Mafia II: Jimmy's Vendetta Crack + Keygen (Updated)

Mafia II: Jimmy's Vendetta Meet Jimmy, in this new downloadable pack. A gun for hire, Jimmy helped clean up other people's messes until he was betrayed by the people who hired him. Now it's payback time. Many new city based missions and new locales give you plenty of reasons to head back to Empire Bay. For more replay action, work to outrank your friends as you rise up the leaderboard.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1703
Genre Action Adventure, Historic, General, Open-World
Company / Developer
2K Games / 2K Czech
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Mafia II: Jimmy's Vendetta reviews ( 7 )

Marick, Mar 27, 2015

I know that does not have a feeling that Mafia 2 , but fails to explore the world more Mafia 2. If you liked Mafia 2 worth playing . It's a nice DLC. .

russiangamer, Apr 9, 2017

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Dobian, Jan 8, 2015

Jimmy's Vendetta is pretty much what I expected, a lot of arcade-style missions on the city map. There are the usual types of missions...driving, stealing, shoot-em-ups, etc. They can sometimes be frustrating because of a timer that is placed on every single mission regardless of type, a feature that is also used in Joe's Adventures. For some missions I can understand why there would be a time limit, but for others it just makes no sense. I've just stolen a car, why do I need to get it back to the garage before time runs out? Fortunately, in most cases the amount of time you get is sufficient so you aren't killing yourself trying to get to the checkpoint and swearing up and down when you crash into a light pole a half a block away as time runs out. There really isn't much context for Jimmy himself. I know that on the Playstation there was a DLC that sets up his story and the reason for Vendetta, but the opening mission very quickly recaps it anyway. Basically, he was framed, got sent to prison, is now out, and wants his revenge. That's it. Jimmy is a man who stands for nothing and simply exists for the next job he can do for a price. I have no problem with that, it lets you enjoy the sandbox potential of Mafia 2 sans all the story and cutscenes of the main game. The problem is, this sandbox mode should have been included in the main game in the first place, like Free Ride and Free Ride Extreme were a part of the original Mafia. For that reason, I can only give this DLC an average score.

Fishermang, Sep 21, 2010

This DLC is pretty average. I bought it because I wanted to experience more of Mafia 2, which was story, atmosphere, and general mafia-related stuff. Jimmy's Vendetta lacks the first two points. It's fun to be able to drive around the city, and the missions are fun to do. However, it is not fun being told how you should do them, and that is what this DLC does: it forces you to finnish them during a certain amount of time so you can accumulate points and get a spot on leaderboards. This idea is nice, but it would be much better if they implemented a way to turn off time and points, so players who wan't to do the new missions at their own pace, can do that. I for one loved walking around and playing in character in Mafia 2, because of its outstanding atmosphere. All of that is taken away in the DLC where you crash into your opponents, explode things and headshot things as fast as you can to get a higher score before the time runs out. Therefore I rate it averagely.

InfoGuy, Aug 28, 2014

Jimmy's Vendetta was such a wasted opportunity for a introducing a new character into the game. I felt no emotional connection to the character simply because he didn't show any character at all in the DLC. Drive there, start the mission, finish the mission. Rinse and repeat. No cutscenes (or at least very very few) and not much backstory. I feel like this side-mission style gameplay would have worked well if it was added to the base Mafia 2 game, to give Vito a little bit of free roam, rather than being stuck in a linear storyline, albeit a good one. You have to have a strong storyline to anchor these mindless shoot-em-up segments, otherwise, it turns into what this DLC has become. Do this do that. Shoot this guy. Steal this car. Beat this guy up. I feel like an NPC that just appears to finish a task, and then disappear. As the opening sequence of the DLC goes, got a problem? You call Jimmy. In a jam? You call Jimmy. That pretty much sums up the entire experience playing as Jimmy. An NPC simulator.

JimCorbett, May 22, 2013

Just awful. This DLC takes everything that was fun about Mafia II and gets rid of it. Instead, you get bunch if side missions which lack any checkpoint system whatsoever. No story, no cutscenes, no coherence. Jimmy's Vendetta is a disaster. Stay away, far away.

PerverseImp, Jun 20, 2012

Mafia 2 had a strong story-line, and while there wasn't very much else to do in the game-world in terms of side-missions, the quality of the story made this somewhat forgivable. Jimmy's Vendetta is nothing but side-missions. Jimmy a character who is never seen or mentioned in the main game, is out for revenge in a wafer-thin...there's a couple f cut-scenes to set this up and then the rest is just nothing but side-missions. there's none of the great characterization that made the main game so enjoyable just moving from location to location shooting some people stealing some cars...rinse and repeat. The missions themselves are boring dull and repetitive, and most take place in the open world environment rather than in buildings or set pieces like those in the main game. This makes shootouts a pain as the is very rarely any good cover (which would be nice since your shooting mechanics are cove-based) and enemies will often circle around and shoot you killing you quickly. It's clear Jimmy was supposed to have been Vito, they haven't even bothered to give enemies new dialogue they keep calling Jimmy (a 40-50 year old tall bald man) "Kid". Had these missions been part of the main game, it would of probably pushed the game up a little more. On their own as £6 DLC they aren't worth the price of admission, had a new interesting story been fashioned around them it could have worked but it's clear this was rushed out cut content with a minimal of changes to make it seem as if it was a new adventure.