Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers Crack & Serial Number

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers An extension of the world's premier trading card game, Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers' brings a pulse-pounding mix of strategic thinking, fantastic artwork, and arcade-style thrills to your PC. Experience an epic game of fantasy and strategy, as never before, when you take on the mantle of a planeswalker - a powerful mage capable of traversing the infinite planes of existence - and forge your destiny! [Wizards of the Coast]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1431
Genre Strategy, Miscellaneous, Turn-Based, Card Battle
Company / Developer
Wizards of the Coast / Stainless Games
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Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers reviews ( 7 )

bgoss, Jun 15, 2011

This game made all the necessary changes to become a fun video game BASED on the tabletop card game. It is my belief that the developers did not want game to be consumed with buying extra card packs and trying to make a huge collection and build the best deck.Instead they have successfully equalized the playing field and adapted it for newcomers and light players. This is not for the hardcore Magic enthusiast, it is for the casual strategic gamer or someone experimenting with the genre or franchise.With that frame of reference, this game lives up to its goals: sharing the love of card game with people that don't want to soak a ton of money and time into it. It's highly enjoyable, competitive, and still maintains a strong taste of the original. But just a taste.

bricky, Jan 7, 2011

everyone that wants to buy this game for customisation and creativity with your decks, dont... Do not even look at this game and go play magic the gathering: online, or whatever its called. i bought this game and thoroughly enjoyed it for what it is, a card game with locked decks, a useless story and probably horrible AI for more experienced players seen as i beat it pretty easily and this is the first time iv ever played a card game. but what the heck right? i had a damn good time while it lasted and i picked it up for $2.50 so im happy

e_k, Aug 28, 2010

Summary: If you've played real Magic before (either online or with real cards), avoid this game. When I saw a Player v AI Magic, I was interested. I played the 1997 version from microprose, and even though the graphics were lackluster , the gameplay wasn't bad. It was interesting being able to play around with any deck you wanted (no limit on what cards you used). It also had a 'campaign' mode where you wandered the lands, fighting opponents, and collecting and buying cards.This game, however, fixes you to one of several pre-set decks, doesn't let you edit these decks (aside from adding certain 'unlocked' cards in our out, doesn't let you pick how many, and which, lands appear in your deck, and doesn't even let you pick which lands to tap when casting a spell! The 'campaign' consists of beating a handful of computer AIs.It's a highly nerfed 'Magic', and-unless you are picking it up just to learn the rules of Magic-I recommend avoiding it.

Nafun, Dec 13, 2010

This game isn't a magic: the gathering simulator. This game is where magic players go when they die if they've been bad. There is no deck customization. The decks make precons look cutting edge. The only "deck customization" is through unlocking "sideboard" cards (great way to misinform new players by calling it a sideboard). You can remove the "sideboard" cards, but you can't remove other cards to make room for it, so they just keep making your deck bigger (and adding more land). You can keep your deck smaller by removing the sideboard cards, but since they're all way better than the garbage they give you by default it's pointless. You just end up with 80 card decks with like 35 mana sources. The game would be playable in this form, as just sort of a "how magic used to be when I started playing" simulator, except for one thing. The game seems to pick and choose what rules it obeys. It tends to do things like instantly go to your attack phase if you cast anything during your main phase, and skip your 2nd main phase, or not let you cast after blockers are declared. If you're anything like me, within 20 minutes you'll find yourself screaming at the game. This game would have been much better if they'd taken the old 1997 MTG pc game and made a windows 7 port.

Tonoman, Nov 24, 2010

I like the overall idea of the game, but I prefer original card version. No deck editing, that's really annoying, if you could change some cards at will, several decks will become very useful.Multiplayer is a real pain, game crashes and needs to synchronize very often, you can buy expansions but cannot buy individual cards. You cannot pick what lands to tap, and most of the time the AI makes stupid decisions on what lands to tap, you need to figure out how AI is going to pick them, in order to guess in which order cast spells. The general idea is good but it lack several features, I'd rather prefer the card version.

Tornkool, Apr 22, 2011

This game is complete **** No control on tapping your own lands? WTF........ And extremely limited deck card shifting ability. I would not recomend this game to anyone. COMPLETE TRASH

Hircus, Dec 10, 2010

Might be an entertaining game for someone with no experience with tabletop Magic. For an actual Magic player however, a terrible disappointment - the interface is limiting, the game rules are dumbed down, and worst of all you can't even edit your deck. The experience was not unlike buying something sold as a chess set and finding the package actually contains a checkers set with half the pieces missing. It's hard to imagine why Wizards of the Coast ever greenlighted this travesty.