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Lost Planet 3 Lost Planet 3 is the third entry in the Lost Planet series. With a variety of multiplayer modes and a cinematic single player experience, Lost Planet 3 dives deeper into the Lost Planet universe, uncovering hidden truths within the unique environment of E.D.N. III.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2267
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
Capcom / Spark Unlimited

Lost Planet 3 reviews ( 7 )

mASTERbLASTER1, Aug 27, 2013

Don't pay attention to the negative reviews. Those are based on expectations. This is a more story driven mature game than the first 2. If it was released with a new franchise name without the expectations, it would have been voted much higher for the excellent character and story development, with a little less frenetic action.

pipili, Sep 5, 2013

Very good story mode and graphics. Don't pay attention to the negative reviews.The gameplay is really fun at times and all together it makes a cool game in such an interesting setting!

KratosITALY, Aug 27, 2013

Great jump forward in the Lost Planet games! This game is superior than the other two games (that I still enjoyed). The graphics are stunning and the controls feel great. I still haven't beaten it, but after 6 hours I'm still entertained. P.S. To fully enjoy this game, you need at least 1 friend

deadspacer47, Dec 1, 2013

yeah the gameplay and the graphics are average,but the story,characters,the good soundtrack and the well done voice acting will keep you playing this game seriously wanting to know what will happen. the game also has the a very good atmosphere. gameplay is not good but not bad too and the Rig parts are where the gameplay shines especially that fight with Laroche in the final hours of the game. there's also a radio in the rig but you won't get the chance to listen coz it's TEMPORARLY UNAVAILABLE for about 95% of the game. Damn that really pissed me off the game took me 13 hours and 26 minutes to finish with doing some side missions too i can only give it a 7.5. and i could've given it a 8 if the gameplay was better than this,coz killing humans really sucked in this game and if it had a bigger world and more sidemissions

metroidgames, Oct 19, 2013

um jogo regular, com uma boa jogabilidade também regular, mas peca com uma história não muito envolvente, gráficos razoáveis, pois poderiam ser melhores. No entanto, o pior no jogo são os inimigos. Basicamente se faz a mesma coisa para matar os inimigos gigantes, você atira e desvia quando eles atacam, e só. Essa a estratégia de todo o jogo. A Inteligência Artificial dos inimigos no jogo outra coisa frustante, pois eles sempre fazem os mesmos movimentos, sendo, portanto, muito previsíveis.

XaeroAv, Sep 13, 2013

First of all it should be noted, I loved Lost Planet 1 and 2, they were far from perfect but they had their own thing going for them. And yes, the story of this is a little better written than the previous games. HOWEVER... The gameplay is lackluster, they took things that made the previous games enjoyable and scrapped them, trying to appeal to a more Dead-Space/Gears of War audience. The camera is tighter making it infuriatingly difficult to spot when an enemy is approaching from behind, the grappling hook is practically gone (now instead used on selected ledges when you get a button prompt), the weapons are sluggish and ineffective, enemies weak spots are small and pointless, the Akrid have lost most of their bug like charm. The fun Vital Suits are gone, instead replaced with the big RIG, which as an addition would have been kick ass but it feels like a feature downgrade. The HUD is temperamental, the Multi-player is a meagre 5v5 (and only a short while after release, apparently barren to) compared to the 8v8. The reason I loved Lost Planet 1 and 2 (and I imagine most fans will agree) was their gameplay, sure it was a little slower and at time, cluttered and anarchic, which could be kind of infuriating but also fun, but it was different, it wasn't just 'Generic COD clone #425' or 'Third Person Shooter #233', it was Lost Planet, what Spark has tried to do here is gather more of an audience by replicating main stream games, and, without the budget those games are packing or the ground-up focus those games have, they've plummeted short. The art is disappointing, while in Lost Planet 1 I could see and hear the crunches of the snow and in number 2 the jungle and desert environments were stunning, in here they just feel kinda bland, you feel like a guy walking over a movie set built to look like a snowed in wasteland, not like you're actually there, all in an attempt to make the game feel more survival horror, a-la Dead Space, again robbing the series of its own style. What about the story that everyone's talking about? Yes, the characters are a little more relatable (or some of them are, whatever, I'll get to that in a second), yes the writing is better than Capcoms attempt, but the purpose of a game is to play, an area where this game falls DRASTICALLY short. The writing and story is better and the voice acting for both the main character and Gale is pretty good, but some characters just sound bored, some of the voice actors did a terrible job, sounding like they're reading lines for a radio advert or something. And on a slightly more personal note, the need to make everything darker and grittier is infuriating, seriously, I liked my slightly cheesy story with giant mechs, stirring speeches, a clear bad guy and glowing orange aliens, just because every other game decided they were going to paint the scenery and the story with an extra thick layer of grit doesn't mean you have to jump on board because hey, all the kids are buying that up. So overall the writing is slightly better, if only slightly, but the gameplay is butchered in an attempt to mimic the 'big games', the enemies, environment, weapons, characters have all lost the things that made them unique, several key elements of play from previous games have been cut down to simple button prompts, removed entirely or over emphasized (such as weak points now being an absolute rather than a reward), and everything that made the series fun in its own way has been removed. The multiplayer has been butchered, practically completely hacked off and is plagued by long waiting times and miniscule lobbies, a player backing out just before the start of a game will leave everyone else in the lobby in a state of Limbo as players can't leave, new players can't join and the game wont start until there's a full lobby (only remedied by completely quitting the game and restarting), with simple things like a mute player option missing, because a boolean is a hard thing to add. The gameplay is still slightly enjoyable and some attention to writing is good to see, so while this isn't my cup of tea (and if you're a fan of the first two, probably not yours either) some people may find some enjoyment in this fairly generic shooter (hence the 4) but if you're a fan of the series give this a miss, it was built to try and please fans of the mainstream action games, not fans of the series.

Aberzanzorax, Dec 29, 2013

I'm giving it a zero score because I can't run it without a workaround. No game should crash upon opening for a substantial amount of people. Before buying, google "lost planet 3 crashes upon opening". Today is December 29, 2013. It was released August 27. They've had plenty of time to update/put out patch. Just pathetic.