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LISA The miserable journey of a broken man...
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1755
Genre Action, Role-Playing, General
Company / Developer
Dingaling / Dingaling
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LISA reviews ( 7 )

ArtemNaumov, Dec 26, 2014

Original. Smart. Touching. Its atmosphere takes you far away and holds till the end. Every step matters. Soundtrack is really great as well. The game is simply amazing in every way. Pure indie gemstone.

maxmanbigone13, Jul 27, 2016

This game has quite it's own style, and takes many game-play and visual aspects from things like Dark Souls and Fist of the North Star. It's great for anyone who likes responsive turn-base action, dark humor, or a good story.

pague, Jul 21, 2017

This game tells a story worth experiencing and truly shows that video games are an art style that can express ideals and make the player truly feel from the perspective of the protagonist. This game is very deep and causes you to think.

11254man, Jun 26, 2017

I really hate useless _/10 scores, but this platform forces one, so wait until the end for a recommendation on how much you should buy it for, as I feel it to be a more accurate representation of whether the game is, you know... worth it. LISA is a game made by one man, who goes by the name of Dingaling. This man, is a genius. He's made a masterpiece in LISA, and likely my current favorite game of all time. First off: this game's graphics. While it isn't a 4k hyper-realistic piece, it's graphical style perfectly compliments the world. A crazy **** of colorful characters and items in a destroyed and drowned out wasteland. From a brothel run by cross-dressing guys, to a dilapidated fast-food restaurant, it all looks cool, creepy, and hilarious in needed measure. The story is this game's shining point however. It's an apocalypse wherin all the women have dissipated, and as such, everything went crazy. You take control of Brad, but make no mistake, Brad is his own character. He finds a girl in the middle of the desert, some 15 years into the apocalypse, and tries to protect her. This goes about as well as you'd expect, so it's off to try and get her back with the help of a colorful cast of party members, all of which are unique, and all of which can die. Not in a perma-death way, but there are certain moves enemies have, along with choices you can make in-game, that will make them die. Die as in not-come-back DEAD. Which segways perfectly into choices. Choices matter in this game, and not just on a story level. You can lose party members, items, and even both your ARMS in this game (Which disallows certain combos.) The gameplay it effects is wonderful, a great take on standard RPG fare, though some bits *Cough* Roulette *Cough* can be a bit **** It's the standard RPG system, with TP and SP doing the normal RPGMaker TP and SP stuff, but the main character, along with a few party members, can do combos. These combos do damage PLUS a special move if you input the correct combo. Not all characters have this, however, which I think is for the best. IT mixes things up in an interesting way. All of this is tied together by a weird soundtrack. Good weird. Like... my favorite soundtrack weird. It's impossible to describe without first listening to some of the music, but it invokes every emotion it's supposed to, and there's a rumor that it was all done on the trial version of FL Studio, which is insane. So, is this game worth it? More than any other. It's a $10, life ruining experience, and one that you can NOT pass up, no matter what.

Saytenn, Sep 30, 2015

Minus one point, because you can't date skeletons. Sorry, Dingles. But seriously, buy this if you have a stomach for perverts, sadness and a Joy Mutant that looks like an outstretched scrotum.

Crysan, Jan 4, 2018

The humor, the game play, the story, the character, just great. If you die you will experience the meaning of an "unforgiving" game. If you like dark humor, a lot of references and a rather disturbing story. Feel free to check this game.

Fergdude, Feb 9, 2015

I think this game was a bit disturbing at some levels, I am 15 so maybe I am a bit young but still I played it, I only played for about 5 mins as i found it a bit creepy.