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MacGuffin's Curse MacGuffin’s Curse is a puzzle adventure game, from the team that developed Jolly Rover.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1372
Genre Adventure, Puzzle, Action, General
Company / Developer
Brawsome / Brawsome
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MacGuffin's Curse reviews ( 2 )

dajhorn, Jun 21, 2014

MacGuffin's Curse is a fun puzzle game. It is easy to learn, difficulty increases at a sensible pace, and the hint system is forgiving. -1 star for having an unsatisfying ending that didn't fit the character of the game.

ghorahn, May 8, 2012

After stumbling across Jolly Rover then enjoying the heck out of it, I was excited to see what Brawsome would come out with next. So I picked this up as soon as it was out, a bit leery because of the apparently puzzle nature but slightly reassured by the web site's promises of an 'adventure mode.' Turns out, 'adventure mode' apparently means having a quest log that tells you what little cinematic you'll get after finishing some more puzzles. As a puzzle game....I don't care for it. I really don't like the default controls, but haven't messed around with them enough to see if I can find a setup that I prefer. The mechanics of the game got tired quickly, for me. (Go to light, switch form, push box, go back to light, switch form, use button, go back to light, etc.) My advice: Save your $4. And remind me to stop buying games when I haven't played a demo. (Seriously.) :(