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Mafia II Featuring a deep mobster-driven narrative packed with both behind-the-wheel and on-foot action, Mafia 2 is the sequel fans have been clamoring for. Like the original Mafia title, Mafia 2 immerses players in the mob underworld of a fictitious late 1940's-early 1950's scenario. Players easily become engaged in the game's cinematic Hollywood movie experience with strong, believable characters in a living, breathing city. [2K Games]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 12133
Genre Action Adventure, Historic, General, Open-World
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
2K Games / 2K Czech
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Mafia II reviews ( 7 )

Honkeymagoo, Aug 25, 2010

The game's plot like is basically a mixture of the Godfather, and Goodfellas, you're a war hero, come back from the war and fall into a life of crime with your friend. The open world nature of this game is not the same as GTA, which to me is a good thing, there aren't a million half-assed mini-games to play. Each section of the city feels different, China-town feels different than Little Italy. I'm not going to list any spoilers but I do feel like this plot is decent, the voice acting is pretty good for the most part, the in-car conversations are pretty humorous a lot of the time. The driving is a HUGE improvement over the first game, the cars feel like real cars would from the 40s that is spongey suspension and sluggish acceleration, this is not bad design, it's how the actual cars behaved back then. The map is actually displayed in the radar instead of the lame "map" that's in the first game.The guns are all fun, though the pistols pretty much all seem the same power, even the magnum (and the magnum sound a little goofy, like a cartoon gun). There is an actual cover system in the game, and overall the fights are much improved over the first game. This is a great game, it's heavy on graphics card, so I recommend looking into mods on how to disable the physics of the clothing in the game.Overall I've really enjoyed this game and don't understand why people are criticizing it for NOT being just a GTA clone, it's a game I honestly find more fun than GTA.

Tmac4Win, Aug 30, 2010

Mafia had been in the development for what, 3-4 years, i think. and after 4 years you hope that the game will deliver. you hope that it will be a fantastic game. well, mafia 2 is and in the other hand it isnt.first the good things: story (one of the best stories) graphics are very good. the number of cars and how each car feels different. gunplay and hand to hand combat, characters are very well written. the soundtrack-oh my god.the bad: not much to do in a big open world. no side missionsif there had been side missions and the world was filled with places of intereset where you could go after a tireing mission and play darts or smth, it would have been the best game that had come out this year. point of view-- if you want a game with a very good story mafia 2 is a must buy. but you would be better of renting one. 8 out of 10.

Beni_Madrid, Oct 3, 2012

Mafia II is undoubtedly one of the best crime games. Game well because Graphics excellent, the plot is excellent, the game invested and good, the game very realistic and one example is that the police smarter, she'll want to check your identity card with a run and not hurt her, with a crash into a car or will go too fast you will conference with if you hit something you stop Drag and weapons they fired you. The game is not perfect because the videos people look like dolls, short game and really you Walking about the city and the definition of "open world" is just a backdrop to the game itself. In sum game looks good but deepen it see it's not perfect

Rem, Jul 7, 2015

Stepping into the shoes of Vito Scaletta, the main protagonist of Mafia 2, players witness the brevity of the lives of those who turn to the life of a mobster. Each of the fifteen chapters in this game , while not excellently paced, provide some of the most vicious and sharp writing in a game, much of it inspired by the Goodfellas and the two Godfather films. Each character has depth to them, and the rather brutal and downright melancholic nature of the story and the twists it takes is so meaty and gripping that it becomes impossible to touch the game again, for fear of ruining the good memories I had with the game. Also the lack of touching the game came as a result of there being no incentive to return the game because of the emptiness of its world. Barring the name of an open world game is kind of a shame since the city of Empire Bay is so beautifully crafted that it becomes frustrating that there is nothing other to do than rob stores and collect posters and playboy magazines. Other than that, Mafia 2 respects the time period for which it is set in, and the shooting, driving, and stealth mechanics work well enough in conjunction with the story elements. Calling it a GTA clone would be misleading, but there is no denying that the cruel life of Vito Scaletta is one for the books.

huevosbenedicto, Feb 21, 2011

'm a big fan of what Mafia 2 does. I really am. The game provides an excellent story with solid graphics and gameplay, but it doesn't provide a bang for your buck at all, in fact it feels unfinished, and for this I wouldn't recommend a full purchase. Let's start with the good points, of which there are many of. The main draw of the game is the plot, which, while being the standard 8-10 hours, is one of the better of 2010. You play as Vito Scaletta, who came to America with his family when he was a child, and soon fell into small time crime with school buddy Joe. Until, that is, when Mafia 2 takes an unexpected twist, before you've performed any actual gameplay. They show you being arrested and, as the year was 1943, put into the army, to fight with the army in Italy. It's here where you have the tutorial level, in what's a surreal experience, a third-person World War 2 level. After you finish, Vito explains that he got shot a couple of years later, and comes home to Empire Bay for a month's leave, where he meets with Joe and his mother and sister. Joe throws you a solid and orders a forged doctor's note explaining you can't fight anymore, through his connections with the mafia. It's here you begin doing a few errands for the family he's with. After a few levels doing this, Mafia 2 throws unexpected twist number two: you get thrown in the big house. A federal big house, to that. And you actually play some of this time, to which I laughed and made a joke about a mission involving you trying to not drop the soap, something which almost came terrifyingly true. Anyway, you get out 6 years later, meet up with Joe again, and work from there, not giving anything away. Safe to say, the ride you do take is a great one. As mentioned in the intro, both gameplay and graphics are stellar. The shooting controls are mainly Grand Theft Auto style, except with no auto aim, which isn't all too bad. However, sprinting is performed by L1/LT, which has no stamina limit. For actions such as opening a door or jacking a car, there are two options; a quiet option where you either open or pick the lock (a cool new feature) and don't gain attention easily, or a fast, loud option, where you smash everything, which will gain attention. Driving is also GTA-esque, with heavy mid-century cars handling pretty well (and reach impressive 125 mph+ speeds) , although there is no option to perform a drive-by, which is sorely missed. The graphics are very good, with faces looking realistic, but there isn't much chance to appreciate it in the open world. There is, however, one draw back, which drags it down severely: the lack of extra things to do and re- playability. The game is a linear game, i.e. not open world like GTA, which isn't bad by any means, but limits your wondering around. Also, there isn't a "free-roam" option at the end of the game. This makes it quite hard to gauge when to do things in Empire Bay. There are 2 collectibles during the game; wanted posters, which you don't know when to go finding, and there is no incentive to do so. There also isn't a gameplay incentive to collect the Playboy magazines, but you will. You can also buy various clothes, which add to the feel of the game, and some of the suits are pretty sweet. To gain money to do this you can crush or sell cars, apart from completing missions. And that's about it. No multiplayer, which is fine, in fact I prefer single player-orientated games. But there aren't any side missions either, which isn't fine. Why? Because this is an unfinished game. Two contacts appear early in the game; Mike and Derek, and they appear in Level 2. After this, their icons appear on the map, and you can go talk to them, to which they say something on the lines of "Sorry kid, there's nothing for you today." There never is. Ever. Why would they put this in if there aren't any? Because they planned on having some, but then took them out, probably because they ran out of time, for a game they spent a long time working on. And on the internet, I've watched an entire, working level, which didn't appear in the game. Why? Because of creative purposes, I hear you say Take 2? Of course not, because you ran out of time to integrate it , or you couldn't be bothered. And that's what's annoying. Overall, rating wise:Gameplay: 8.5Graphics: 8.5Story: 9Lasting Appeal: 5

MustisTheCat, Jun 26, 2014

Painfully mediocre TPP story shooter. The main singleplayer took 10 hours to beat, that is good. This game is very uneven in such a way that in some areas it is very nice, in others sub-mediocre. The DLCs are totally worthless. STORY Pretty standard Godfellas stuff. Few plots orbiting around one main plot but none of them goes on its own. Some chapters were good whereas some sucked royally (example : jail chapter). I was left wanting for more as the story ends abdruptly. I liked the main characters, others were just believable. Pretty good storytelling and dialogues. Enjoyable but way too short. GAMEPLAY This is where this game underdelivers. There are many bad limitations to the way you get around with your character (example : can`t shoot while in car) and with really no excuse. It feels unfinished because you cannot do what you are normally used to in a TPP sandbox game. There is no ranged melee (you can`t use a club, a knife). Moreover, there isn`t too many types of missions you do, most of them are just go here, wack this guy, go there, deliver this package, rinse and repeat. Some more variety would really be welcome. The shooting and guns is very good here and saves the gameplay just enough I could get through the whole game. Nice variety of guns, each gun is different and suitable for different type of engagements. So the shootouts are very nice, it`s just that you don`t get too use them too often (I was hoping for a bank robbery mission but no). Also, the cars are very nice. Very fun to drive. Again, each car is little different in a noticeable way. Just not many of types of vehicles so you see the same ones over and over. Sadly, the AI buries the shootouts. Your teammates are unable to getby on their own, they do a terrible job of helping you. The enemy AI is super accurate with guns, has flash-like reflexes. As in the Mafia game, the cops are really strong, take three or more bullets to put down. And they appear out of nowhere carrying Thompson machineguns. They act like military veterans, charging you from every corner. They make getting around the town a really frustrating time, and since this is a sandbox type game, you get a lot of coppers shooting you when for example you have 1 minute to perform a bombing mission. So in between taking up assignments you are forced to deal with them when they interfere and it is just very frustrating. The customisation options are there, but they leave a lot more to be desired. In addition there are some noticeable bugs that took me out of the experience. Also, the checkpoint system instead of saves is just horrid. The checkpoints are too far apart in time. So few times I lost about 90 minutes of gameplay because one cop shot me and I had to repeat it. GRAPHICS Very nice most of the time. The town looks ok, inanimate objects are well detailed, people look good from afar. Interiors of some of the apartments look very cool and detailed. It is the cutscenes that show the weak sides - the complexion on the characters looks nothing like real skin, more like orange couloured concrete. Overall a very mixed experience. Was fun in some areas, in others left a bad taste. Not the Mafia game I was hoping for.

Charles_Peterso, Aug 6, 2013

Awful, terrible save points and boring as hell. I feel sorry for anyone that paid for this. Mafia II the movie, because it would have saved me the depressing interaction A game filled with nothing to do. The game developers have crafted a large and well-designed city. However, there's almost nothing to do beyond driving from mission to mission. The combat is a generic third-person cover based shooter which we've all seen before. The game's pace is slow, and with nothing beyond doing story missions there's little depth here or free-roaming. The story and voice-acting is fine, but it's not enough to prop up an ultimately boring game