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Magnetic: Cage Closed Magnetic: Cage Closed is a first person puzzle game in which the player manipulates magnetic forces to accomplish their goals. The mechanics are focused around a single tool: The Magnet Gun which allows you to create electromagnetic fields with either positive or negative charges.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 689
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Gambitious , Gambitious Digital Entertainment / Guru Games

Magnetic: Cage Closed reviews ( 7 )

Saviour, May 27, 2015

Magnetic: Cage Closed is a game, as said by many others, very reminding of Portal. Similar story, similar way of completing the challenges. In my eyes this is a good thing, since Portal is an excellent game. It does not however feel like a clone, more like... a 1st cousin. The intro had a wiff of the intro in HL1, which gave me happy feelings all over. The design of the rooms is great. It's gritty, metal, very... prison-y. The voiceacting is believable and well performed. Very shortly after the game begins you hope that you'll get some 1 on 1 time with the warden. The soundtrack is fitting, not intrusive, adds an extra dimension to the gameplay, just as music is supposed to. All in all, one of the better singleplayer games i've played since... well... Portal.

Duroniel, May 30, 2015

I can agree with the others who say that the first puzzles are quite easy if you have played Portal, but as you go on, you can really get a challenge. I think I chose one of the latest endings, and had 2-3 rooms that really got to me and felt so frustrating. My first play-through went on for 7,3 hours. I feel that the magnetic portion of the game is fun and different. I like how the movable beams and such change direction based on where you stand with the gun. I also like that the magnet almost always affects your own position, but that can also be because I used, as Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear would say, "POWER!". I never changed the setting on the magnet gun to anything lower than full ;) I liked the creepy feel of the game, and I loved the first music you hear when you start the game. It fits really well. When I had apparently chosen my ending, I felt a little sad. Yes, the game was hard and frustrating in the end, but I enjoyed it very much. For such a low price it gives a lot back. I will have to take in the fact that I might have to replay some of the hardest rooms, and then I will play the game again. I have to see all 9 endings, you know? ;)

Versaille, May 27, 2015

I have played Magnetic: Cage closed 2 times this far, and don't plan to stop there. The puzzles starts off really easy during the "intro-sequence" when you're supposed to learn the mechanics but after that they only advances and becomes more complex. It does remind a lot of Portal, but the developers at Guru Games does say so themselves so it's not a big deal to me, they don't try to hide anything. I really like the environment and style, especially the design of the MagGun with all it's fun and quirky details. The sound and music are terrific, the guys who worked on that part has done a really good job. I recommend you all to pay the extra euros to get the Collectors edition (includes digital soundtrack, two extra challenge maps, digital artbook and a copy of the game), it's really worth it. It's not unforgiving, but when you die it's because of your own mistakes, not glitches or something that the game caused which is really nice! I play with keyboard and mouse, and the controls are really responsive and haven't caused me any troubles.

Dunge, Jun 3, 2015

Pretty good game in the vein of Portal and MagRunner. Graphics are very nice, performance are amazing and I completed the whole thing without seeing any bugs, just for that the game deserve a high rating. The level design are pretty great, the ambiance, environments and the story too. I find the game mechanics to be working perfectly. Unlike MagRunner it's easy to manipulate the game and not being stuck trying to find the right angle for hour. On the negative aspect, the game is way too short. Also, the fact that you can make choices that will impact the rest of the game without possibility of quicksaving or returning in previous levels to try the other choices is kinda bad. Since the game don't have a lot of content, it would have been better to make it a completely linear game instead of forcing the player to replay the whole thing just to see a few differences. Also, that Gamespot reviewer that gave it a score so low deserve to be fired.

Vixremento, Jun 18, 2015

It's an okay game (not AWESOME but also not CRAP). I had a bit of fun with it and while it was a tad bland in places it at least had a few decent puzzle sections and it held my attention for long enough to eventually finish it. Is it something I plan on re-playing again (as I have done quite a few times with something like Portal 2)? No. I do wonder about the outcome when given a choice near the end but not enough to actually re-play it through again (so instead un-installed to re-claim space for my next Portal 2 download an re-play again lol). - Performance wise my PC had no issues running the game however I did get choppy sound quite a bit (which they may or may not have resolved at this point in time, couldn't bother to check if they've actually fixed it because I'm kinda done with it now - just too much other stuff to play) but at least it wasn't enough to prevent me from playing. I do wish they'd rather have implemented named saves so that I could re-try the last portion again without having to start from scratch but other than that it worked fairly well. I give it an acceptable 6.5 (rounded up to 7) out of 10 overall.

Artoorzyn, Jul 2, 2017

Z plusem. Zagadki są przyjemne, fabuła interesująca, a grafika miła dla oka. Tylko muzyka jest nijaka, ale to szczegół. Głosy postaci brzmią dobrze i oddają ich emocje. Szkoda, ze jest taka krótka.No i te 9 zakonczeń...

Birdie, Jun 15, 2015

Using Portal to sell crap is unethical. I bought the game thinking this Portal-clone would have at least some fun puzzles using physics. Oh my, I feel stupid and ashamed for falling for this. They obviously planned to earn some easy money using Portal's great name. The good: The bad: Poor sound. Poor music. Poor graphics. Poor puzzles. Poor controls. Poor story. Conclusion: Stay away.