees the culmination of your past choices and actually alter the little stories in the game rather than the overall arching narrative. What this Episode does absolutely right is setting up powerful scenes. I can recall at least three times within the 5 hour frame where I was ready to spill tears because of how wonderful of a job the VA for Chloe did. Also the shift to a darker tone while not an easy transition sells itself really well in letting you know something awful will occur. So what does EP4 stumble with? Well, for one, it's the least polished episode with numerous audio glitches, a broken time mechanic, and a certain sequence which really underwhelmed. But I do appreciate DontNod for adding to their gameplay by having Max do somewhat detective work even if it's just connect the dots esque. The music does not always hit the right notes, but when it does it keeps hounding you until the Episode has wrought you free of all your tear ducts. In many ways, Episode 4's shocking conclusion will set up to be what is most likely to be an ending for the ages in terms of video game storytelling.

JamMasterJayFan, Aug 25, 2015

This is a highly entertaining game, and this was probably the most entertaining episode yet. Prior to this episode, the game felt like it didn't know what tone it was trying to go for, and a lot of the dialogue would just drag me out of the experience in a hilarious fashion (this is not a bad thing by the way). But this episode has a distinctly darker and more mature tone right from the get-go. The beginning of the episode had me feeling a whole mess of emotions, from depressed to bittersweet. Needless to say, it was the most affecting scene in the series so far. That said, some characters I find hard to connect with, so this dragged my experience down a bit. I am very excited for the fifth episode, and I can't wait to see what happens.