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LISA: The Painful The miserable journey of a broken man...
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 105
Genre Action, Role-Playing, General
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Dingaling / Dingaling
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LISA: The Painful reviews ( 6 )

ArtemNaumov, Dec 26, 2014

Original. Smart. Touching. Its atmosphere takes you far away and holds till the end. Every step matters. Soundtrack is really great as well. The game is simply amazing in every way. Pure indie gemstone.

Andrya, Feb 18, 2020

I am big fan of RPGs,played:OFF,space funeral,Mario RPG,Undertale,Deltarune,Earthbound,Mother 3,Final fantasy 6,yume nikki,Chrono trigger even South park:the stick of truth and more (in other words I know my crap).And this game LIsa:the painful RPG is one of best things I played and have 2 main reasons why! Game design:It is almost perfect the side scroll perspective is really a breath of fresh air and makes game more interesting (looking into caves to get to other end),I love the ''main hub'' idea where you have multiple separated paths where you can go in any way to finish that part,also this game makes exploration so rewarding with not just some extra jokes and story,you get actual items that you will need and cant grind for and yes there is no grinding,there is set amount of characters (ever one is original)and you will need to explore to level up and get their items.the game design is at some times scary because of bad things and choices that effects not just story but how you actually play the game. Story:I don't to spoil anything but this is only game that made me feel something and made me sad. the games story is something that even games like Undertale cant get on same level cause Lisa is mature, know what its story is about and does not brake 4th wall for cheap ''kek's'',it has great and dark humor.Story doesn't pull any punches and it will hit you in the groin and will kick your ass (mentally)! The people that think that story is without a point need to replay it or just stop thinking that every game has to have happy ending or optional ending.

vufzoody, Jul7, 2020

A fresh take on storytelling, has a lot of humor and some references here and there, and I found it very refreshing after playing the games that come out nowadays, especially because of the weirdness of it. Definitely one of the best games that I have played to this day. When you go through a doorway or to the next screen you never expect what's gonna be there. Like the title suggests, this game will be painful, and your choices affect your game-play instead of story like other games do. The fighting is similar to Earthbound's fighting in the way that the characters work and when attacks happen. Items are very important in this game and for a good reason, they're pretty powerful. The only bad thing I could think of was that the Pain Mode was way too difficult for me, and a normal play-through was pretty easy. Also a bit of an advice if you're going to play the game for yourself, make sure you go through any place you think you can, there are a lot of characters in this game.

Brunz, Jun 30, 2019

In a world without women, you follow the post apocalyptic story of Brad Armstrong. You meet interesting characters with masterfully done sprite work. The game has great combat and battle animations,but the most important thing is the depressing story of olathe and its inhabitants. The currency in the game are dirty mags, and that just put a smile on my face. There are two ways to play the game, normal mode or pain mode. Normal mode is a more story driven experience, but pain mode is as the name describes PAINFUL, with a higher focus on combat. The only thing that prevents this game from getting a ten is that when you find your perfect party, the game becomes a cakewalk. I can't give the story justice in this review so if you were having any doubts of playing the game, you should take my word and play this art.

yamsoup, Oct 22, 2015

I've been playing this game for hours waiting for it to get lazy or boring and it hasn't. If your looking for something different, if you think games are an art form to express things deeper than shooting things. If you like turn based combat and can stomach dark truths, I highly recommend this game but only for people 20+ young people will not get so much out of it.

fernando8biondi, Jan 18, 2020

A brave game, but with an annihilating lack of rhythm. Dialogues seek humor ceaselessly, and when jokes don't work (which happens 95% of the time), dialogues become extremely boring. Poor gameplay, since on the PC the use of the game pad requires the joint use of the keyboard.