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Links 2003 The newest version of the best-selling golf simulator of all-time features improved graphics, six brand-new championship courses, high-resolution 3D characters, a Dynamic Camera that lets you to see your shot from different perspectives, and improved putting with a new 3D Green Analyzer. Links 2003 also brings improvements to the powerful Arnold Palmer Course Designer - the same 3D course architecture tool used by the Links team to create course graphics in stunning photorealistic detail. [Microsoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 896
Genre Sports, Traditional, Golf, Sim
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Microsoft Game Studios

Links 2003 reviews ( 2 )

UncleVin, Oct 16, 2002

Links remains the undisputed heavyweight champion of the golf genre in PC Gaming. Nothing else comes close and now with additional soundtrack, you cannot help but become fully involved in this great game.

MattR., Feb 8, 2003

Links is dead, long live Tiger Woods! I used to love this series, but the lack of stability (esp. with newer drivers), the static and plain backgrounds and the average sound make this a mediocre game at best. The new swing is great, but guess what--Tiger Woods has had it for years!