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Lock On: Modern Air Combat Feel the power of commanding a modern jet fighter. Fly a variety of combat aircraft in the most graphically rich, audio intense game environment ever created for a combat flight simulator. Lock On: Modern Air Combat combines a broad scope of game play that includes engaging missions, an immersive combat environment, and in-your-face action. Choose from eight U.S. and Russian jets that range from the tank-killing A-10 Warthog and, ground-pounding Su-25 Frogfoot to air superiority fighters like the F-15C Eagle and Su-27 Flanker. Filled with intense campaigns, realistic flight modeling and flexible game options, Lock On will provide unlimited game play action to both novice and veteran flight sim fans. [Ubi Soft]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5754
Genre Simulation, Flight, Modern Jet, Combat
Players 1-32
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Eagle Dynamics
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Lock On: Modern Air Combat reviews ( 6 )

AlexisG., Oct 2, 2004

A fine game. Really enjoyed the look and feel of it. I am rather stupid when it comes to complicted games but this one was worth the time and study I put in to learn it. If a moron like me can enjoy it then I am sure others will be able to have a great time with this cool simulation game.

AntoniusV., Dec 16, 2003

I know to some, a 10 rating may seem high, but this sim has been an outstanding performer for me. I started w/a low end vid card (ATI 7200 64MB) and it ran w/o a hitch. I upgraded to an ATI 9800 and it just plain freaks me out how beautiful it is. This sim, after all the nit picking and naysayers have had their way, will go down as a history maker and groundbreaker. I have been simming since the early 80s and it isn't often a sim has the impact on me that Lock On does. The sky is the limit for this one. Outstanding job Eagle Dynamics.

Thomas, Dec 16, 2003

Whilst the does suffer from bugs in its initial release it's a wonderful release, the attention to detail and the flight model are both superb and you can spend countless hours just looking at things while you fly, I never stop getting amazed at how beautiful it really is once you take the time to look at it. And once you start flying against real opponents you'll really get your moneys worth.

DaveCarpenter, Dec 17, 2003

Great sim I'm running it on a mid level machine and it works very well for me. I've had to back off on the graphics settings somewhat to get a reasonable frame rate but the game still looks great and runs well. Documentation is a weak point but the interface is pretty friendly.

Zembla, Dec 16, 2003

The game is known to bring even the best platforms to its knees, reason for this is the complexity of the game. A rather unpleasant side effect of this is the prone-ness to bugs, simple logics. Unfortunalty the the game currently is far from bug-free, even though the designers spent lots of time debugging the product some evident bugs have slipped through to the "gold disc". Additionally the creators have done little or nothing to improve compatibility with common hardware such as for example the GeForce 4MX line of graphical cards. Eventhough they have made improvements in that regard, the effort seems a little sloppy through some evident bugs that are connected with this compatibility. One would wonder what's the best suitable system for Lo-MAC? I don't know, I'm able to run it on my P4 2Ghz 768MB PC2100 and my GF4MX460 pretty fine (part from the bugs). Of course if you're used to FPS framerates you'll be disappointed when seeing the FPS readouts. The game itself is magnificent in every way, perhaps the lack of a dynamic campaign is a little disappointing, but the gameplay and realism make up for this, this realism however is something that's not entirely bug-free - BUT don't start saying they're biased in their 'accurate' modeling of softicitated military hardware. The graphical beauty is endless. Get's a 7 from me...

RudiVanZyl, Dec 16, 2003

Had to install it 3 times before the multiplayer worked. Whenever me and my friend fly against each other, and one is shot down, both of us are thrown out of the game. Biggest fault i have made with this game is buying it.