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Lone Survivor Experience a new and unique adult psychological horror.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2299
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
superflat games / superflat games

Lone Survivor reviews ( 7 )

dak, Apr 26, 2012

Thrilling, scary, stylish a atmospheric adventure with sounds and music that sit as a bespoke suit. The game provides you with feelings and immersion that commercial survival horrors are after.

Systemhero, Sep 27, 2013

This game have good soundtrack good story is scart and sometimes cofusing looks like an oldschool game i think is one of those strange games that doesnt have the best grafics but still great.

Friendofafriend, Apr 27, 2012

I'm going to give this a 10 out of 10, because i feel it has made it into one of the three only scary games made, Amnesia, and Silent hill, and lets face it, there have been so many attempts and so, so many fails, but these three are what the makers of the others should consider finishing for ideas on how to capture horror at its finest.

tipobaha, May 29, 2014

Oldschool graphics, side-walking game play, well-organized atmosphere, amazing soundtrack, adventure story with some horror. Okay, this is a proper indie game that you gonna pay mostly ten bucks. So, go for it, if you like these types.

KonataGoTimotei, Dec 15, 2012

This is an amazing take on that whole, Silent Hill feel of games, where your more helpless, alone, where your psychologically and physically attacked almost all of the time, the vibe this game gives is great. I cant say that i'm a fan of the indie feel of it, with the side-scrolling and sprites, but surprisingly this game pulls it off pretty well. You would think that ugly sprites wouldn't be scary, well you'd be wrong. The enemies, as mentioned before, are very Silent Hill-like, same with the environments, making the game have an absolutely horrid vibe to it, but one of the best feels out of a horror game you can get. Main complain that comes out of this game though is the way you keep your character healthy, you have to eat, sleep, make sure you don't eat bad things (i.e. rotten meat), etc. While that is an interesting concept, it gets kind of annoying having to scarf down cheese and crackers every 5 minutes to keep your character from complaining. But, overall, the vibe, visuals, and even story out-weigh the bad things in this game heavily, its definitely worth picking up if your a fan of Silent Hill, or any kind of survival horror kind of game.

sh4dow, Aug 19, 2012

I would have to agree with people saying that the game spamming you with messages about having to sleep or eat makes it thoroughly unenjoyable. I really liked the beginning of the story, the atmosphere and presentation. But the constant messages made me stop playing after just 2-3 hours total and when I just thought about whether I should just finish the game, it simply felt like it would be a hassle. And I'd rather play games that don't feel like I constantly have to do menial tasks.

JimCorbett, Sep 24, 2012

Probably the worst game i've received in a HIB. Horrible graphcis, horrible level design, horrible gameplay. Constant messages proclaiming that your character is hungry or tired. The story makes no sense, the flow of the game doesn't make sense either. It gets a 1 because you can atleast start the game up and play it without any problems. It gets -9 for being a complete piece of trash.