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Life is Strange Life is Strange is a hand drawn work of art and every action enacts a butterfly effect - but with the power to rewind time, what would you change? And would it turn out to be a change for the better or worse?

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 16782
Genre Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Square Enix / DONTNOD Entertainment

Life is Strange reviews ( 7 )

Esfar, Feb 3, 2015

A fantastic game from Squire Enix 1.Graphics is just awesome.Color combination used here is just perfect and capture the true American theme...what is more, the attention given to graphics is insane ..even the little things are done with care....(10/10) 2.Main character Max is likable person...they should give little more attention to side characters and story (7/10) 3.interesting game mechanic... 4.F**k you IGN for misguiding people with this game...this a fantastic effort

balding, Jan 24, 2018

Mi historia con este título es algo inusual. Lo empecé a jugar a modo de prueba sin haber oído nada de él, pero bastaron 10 minutos para darme cuenta de que este era uno de esos títulos que por seguro se quedan grabados en la retina. Personalmente, soy de los que busca más que mecánicas en un videojuego y siempre tengo en cuentra la narrativa en ellos. Life is Strange es un ejemplo de cómo los videojuegos pueden ser un medio que transmita más allá de entretenimiento. Los personajes de Max y Chloe se quedan ahí para siempre, en ese baúl de los recuerdos que se van almacenando a lo largo de todos los años que llevo jugando a videojuegos, y Arcadia Bay lo recordaré como un lugar estereotípico plagado de detalles. Desde ya, uno de mis juegos favoritos de toda la vida ante el que me he rendido literalmente en las 20h que me ha durado la aventura.

maranTana, Apr 17, 2018

This must be the most beautiful game I played in 30 years of gaming. Atmosphere, music, character design, cinematic, story -- everything perfectly matched and balanced. You just can't help falling in love with the protagonist(s). I even sat through the final credits, so moved I was. After every single of the five episodes. i will definitely play it again after some time making different choices here and there. Meanwhile there's the prequel "Before the Storm".

Davegl1234, Nov 8, 2015

I absolutely loved this game, and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who likes/likes the idea of Telltale-esque adventures. I am a big fan of these types of games (which are not everyones cup of tea), but personally, I liked LiS more than anything Telltale have put out to date. It has a great story, and the unique style and setting, and incredible atmosphere, sucked me in from start to finish. I also found the game mechanics more satisifying, and more at the forefront, than in any Telltale games I have played; with more interesting puzzles (although still too easy), and with a greater incentive to explore every nook and cranny and interact with everything you can. Its been one of the most memorable and enjoyable game I have played in several years, and would warrant a 10/10 in my book, if it wasn't a little rough around the edges. Probably my main gripe would be that, whilst I found the main story completely mesmerizing and some of the characters are well developed over the entire game, some of dialogue is hilariously cringe-worthy, and pretty much every character is an archetypal chiche. In addition to that, the lip-sync is often pretty bad, and, whilst the main characters are voiced really well, some of the lesser characters aren't great (not helped by the cliched writing). Additionally, whilst I personally loved it, I could see the unique setting being somewhat polarizing. What it does well, it does insanely well, which was more than enough for the negatives to fade away the more I played.

rodericrinehart, Feb 7, 2015

I really enjoyed this game. I am confident I will remember the game years from now, and I can only hope we find more games from all publishers like this in the future. I enjoyed the female protagonist, the Telltale-influences gameplay, and beautifully created world. It is not just a "walking simulator" like Gone Home (which I also enjoyed), and has more depth than The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us. The time rewind feature adds an interesting twist to adventure gameplay. It doesn't feel like "cheating" because although you might know the immediate consequences of your decision, you can't rewind past maybe 30 seconds and you can't see how these things will affect the future. I am pumped for more episodes!

nitorita, Sep 9, 2017

INTRO I like this game. It starts off as a bit of a walk in the park and stays that way until halfway into the story, but its story is realistic and fresh. I haven't tried any Telltale game yet, but I assume Life is Strange is similar to them. GAMEPLAY The game has probably been described in detail already by the hundreds of user reviews, so I'll just detail some main takeaways. For one thing, the game is very short. If you rush through the game (even with lots of exploration), you can certainly complete an episode or two in one sitting (around 1-2 hours). Being a story-oriented game, you play the role of a high school girl who essentially makes good-or-bad or side-with-whom decisions, and has the power to reverse time. It is a slice of life game in a high school setting with the main themes being bullying and teenage angst. You are encouraged to reverse any decisions you've made or replay the game from various episodes to find how characters change. Certain decisions are "permanent" and cannot be reversed, even across episodes. You cannot quickly progress through dialogue*. However, the devs made it so that you can skip lines you've already seen if you've reversed time. CLIMAX Starting from the second half of Episode 4, the drama starts to kick in, and the game becomes more challenging. The decisions you've made throughout the game start to unfold and take direct effect. The high ratings for the game were probably because of Episodes 4 and 5. The conclusion is tragic and makes your efforts throughout the game worthwhile. They're more challenging, which really tests your ability to rewind time. The only thing I must advise is: During your first run of Episode 5, I highly suggest choosing the 'left' ending. I won't divulge any more than that. ORIGINALITY This is where the game suffers a little. The gameplay is certainly well done, but it is not an original concept. The time travel/time reversal theme has been used time and time again (haha, puns) throughout tons movies, shows and games. The story is very original though, since it's not everyday that you find a game with a story about teenagers in school who are dealing with bullying and trying to help people deal with their daily problems. It's a breath of fresh air from all the action games and open world games that come out these days. SUMMARY One of my friends told me that the game was a lot more compelling when the episodes were released one by one and people were discussing about how their decisions would affect the MC in subsequent episodes. Alas, I purchased the game as a complete set, so I just played it through without taking time off to ponder the consequences of/discuss about any decisions I made. I probably lost some immersion from the first three episodes because of that. Anyway, I have to give this game two separate ratings. For Episodes 1-3, I can only give them a 8/10 at best, but for Episodes 4-5, I give them a 9/10. It's a great game overall, and I don't regret spending the time to play it.

localhost, Jul 22, 2016

HORRIBLE GAME. Doesn't let you save when you want, saves when you don't want - particularly when you screw up because at some point they suddenly decide that you lose your power to go back in time. Clumsy controls, etc, etc. Not worth a penny.