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Lifestream Lifestream is a haunting interactive story played in a first person perspective. Lifestream welcomes players into the lives of the Holton family, as they uncover the mysteries of the enigmatic Lifestream. John Holton's father, a priest named Randolph, disappeared three weeks ago. Unable to come forward to voice his concerns, in fear of destroying his father's reputation, John takes it upon himself to find out what happened by visiting his father's house and searching for him firsthand. What he finds is something that is so terrifying, yet so seductive, that it envelops his very soul. [Unimatrix]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1131
Genre Adventure, First-Person, Point-and-Click, Modern
Company / Developer
Unimatrix Productions / Unimatrix Productions
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Lifestream reviews ( 2 )

pixieelle, Apr 29, 2016

I love games that tell a good story and Lifestream's is really unique and moody! If you like games that focus on characters, you will enjoy it. I certainly did!

GamingKen, Mar 9, 2017

Takes me back to classic text adventure games from my youth, on the Commodore 64, but with a nicer modern interface. Also, brings back memories of my attempts to create similar text based adventures in BASIC on the C64. A great bonus is that the game works perfectly well with a touchscreen, and I am playing through it happily on a Windows 10, 8" tablet - which makes for a great game to curl up in bed and play. If you too have fond memories of text based adventure games, then I think this is a worthy purchase, particularly if you have a Windows touchscreen device.