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Loadout Loadout is a new “Free-2-Play” take on fast-paced, multiplayer shooters. Players create and customize their own outrageous weapons to carry into furious, over-the-top shooter action that promises to distinguish itself from the vast array of “modern combat” titles. Earn new weapon parts, character customizations, equipment, and accessories as you gain prestige and wealth. The more you play, the more you can customize. There are seemingly endless possibilities to truly set yourself apart from your opponents. [Edge of Reality]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4619
Genre Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Action, Third-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Edge of Reality / Edge of Reality

Loadout reviews ( 7 )

Jakovo, Mar 13, 2014

One of the best and most fun f2p games I've ever played. Loadout is a gleefully violent and hilarious multiplayer third-person shooter with fast-paced twitch combat. Its slick vertical and horizontal movement system makes fights based on speedy reaction time and precise aim, heightening its skill ceiling. The weaponcrafting system is unique and fun, and allows you to create a huge assortment of weapons to toy around with. Many negative scores have been doled out unfairly due to the server issues present at launch, but those issues are now non-existent. Loadout is already quite good now, but there is room for improvement and the community-active devs are going to be adding new maps, modes, weapon parts, and payloads in the future. Please ignore its (unfairly) mediocre metascore and give this f2p gem a try, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Unibrows, Feb 7, 2014

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Subterra, Feb 1, 2014

Awesome game cant believe its free will be playing this alot had so much fun theres a few issues with servers right now but that should pass lauch day issues are common appart from that fantastic fun as hell :)

xApostasYx, Feb 1, 2014

Don't be fooled by the low user score this game has currently been given due to connection problems. On the first few days of release as a free to play game there are guaranteed problems, and these will be fixed with time. I have experienced these problems myself, however I've looked past this and have also experienced the most fun I've had in a free to play game in a long time. Games are fast paced with plenty of ways to kill and be killed. Weapon creation and modification allows players to personalize their loadout as they wish and think of the most creative or possibly offensive weapon names before entering the battlefield. Use of skill trees allows players to unlock weapon upgrades with experience earned during matches however this is not a grind. After playing a few games I found myself able to purchase the upgrades I wanted. his game IS NOT a pay to win, with all weapon modifications unlocked through experience rather than real world money. The game makes it's money however through character customization, and it is this that makes the game so hilarious to play. Ever wanted to run through a battlefield with your penis out? Well in Loadout you can do that buy purchasing this "item of clothing" from the in game store. There are currently three characters to choose from, all of who can be customized with a large selection of items. Anything from Facial hear and masks to knee pads all with various options in each category. If you have the money to spend you can make a character that really suits you. The animations in this game are also great with plenty of cartoon style gore which can be turned off in the settings but why would you do that? ... Characters shot with rockets can run around with holes in their stomachs, burned players appear burned to a crisp, and body parts seem to be attached just by a thread all while the player is still alive and this makes dying slightly more enjoyable. Especially when you see your character raise a middle finger just before death. It is clear to see the developers have made humor a key feature in this game, especially with the vast amount of taunts available to purchase from the store. Forget tea bagging manually, just hit the taunt button and see your character humiliate your opponent without having to do a thing. There are plenty of these animations to choose from and multiple taunts can be set to one character so you can change things up when you please. This game offers various game modes such as a "Capture the Flag" like mode called Jackhammer where two teams fight to capture the hammer, which can also be used as a weapon while being escorted back to base. There is also general capture the point mode called Blitz where each team must fight over the designated control points in order to take control. As well as this there is a mode similar to kill confirmed in the Call of Duty series called Death Snatch. One of the more different game modes however is called Extraction and sets two teams against each other where their job is to collect Blutonium ore and deposit it to their team grinders. There is one set collector who is changed upon death, while the rest of the team attack or defend in order to win. These modes are a lot of fun however there could be more. This is not a professional review so don't expect me to get all of the points in however this is a genuinely brilliant and fun game, especially being free to play. And what makes it better is that you don't need to spend ANYTHING to have fun. As of now i haven't spent a penny and I love it. I would recommend this game to anyone and advise people not to listen to low scores based on bugs because these will be sorted. More game modes, more characters and more weapon classes would make this game better which is why i'm giving it 8/10.

Brosman, Feb 7, 2014

I've played about 8 hours of Loadout on Steam, and I feel that the critics here have pretty much done the game justice with its score. Loadout is a very good free to play game in every sense. Everything that can effect gameplay like guns, their upgrades, and abilities like turrets and sheilds, can all be unlocked in a reasonable amount of time for free. Only cosmetic items such as hats, clothes, and taunts are purchasable. This keeps it from being pay to win, as things that are required for you to buy are purely optional. I do think that purchasable items in the store however are a little overpriced (It runs about 8-10 dollars for one item), but there are two reasons I can kind of forgive this. First, it is only a little more expensive than price I already pay for other games like League of Legends and TF2. Second, there are bundles that cost more (20-50 dollars) but give you your moneys worth by giving you the equivalent dollar amount in its in game currency, xp boosts and exclusive full sets of items. Gameplay is fast and fun, and well balanced (The fact that everything is OP means nothing is). The only problem I have with this game is the fact that there isn't very much variety. There are only 4 gun types and three characters. Once leveling is done there isn't much else to do, and with only three characters everyone tends to look exactly the same unless you want to spend some serious cash on your avatar. So to wrap things up, this game is well worth your time. Even if you don't want to put money into it you can still enjoy it. The devs are still working on this title to improve it and add to it. So I hope that I can get on Metacritic again in the future and raise its score if they add a ton of new content.

R-U-R, Mar 18, 2014

Loadout is a silly third person shooter in a space setting. The game's real appeal lies not in its forgettable characters or its bland maps, but its abundance of weapons that you can create. The game is not pay to win at all (even less so than TF2) and is generally fun, but it only lasts as far as you can get until you encounter the constant, and I mean CONSTANT disconnections. + A ton of weapons + Cartoony aesthetic + Free to play, not pay to win - Constant disconnection from servers - Unbalanced weapons -- 4 billion possible, maybe 5 good ones - Nudity as a humor gag

Ethoran, Jun 25, 2016

This game is awesome, shame they abandoned the game on pc and focused on PS4 development no one knows why its been abandoned. if you have a select group of friends. its awesome... just dont invest money in it