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Madden NFL 19 Gameplay in Madden NFL 19 was developed with two primary objectives: 1. Player Control across the field; 2.Immersive NFL Experience from start to finish. To achieve these objectives, EA's goal is to deliver the most significant animation upgrade in Madden history. Madden NFL 19 introduces aGameplay in Madden NFL 19 was developed with two primary objectives: 1. Player Control across the field; 2.Immersive NFL Experience from start to finish. To achieve these objectives, EA's goal is to deliver the most significant animation upgrade in Madden history. Madden NFL 19 introduces a package of features known as Real Player Motion – featuring authentic player movement, more player control and responsiveness, and player signature behaviors that will immerse players into the NFL each and every game. [Electronic Arts] … Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 52
Genre Sports, Team, Football, Sim
Players 2
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / EA Tiburon
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Madden NFL 19 reviews ( 6 )

t-bombz, Aug 14, 2018

Ignore the noise. Madden 19 on PC is leaps and bounds better than Madden 08 PC in every way I can think of. 19 on PC is the same version of the game as Xbox and PS4, but with faster loading times and moderately better graphics than the "next-gen consoles." It plays smoothly at 4K60 maxed out and even on my old rig with a 5 year old mid-tier GTX 660Ti 3GB, it plays very well with everything maxed at 1080p. There are even mods already being worked on in the first week of official release. In regards to gameplay, this is easily the best it's been since Madden 2004. If you want to nitpick minor clipping in super-slow-mo instant replay, and build a YouTube channel off that, then go for it. But at speed, live, this game excites far, far more than it disappoints. If you have stutter, update your driver and make sure to switch it to DX11 in the settings menu.

coachbill, Aug 11, 2018

Madden is back. The game is visually appealing and plays pretty well though I do have a few jitters here and there with what seems to be FPS drops even though it is showing 100+, this shouldn't be happening on my system. The real motion running is very fun and makes you feel closer to the action, but once again the AI is pathetic. They drop easy catches, run into traffic, don't follow routes, miss tackles etc.(Standard Madden issues that have never been resolved) As normal with EA, their main focus is micro-transactions and MUT does it's best to persuade you to part with additional money, even though they are charging ??55 for the base game and ??70 for the HoF edition. (Origin Access Premier would be wise if you plan on playing other EA games, as you get 50k coins in MUT) On the whole, I find MUT to be packed with content and coins can be earned very easily, so as of now, there is no real need to part ways with real money to upgrade your team. Franchise mode is still very bare and wish it had the level of content/management 2K brings to the NBA series. Longshot is EA trying to create a B movie and is not worth your time unless you want a few custom uniforms for MUT in the end. Overall, I think it's a fairly good return to PC and I am so glad to be able to play Madden again, but I would like to see more content in the game and a bigger focus on the other game modes, we all know EA make their billions from Ultimate Team, but it would be nice for some of that be invested elsewhere in the game.

Th3Ruhl, Sep 13, 2018

I give this a 5 as it's just and average game and Madden experience. I only play on pc and haven't played Madden in years so I wanted to pick this up so I'd have a football game again. There is almost no difference between this game and the last Madden I played except for a graphics update. They've done nothing innovative or worthwhile with the franchise and I won't be buying another Madden in the future.

Initials4k, May 18, 2019

Worst madden I have ever played. I got it on sale for 14.99 9 months after its release because I havent played one in 5 years and even with the discount it wasnt worth the buy. The animations are the worst I have seen, even after all the patches in any video game and cant believe it was released the way it was.

eacanblowme, Oct3, 2018

Game looks good. That's where my praise ends. We all paid EA to be their beta testers for this trash. Graphical glitches everywhere (just look around online), the sliders are beyond messed up and some don't even seem to change anything, Same old bugs that console users have reported for Years have gone ignored yet again. This isn't EA being cool about it and bringing Madden back to PC. This is EA trying to sell more copies of the same recycled bs that pissed everyone off last year. Never again. If this is how you're going to make and sell a "AAA" game, you aren't wanted here. EDIT: I suppose calling ourselves beta testers is unfair, as EA isn't going to actually fix any of this.

Lilahkiz, Aug 16, 2018

Don't pay attention to those PAID reviewers this game is trash. Bad animation Cheesy story mode Pathetic catches Screentearing (IN 2018!!!!) Microtransactions for a $60 game no surprise from EA EA Ultimate team is worth $800 million? lol Ugly textures Lazy Highlights Characters having the same face in character creations (Im dead serious) Pathetic presentation starting games. EA's Executives stole 46 million from people and went on retirement. Halftime report doesn't show you the best moments you had. Our favorite gaming journalists sucking EA's balls again suckering everyone to buy this piece of trash. Every year sports games are getting worse and worse since 2013 or heck back in 2006 but it got better since then but in 8th gen consoles plz don't buy sports games from EA.