Magic: The Gathering Arena Crack + Serial Number Updated

Magic: The Gathering Arena
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 80
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Card Battle
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Wizards of the Coast / Magic Digital Studio
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Magic: The Gathering Arena reviews ( 6 )

PeakZach, Feb 11, 2020

Coming from MTG Online, this is an insane experience that is legitimately free. There are of course in-game purchase options, but the need is minimal and will not take away from any fun you'd otherwise have playing this great game. Grinding is always an option in place of real money spending, and the play is clean, crisp, and well thought out. Excellent emergence out of beta.

Ambre, Aug6, 2019

Great game. A lot of new stuff implementing, many interesting thing to achieve and play, works even on low end pc. I dont understand why so many negative feedback on this site. Maybe it is one person with multyaccounts just angry at great game?

LocketheAuthent, Jan 24, 2020

Free to play monetization with crafting elements makes any game ugly, let alone what it does to a card collecting deck building game. Decent presentation and a faithful recreation of the actual game, but just dirty otherwise. Just go get the real cards so you actually have something tangible rather than have this manipulative puff waste your time.

HobusTobu, Mar6, 2020

I think the issues with land draws go far beyond what we used to think. Mulligans used to fix the issue, but now you can mulligan down to 3 cards before you'll actually get viable mana. There was a user who actually covered over a million games in a study and despite what gaslighting fanboys say, the issues with the draws are well outside normal variance. Despite the fact that the reddit thread for that game is the most viewed and most discussed, it's rated lower than other reddit threads about the game due to Google coordinating with WOTC (which isn't abnormal for most large companies to work with Google and adsense to create favorable search results). The bigger issue is that the discussions around this game come down to people who spend WAY too much money on this game telling everyone else that they're crazy. Beyond ironic. The playerbase is so incredibly toxic online, it's probably better to ignore the majority that keep buying because it's an addiction and not a hobby for them. The core issues with the game are still yet to be resolved. It's unoptimized for older hardware, the client loses connections to the server all the time, the actual game itself is cripplingly unfun if you actually want a fair experience, and there's no way to really enjoy yourself in a de-stress, single player scenario. Primarily due to the fact that they want you to keep grinding losses until you finally break and spend more money on the game. I don't get the absolute autistic devotion to Wizards of The Coast since it's pretty clear that their goal isn't a well-made game, it's to get as much cash out of addicted gamers as they can. According to the Metacritic ratings, I'd say it sounds like the majority or normies aren't happy either. Corporate shills gonna shill fam. I hope that someone reports WOTC to the BBB or the FTC, I don't know how much it would do, but at the very least some audits done in discovery could be made public that would really blow the lid on how messed up they are.

roland265, Jun 15, 2019

magic took a turn for the worse, the game itself was decent, now the game it's just horrendously slow, this game it's even slower, especially with player who take ages and the game let them do that, combo who actually tilt the game and thing like that, instead of banning, the dev allow them and then after a lot of time ban one of the card, a lot of time the game feel very scripted (2 lands in hand starting for 5-6 consecutive games is very suspicious, even games in which you seems to be play always the opposite of your deck and so on)

DBomb73, Mar1, 2019

Schizophrenic Wallet Warriors will excel at this game. "In order to make the world a better place, we need to exterminate the human race." - Misanthropist.