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LIMBO LIMBO, a black and white puzzle-platforming adventure, puts players in the role of a young boy traveling through an eerie and treacherous world in an attempt to discover the fate of his sister.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 13238
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
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LIMBO reviews ( 7 )

Marcio_Miranda, Aug 2, 2011

Simple and brilliant. The result of game + art. Game mechanics is great and it's mood quite unique. Puzzles are quite easy but since mistakes often means death and restart, that's a good thing, to avoid them into become annoying. Checkpoints are well and often placed. It somehow reminded me of "Out Of This World" wich is a game I loved. Game sound is also amazing, focused on details and ambience with no music, making it's dark mood even more creepy. The weakest point is the game lenght... quite short... they could've made the game a little bigger, with harder puzzles near the end, but for 10 bucks it's more than worth it.

garyfisher, Dec 24, 2011

Limbo is a puzzle side-scroll game that's great. The gist is that you walk down a linear path solving puzzle along the way. The controls are as simple as you can get. Use the arrow keys to walk and jump; control key to 'use' switches, crates, and other things. Most puzzles are satisfying and appropriate difficulty. The nice thing is that the puzzles vary throughout the game, keeping your interest. The art-style is worth mentioning. The game is presented in a black and white style. With it's ambient music, it adds to the whole feel of the game. It took me about 3 hours to run through the game once with no knowledge of any of the puzzles. Several steam achievements like finding hidden spots or beating the game with few deaths add to this time, but no more then 2 hours or so. Overall for $10, 5 hours of great gameplay is definitely worth it. This is a must buy.

LuciusMcGibbon, Mar 6, 2018

It's pretty depressing to see how many people's lack of aesthetic appreciation makes them bash this game. Is the gameplay simple? Yes, it's supposed to be. Does the character die a lot? Yes, he's supposed to... WHO CARES, YOU HAVE UNLIMITED LIVES! The long and short of it is this: it's probably as visually-pleasing as a black and white game could possibly be, and the gameplay is as original as a simple walk-jump-grab control scheme could possibly be. The mood is great, the puzzles are both challenging and rewarding, and in general, this is not a game you could compare to any other, aside from the fact that it's a platformer. Anyone who doesn't appreciate simplicity and elegance like this should just get back to their library of loud, over-produced FPS's and keep their malnourished opinions to themselves, as they're simply not equipped with the sensibilities to fairly judge a game like this. And yes, it could have been longer....

Miheil, Feb 1, 2012

limbo is a good puzzle game. Artistic and great environment, it still disappoint me a little bit to see little innovation in the mechanics. Good and interesting puzzles is a strong point but its nothing really special.This game is worth the time to experience but only buy it when its on discount.

RoboElle, Jun 23, 2016

Everything about this game is damn near perfection, but it drags come the concrete half. It was entirely too mechanical and disengaging, failing to communicate whether or not there's a relevance as to why it shifted at all. It oughta' have benefited attacking emotion all the way through.

AAKN, Oct 13, 2013

Game Play[8] Controls[10] Contactable/Easter Eggs[0] Innovation[10] Graphics[7] Sounds[7] replay Value[4] Gaming Satisfaction[10] Price/Playtime[8] Technical Issues[10] ------------------------------------ Over All[7.4]

McLeod, Jan 5, 2014

The only reason I'm rating this a 'zero' instead of a 'three' is because the overall score is far too high. I purchased this game for its unique art style and because I wanted a good puzzle game that made me think. However, I am not a fan of dying every five-to-thirty seconds in order to figure out the next puzzle. It turns what, in my view, should be an interesting puzzle game into a 1990s NES platformer. Seriously, the last time I died this often was when I played Ninja Turtles 1. This game is far from what I'd call an "indie masterpiece". It's cheap, it's gimmicky, it's a waste of money.