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Lucky's Tale [Oculus Rift VR-Exclusive] Lucky's Tale is a platforming adventure game designed exclusively for the Oculus Rift. Join Lucky as he runs, jumps, climbs and spins his way through bright, colorful worlds filled with thrilling challenges, wacky creatures, and all the shiny things a little fox could ever want. Built from the ground up for virtual reality, the game invites you to step inside a vibrant, living world like never before. Whether you’re racing with Lucky through lush trees, dodging swamp pits, battling menacing bosses, or mastering mini-games, you’ll feel like you’re really there thanks to the magic of VR. [Playful]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1123
Genre Action, Platformer, 3D
Company / Developer
Playful Corp. / Playful Corp.

Lucky's Tale reviews ( 6 )

slick_trick, Mar 31, 2016

Not sure I am playing the same game as these others but for me Lucky's Tale has been nothing short of mindblowing. I'm only 30% into it. If you like the idea of being transported to another world (i.e. what you see in the screenshots) you will not be disappointed.

dontloveme, Jul 3, 2016

truely one of the best game you can enjoy with your vr headset. it is more like mario 3d world but in a detailed vr world. really good effort from oculus team that if you look closer to lucky he would response to you. truely amazed game for vr starter.

Turgrodan, Dec 29, 2016

I'm not sure what game other people are playing but I really love Lucky's Tale. I think its a really fun game and it's free! I think its very immersive and I love the scenery. I really haven't been into games like Super Mario Brothers before. I'm more of a Assassin's Creed or Witcher 3 kind of player but putting this type of game in VR makes enough of a difference for me that I enjoy playing it.

muldjord, Apr 16, 2016

I loved every second of this game. VR is well implemented and I felt like I was part of Lucky's World. Game mechanics are mostly what you'd expect of a game of this type, but since I haven't really played anything else but this game, it was a very fun ride from start to finish. I love the voice acting of Lucky. He felt like a person to me. In general the game is very polished, both graphically and audibly. The music is awesome! One thing I noticed is how often I used VR to look around corners and into small gaps to see if any secrets where hiding in there. And indeed more often than not, the peeking helped me find new stuff or made it possible to move Lucky more precisely around. VR really works for this game! I'd say it's a game changer basically. I had a hard time putting the game down. When I wasn't playing it, I was looking forward to playing it again. Great game! Only criticism I have is that it's quite short. But then there's time challenges and "red coin" challenges. Especially the "red coin" challenges makes VR even more important to look back at the world to make sure you didn't miss any coins. Loved that!

Rejaku, Apr 1, 2016

The game is colorful, joyful, borrowing its mechanics leisurly from the genre's greatest. The controls feel completely natural, maybe not with pinpoint precision, but servicably close to it. At any rate, when missing a jump, it doesn't feel like it's the game's fault, which is good. As for VR, the underground sections especially feel grippingly plastic, like it would exist right there in front of your eyes. The overworld doesn't look too shabby either, with everything having an obvious polish about it. The game has a few neat touches as well, such as the character looking right into your direction, or falling onto his back when you get too close and personal with your head. Overall, the game itself is solid, and essentially a free pack-in with the Oculus Rift. However, with all that said, this suffers from the same problem most of the launch games suffer from. There simply is no validation, no need for VR in it. The game would work without issues on a regular monitor, without losing out on anything.

Cuke, May 19, 2016

A generic platformer that lacks any immersion and does nothing to showcase the possibilities of VR. Why would Oculus choose this of all things to bundle with the Rift, or to make Rift-exclusive? You could get the same experience using anaglyph 3D glasses. The mind, it boggles. As a platformer it's a decent if forgettable experience. As a launch title, it's utter garbage.