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Magic: The Gathering Online In the Magic Online game, you will be able to purchase digital cards and trade them with other players, build and customize your decks and organize your card collection right on the PC. A wide range of game rooms will allow players of different levels to find just the right environment for them, from casual pick-up games to highly competitive tournaments. Players new to the Magic game will be able to observe games in the Casual Play room. Built-in tutorials and practice rooms will help get game-play under way quickly.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1295
Genre Strategy, Miscellaneous, Turn-Based, Card Battle
Players 1-6
Company / Developer
Wizards of the Coast / Leaping Lizard Software Inc.
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Magic: The Gathering Online reviews ( 5 )

MarkW., May 18, 2006

It's fun....I am a small fish and I have over 14,000 cards ($2000 approximate value) with an initial investment of about $100.00. It's a game for very smart people and you dont have to worry about it ever being "Dumbed Down". If you are smart you won't have to buy to many will win them or trade other people out of them. Then sell them online for cash someday before you die. The tickets used as currency in the game sell for about .90 on the dollar.....small price to pay to run your own business.

TharionW., Mar 22, 2007

Near 24x7 gameplay of MtG with friends around the world. Low system requirements and no monthly fee. If you love to play magic and want an average of 1,000 players online from around the world at any one moment - well MTGO is for you.

EquinoxAlpha, Nov 13, 2016

This is a game meant for reasonable experienced players that know how to play magic. For people that like myself are a long standing Magic player that wants to play online against other people. When you start out, you get a bumper starting pack which contains quite a few basic cards, with nearly the entire back catalog of cards available to buy in singles in their virtual formats via external trading sites, or if you want you can buy credits to spend in the shop ingame to buy packs of randoms. You have a collection screen that is filterable where you can view all your cards which is easy to sort through to build your own decks... There are various places you can play these decks against others, in tournaments online where you can win cards and player points, There is a cost to enter these tournaments however which can cost you upwards of £30 in some cases There are other areas where you can play against other people for free in the usual 1v1 / commander and free for all 3way and 4way multiplayer. First thing you will notice is how bad the actual client looks, it looks like it was designed and programmed in the 1990's. The way the screen is represented reminds me of Windows 95. Not only does the client look bad, but it also doesn't function properly, with constant issues with the shuffler performing exceedingly unusual behavior that leads you be at the mercy of it when you play The shuffler which according to the very lackluster support is 'working as intended' but for any player that has played Paper magic knows it doesn't resemble a real work shuffle one bit. In fact your win will be dictated by whether the shuffler 'decides' you can play or not. To worsen this issue the game goes down at least once a week for 'server maintenance' that lasts several hours each time. The issues with this game doesn't end there however, just like all online games this game suffers from its fair share of Trolls and Griefers. The trouble is there are so many of them online on mtgo that you will be hard pushed to find a game that isn't ruined by some idiot pulling an infinite loop or an instant win card. or just sat there with a deck full of counters, no intention of winning just simple there to make your life miserable. Games should be played for fun, simply put Magic the Gathering Online is about as much fun as putting your appendages through a cheese grater. AVOID AT ALL COST!

TilvenCavan, Nov 17, 2015

Log in, ready to play. Wow a set of draft tournaments specifically for new players. Wait, they don't teach you anything about draft or how to choose cards, oh and there is a timer, choose fast. Now make a deck from those cards you chose in a hurry.... Now lose every game because, 1. You can't make a winning deck from those cards. 2. The other players, NOT NEW, they just have New Player Points to spend and want some cards. 3. There is nothing about the game targeted to new players, or casual play. Ok lets try a casual game. Get beat in a hurry. Make a new deck. Get beat again. Try a new format. Ok you are on round 4 and may have the advantage. ...Your opponent quits because his go to starter move didn't happen. One more chance.... Commander, i spent an hour or 2 making a 100 card deck. ... Opponent quits on round 4 because you sent his commander back to his hand. You go into chat to call him out, and let other players know he is a poor sport. There is no method of leaving feedback on a player. Oh you can't say anything negative in chat about another player's behavior because it is "harassment."!!! ... the reason being, that there is no proof to offer, even tho I can watch a replay of the game in questions, i just cant let other players watch it, because then the "poor sport" opponent would feel "harassed". So what do I do now??? I go download Hearthstone and forget I ever played this pile of garbage whose only goal is to bleed it's playerbase of cash.

YSS, Nov 10, 2012

For those of you who have fond memories of playing MTG, and wanted a way to get back into the game.... RUN AWAY NOW. The current MTG meta has become less about skill, and more about 'How deep can you dig into your wallet'. Thanks to the money grabbing attempts of late, decks have gone up in price, and the entire experience feels like YGO. Sadly MTG is no longer the bastion of fair good TCG's