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Lonely Mountains: Downhill Just you and your bike — take it on a thrilling ride down an unspoiled mountain landscape. Make your way through thick forests, narrow trails and wild rivers. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash — all the way from the peak to the valley.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 92
Genre Sports, Individual, Biking
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Megagon Industries / Megagon Industries
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Lonely Mountains: Downhill reviews ( 5 )

Leikasha, Oct 23, 2019

Eurogamer wrote: "Lonely Mountains: Downhill - a celebration of landscape" and with that, they are damn right. After playing six hours I can say: "Lonely Mountains: Downhill" is a little masterpiece. It's difficult and at the same time hilarious. The tracks are varied and it is a lot of fun to discover new shortcuts to finally master them to beat the record. The game also runs smooth and the controls work so precisely that I, unfortunately, have to admit that a drop is my own fault. It has never been so much fun to hit my nose again and again^^. So who has to play this game?: You like to chase high scores? You like sports games? You like speed runs or just want to relax in the evening and test your skills? Then this is the game for you. There are two ways of enjoying the game. The first is just bicycling downhill to discover and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, the second is master the various challenges and break the community records. Well done ;)

Armywild, Oct 24, 2019

SteamID ALFONSOSPARTAN hrs: 66 minutos Jugabilidad 10/10 : MANDO (control), TECLADO, Mouse (RATON) En mi caso tuve la oportunidad de probar con teclado y mouse y se juega de maravilla. Fàcil de usar, hasta para un niño. Gràficos 9/10: tengo una tarjeta grafica gtx 950m 4R, y funciona de maravilla va a 60 fps en altos. Lògico por la carga grafica sencilla pero muy adecuada para el juego, fàcil podria ser un juego para mòvil. Diseño 10/10: Probè 2 rutas de 6, y en ambas los diseños aunque sencillos, muy bien ambientados, montañas rocas, bosque, rios, etc. Audio 8/10: En mi caso un 8 por la falta de banda sonora del juego, pero puedes poner tu musica favorita para amenizar tus descensos. En mi caso usè spotify en superposicion y el juego a la ves y corre de maravilla. En el caso de los efectos de sonido de las llantas muy bien. Recomendado: 4 estrellas, por el precio y el tiempo de diversiòn, es un juego que vale la pena tener en tu colecciòn para pasar el rato, recomendado. Pay to win y lootboxes, no hay en este juego. Bueno hasta ahora. El contenido es desbloqueable cumpliendo retos.

Rahlekk, Nov4, 2019

This game is fantastic! I've been watching it since its debut on Kickstarter. I really enjoy the cell shaded graphics, when you're not shredding down the mountain the overall setting is very relaxing and serene. For the actual gameplay, it plays like a single player racing game, go for the best time across different tracks using different bikes. Challenges include the standard "beat track in under X minutes", as well as beating tracks with less than X crashes. There's also full leaderboard support to try to be the best of the best. I've only unlocked two bikes so far, but they feel different enough that it changes how you play. Also the different mountains feature a lot of different mechanics when it comes to biking, and have distinct themes. It's very well made. I'm a bit worried that it won't last me too long, but for $20 it's totally worth it. I'd also love to see a ghost mode where you can see other people's path through the courses as you try to beat their times.

TheGameIsALie, Dec4, 2019

Lonely Mountains: Downhill é, provavelmente, o melhor jogo de ciclismo lançado nos últimos anos. A atenção a detalhes é louvável e, apesar de alguns tropeços, a ambientação incrível e jogabilidade divertida se sobressaem.

curzon_dax, May 17, 2020

I'll try to be fair. The game is absolutely stellar if you're into purely sports games that reward delicate skill and a good amount of work to master them. However for the people that are mostly in for the fun and the exploration it is not their cup of tea because within a few minutes the exploration part of each level is done so roughly speaking the game is 80 to 90% purely e-sports skill based.