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Madden NFL 2003 The Next Level of Online Play: Join EA SPORTS Online and play in Quick Tournaments, Two-Minute Drill mode and Mini-Camp Challenge with detailed stats. Audio Dream Team: Legendary announcer Al Michaels joins John Madden. Deepest Franchise Mode Ever: Play 30 years of Franchise mode and draft players each season with tips from your scouts. Create the Ultimate Online Hero: Take your created player online, earn points and spend them to customize accessories. New Enhanced Game Engine: Based on the same engine used in the console versions of Madden NFL 2003. [EA Sports]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 91 / 100
User rating
Downloads 657
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Football, Sim
Players 1-4
Company / Developer
EA Sports / EA Sports

Madden NFL 2003 reviews ( 7 )

JonG., Sep 22, 2003

AMAZING! AMAZING AMAZING ABSOLUTELY FRICKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! The franchise mode is so absorbing i find myslf reluctant to start again by buying 2004. I still am to find out how to follow everything in franchise mode it's so deep.

AnonymousMC, Nov 15, 2002

I have an athlon 1900 and windows xp and the game runs fine. Any level other than rookie is NOT impossible, you have to use juke moves, spins and straight arm on the run to get a gain of more than 1 yard. It is intended to be as REAL as possible. Running Backs in the NFL do not simply run into defenders. Come on people, its supposed to be difficult! Top game, top commentery, top graphics! Can't wait until Madden 2004!!!!

SteelersRule, Nov 22, 2002

Just cause you guys aren't good at the game doesn't mean you should bash it...gang tackling added this year is a great addition. I play on All-Madden level and can get over 250 yards rushing with Jerome Bettis, as well as over 150 with Kordell Stewart. Hard to break it open for long runs, but can definatley get an average of over 5 yards/carry in a game.

PackersDominate, Dec 23, 2002

Sweet Game. It is hard but that is realistic. I have a question though, does only the other team get speed bursts? I cant speed burst at all. I have had a few of plays where a defensive lineman runs down my running back with speed burst and it pisses me off.

DigiSmack, Dec 24, 2002

Awesome game, must have for PC Football fans. Anyone who complains about this game not running or running poorly on a newer PC needs to get a clue about how things work before they blame the game. It runs fine on 3 different PCs here.. NO problems, looks great, plays fine. Give me a play creator and more LAN capablilties and it gets a 10!

WarrenSteelerFan, Jan 2, 2003

Very good graphics, the training camp mode kicks major ass!!! I also like the Preseason part of Franchise's just like the real NFL!! Also, the Custom Team option is deeper than ever and just totally rocks!

Kyle, Sep 4, 2002

This is a very good game when I can get it to work. Its buggy and pretty hard if you play anything higher than rookie level. Forget running the ball. Doesn't matter who you have. The average gain is about 1 yard. the Computer peaks at your play selection. the music is pretty stupid and caters to . . . I dont know drugheads . . . or something. Tech support is nowhere to be found. there is NO custom play making --like in the ps2 version--which is upsetting.The draft is much worse than in the previous versions--scouting provides superfluis info that is tedious and boring to mentaly compile. The create a team option is really cool--especially the team colors and custom logos. the graphics and game play is awesome--much more realistic. the comentary is better than other versions. the in game sound is very good. It is a very hard game if you are not playing on rookie level--which may just indicate a steeper learning curve and hence a deeper game. Training camp play is Very Very VERY fun and addictive. Computer AI is smarter with trades. play selection etc. OVerall it is an excelent game with a challenge for every football lover. The only reason I didnt give this a 10 is becasue it pissed me off so bad yesterday as i spent 3 hours debugging, uninstalling and reinstalling the dumb thing--oh and my total 4 yards rushing with marshal faulk.