Magic Duels: Origins Crack/Patch

Magic Duels: Origins Every origin Begins with a spark. Enter the worlds best strategy card game with Magic Duels, an all-new digital experience! Immerse yourself in the world of Magic: The Gatherings exciting new Origins campaign as you play through the stories of five iconic Planeswalkers. Hone your skills and build your deck of spells from an ever-growing library of collectible cards, then take on your friends or thousands of AI opponents in Battle Mode. Enjoy virtually endless gameplay with regular card and content updates, quests and achievements, multiple play modes-including fan favorites like Two-Headed Giant-and fully earnable content. The new Skill Quest training system and enhanced Deck Builder with step-by-step guidance ensure an epic Magic experience for new and veteran players alike. Join 20 million Magic fans around the world and begin your journey in Magic Duels now!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1730
Genre Strategy, Miscellaneous, Turn-Based, Board / Card Game, Card Battle
Company / Developer
Wizards of the Coast / Stainless Games

Magic Duels: Origins reviews ( 7 )

LFiori, Aug 2, 2015

This was easily one of the best hours I've spent playing something lately. It's free to play, it's fun and it is great to learn about the origins. I highly recommend it.

JohnnyTrigger, Aug 21, 2015

Awesome, Wizards finally realized the hearthstone model ! no more new renditions every year, now we have something to build upon here in this version of magic.. this isn't MTGO, but it is free, and fun. I am new to Magic, and am enjoying it (along with hearthstone). I hope Wizards of the Coast finds this version (F2P) to be profitable and ever growing, and therefore will build upon this as time goes on(invest $$). if so, this game will just become much more rich in cards and play styles as time goes on... (maybe we can hope it will come close to MTGO in implementing all newly released cards, in the future, not just a subset) i gave it a 9 because of some bugs, and because of the inability to really search your card collection, through keyword search... TLDR; great game.. it is a nice change of pace to the simple play of hearthstone...

MagusFRC7, Aug 30, 2015

Magic Duels: Origins is a Great Game! Light years away better than Magic Online, I hope WOTC will substitute Magic Online for this one someday, awesome game engine and synergy, yes they should improve Cinematics (HD better quality), The Art (Loading Screen/Cinematics), The Soundtrack (more songs), add more sets, start the Rewards program and Worldwide Championships + Special Events with Great Prizes, just like real MTG for sure! Sometimes depending on your Internet Connection you'll face some issues that can be solved by restarting the game, I personally never faced any, but chill out WOTC will fix everything and there is a great team making sure everything is working out! The Game counts with a powerful AI which makes offline duels outstanding and a real challenge, excellent to train with your deck before a duel with real players. I highly recommend this game if you like Magic: The Gathering, it is amazing and the best MTG Digital experience ever!

ParuShimak, Nov 19, 2015

If you are a newer magic player or have even a slight interest in learning how to play Magic, check this game out. If you are already an avid Magic player, then this is a hard pass.

OreoAssassin, Nov 25, 2015

This game is one of the most frustrating games I've ever experienced when it comes to MTG. 200 coin cap per day, 150 coins per booster, and oh yeah you only get 5-15 for a win against the AI. If you wanna play with your friends you can, but you get 0 progress towards anything. Magic 2015 had a much better system for unlocking boosters, you get one if you win and don't have to waste your time trying to grind and get rewarded for playing against your friends. That isn't even the worst part about it, you only get 6 cards per booster pack. The developer made the game free to play, but it is most definitely a pay to progress title. I would much rather spend 15 dollars on the game and have the mechanics change back to how it was before rather than spend 2 dollars per booster. Yes, 150 coins is 2 dollars. I will never spend money on this game, it isn't worth it seeing how you only have a small chance of getting a good card.

XiongLee, Feb 15, 2016

The game can be fun to a certain point and can teach the mechanics of the game. It's most frustrating when you can't progress further because you're limited to drawing only land cards or monster cards with only 2-3 land cards and then get beat by the AI who tends to draw near perfect hands (even land to creature/spell ratio) every game. Gave up on the game when I got stuck in story mode, Liliana vs Raven. I was drawing lands with 2-3 creatures and then drawing a bunch of lands with no creatures or drawing creatures with 2-3 lands followed by a bunch of creatures for 15 straight games. Not sure if this was intended but it got annoying fast.

Charlemagne, May 31, 2017

f2p treadmill... finally uninstalled it. Limited cards, limited in how many cards you can win per day, endless bugs you frequently have to Ctrl+Alt+Del out of. And whatever effort you put in you aren't progressing in the real mtgo, this is just a side game. The interface is also quite annoying.