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Lumines Indulge yourself with the harmonious fusion of puzzle, light, and music. Experience the famous Console game now available for your PC with enhanced, stylish graphics and block-rocking beats. As you create 2x2 squares in the same color, the vertical time line wipes them away from left to right. Play to the music dynamically generated in synch with your game-play. The award-winning game is an addictive puzzler with 5 intriguing modes: Challenge Mode, Skin Edit Mode, Time Attack Mode, Puzzle Mode, and Mission Mode. [Q Entertainment]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1210
Genre Miscellaneous, Puzzle, General, Matching
Players 1-2
Company / Developer
WildTangent / Q Entertainment
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Lumines reviews ( 4 )

GrizzlyW., Jun 28, 2008

Lumines is the best puzzle game I have played since that one that starts with a T... It pairs up some pretty graphics and great sound (most of the time) to create a very pleasant puzzle environment. The only major issue I have with the PC version ovre say, Lumines Live, is that you do not have the option for the "booster" sets... at least not as of yet. And as someone has pointed out somewhere before, try it! The demo is free!

Vitor, May 4, 2008

Very addictive gameplay here. It's only missing the multiplayer mode, but I really don't mind this. I'm having a problem with controls in the menu (Steam version), and it lags a little when changing skins, but I believe these problems will be fixed. Great graphics and music. All in all, this is a very good game. Buy it!

JayH., Apr 24, 2008

Fun enough puzzler. The dynamic music could be much improved by a few samples that don't sound ripped straight from Dance eJay. The graphics are servicable if sometimes a little distracting, but more could be done to make this port feel like a PC game instead of a stripped down console port. Where's the multiplayer options?

thisgameissobad, Oct 22, 2013

This is just a horrible game in general. The dev is so bad that wouldn't find to destroy someone's hard work just so their god awful game will make more money. DONT BUY THIS, let them lose as much money as possible as they deserve.