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Lords of Xulima An RPG set on the fictional continent of Xulima, where Gods and man once walked the land together. Features over one hundred hours of gameplay.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2380
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Numantian Games / Numantian Games
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Lords of Xulima reviews ( 7 )

xag, Dec 6, 2014

A fantastic master piece oldchool RPG: + 150 hours of oldschool style gameplay + Total freedom, the only limit is the quality fo your party. + Brilliant HD isometric graphics. No pixelation. + Funny minigames and riddles (lockpicking, disarm traps, etc.) + Turn based combat in 3D simulated screen. + Perfect sound effects and music. + Great writing. + Hardcore but playable without frustation. + Rewarded exploration. + Many secrets. + challenging extra bosses in secondary quests. + many classes to build your party, but you must build it carefully to make it useful. + Food system addition. - For some people will be too hardcore, but you know where are you entering. - More people to talk in towns. - More types of weapons and armors. - At some time you'll ended ;-). - Food will be a problem for some tu The best classic rpg from Wizardry VIII.

ja9lryap, Nov 16, 2014

Awesome oldschool RPG. +100 hours of gameplay +Hardcore on normal difficulty +Free to move +Good non-pixel style graphic +Interesting dialogues and quests +Advanced combat system

CartoonHead, Dec 31, 2014

Combat similar to Legend of Grimrock and a map traversing and questing system similar to Kings Bounty yet 'feels' like neither. Not very hand holdy and a serviceable story makes this game challenging and enjoyable. 9/10

JackPaladin, Nov 16, 2014

After over 120 hours of play, I'm ready to give my review. If you played M&M; If you played Xene; if played Wizardry, and you've spent all your gaming years since then looking for a game, any game, to scratch that itch of a classic, old school'ish RPG, this is that game. Real time movement on the map; turn based combat; dozens of skills, spells, stats and classes. Up to 100 hours of play (if your a completionist); and just the right combination of old style RPG gaming with lots of modern amenities blended in. Mix in a Development team that actually listens to it's community, and adds patches/upgrades faster than you can say "Kill That Ogre", and you just can't go wrong with this game. Watch any UTube video on this game if your on the fence.

night4, Jun 4, 2017

Pros: -6, no wait, *5* person party creation -Graphics -Sound -Skills/Classes/Abilities -It's a long game -Replayability Cons: -The explorer guy you're stuck with -Battle loading screens -Mana (PP) doesn't regen -Combat annoyances (front left party member cannot attack an enemy on the front right) -It's a long game (they could have condensed it by half by removing half the repetitive battles) This could have been an 8, easily, if not for the explorer and the battle loading screens. Lemme tackle these separately: Why on earth are we allowed to create 5 party members of whatever we want, then this explorer is FORCED upon us, whether we want him or not, whether he works for our group setup or not? At least make his thief skills more affordable so if we want to go that route, we aren't stuck with a gimped half-fighter. Let me say that I do understand enough about the game to know that the skills only he has are useful, I just wish he had more flexibility. The battle loading screens are even more annoying than they sound. Part of this game, apparently, is avoiding enemies higher than your level, coming back for them, or risking a fight with them. If you do risk a fight and lose, you've got to save your game, wait for the battle to load, try the battle, wait for one of your guys to get a turn (which, if you're losing, could take a while), then load your saved game. It takes way too long. Is it supposed to be so punitive for trying a harder fight?

FooJones, Mar 6, 2015

Old CRPG fans rejoice! New fans...probably not so much. As a CRPG player from the 80s, I can say that I've had my share of both good and bad CRPGs, forgiving and what might have ultimately felt impossible to finish. Lords of Xulima brings the old school back with a vengeance, but with that little bit of new flavor that's enough to feel fresh for us old timers, and possibly enjoyable for younger CRPG fans (and by younger I don't mean your age, but number of years you've been playing in the genre). The story is nothing to write home about, as you are a hero who has been assigned with a task to clear some temples built by Gods that are being abused by an evil prince and witches, but the story is still gripping. The writing is a tiny bit cheesy, but it's nothing to complain over. Personally, I'm not bothered by it, and I feel it sets the tone for the game. The game play is also nice. You have a party of 6 adventurers; the hero which is pre-made and 5 fully created characters of your own. There are several classes to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and while you can't really customize the skills and stats at the front all that much, you can fully customize as you level up. Also, if you get tired of your character's ugly mug, you can change it on the fly with any of the other portraits available (I do like this feature a lot, though it might seem silly to some). Your party is identified by your main character traveling in an isometric view of the world. You can interact with people, items, etc. Food storage is important in this game. Those who played the older Might and Magics or even Ultima Underworld I & II will remember how important food was. The biggest gripe I have about it in Lords of Xulima is that EVERYTHING you do uses up food; from just walking around, to bashing open chests and of course, resting. While consuming food while resting is great, I feel just walking around and using up food stores is a little bit too much of a pain in the butt, especially since gold is limited in this game. There are other alternatives though to this food issue, providing you're patient or resourceful. Combat can be VERY unforgiving in this game. It's turn based and does require some strategy, which old fans like myself of the genre will enjoy. However, at the beginning of the game, you'll find yourself being beaten down by the easiest of foes if you're not careful. A lot of this is due to the game not pointing out buffs you can receive in the first village. If you're willing to pay for these temporary buffs, they will make combat more manageable in the beginning, but they add up in expense quickly and again, gold is limited in this game. Lastly, my final issue with this game is the loot. Most loot you come across is "meh" at best, and a lot of your bigger and better items will come from lucky rolls at the shops. I'm glad this game isn't a gear grind of boring farming for hours to find one piece of upgradeable equipment. Don't let my review deter you though, if it sounds negative. Overall, the game is actually quite good, especially for the money. It's definitely challenging, and might disappoint those who thing this is a game you can just steamroll through. It does take a little bit of thought and careful planning, but it's definitely worth at least one playthrough. I give it 8/10 because of the somewhat disappointing loot, and the food system is a little too much for me. Give it a try!

Kordun, Dec 10, 2014

Old school game with old school mechanics. The developer didn´t see the sign of time and put old play style elements in the game. Old play styles like endless grinding, slow motion fights because you have only a max acceleration speed for twice or unfair enemies (especially bosses) who have AOE attack + stun + wounds. Holy crap game.......