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Magrunner: Dark Pulse In Magrunner - Dark Pulse, the hero Yoshi and his robotic dog Newton enter the Gruckezber Magtech Challenge, a technology competition drawing contestants from around the world with a 1 million credit grand prize. They soon discover that this friendly game has a much darker purpose behind it. Now only this intrepid duo and Yoshi's mutant mentor Gamaji stand between the earth's survival and eldritch annihilation.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1638
Genre Miscellaneous, Puzzle, Action
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Frogwares

Magrunner: Dark Pulse reviews ( 7 )

vernydub, Jun 21, 2013

I'm so sick of stupid shooters, this game is a fresh air for my lights and a great trainer for my brains. Will recommend Magrunner to everyone who likes to think, puzzles are really nutty, can't wait to get to the last levels.

shaoran2, Jun 21, 2013

I love this game is very fun puzzle to a great extent especially because it has some Lovecraft in love! not for people with little patience immature.I was four hours non-stop playing

JLK88, Jun 21, 2013

I like this game and for the price of $19.99 it's a steal. Runs great, looks great, and plays great. Portal esque to the finest. I highly recommend this game for anyone craving a puzzle thriller with a great and unique story.

Duskspark, Jun 28, 2013

"Magrunner: Dark Pulse" is a game that's based on magnetic puzzling. An interresting atmosphere and appealing visuals really lift this game up, but the utter feeling of a frip-off immediately drags it down. When we think of puzzle games, we automatically think of "Portal", and this game basically took everything from Portal. You have surfaces you can use and surfaces you can't, it goes into the same "destructed Aperture" feeling you had from Portal 2, and it even ventures into space. An enjoyable experience none the less, but I couldn't help but think I've seen it all before and done much better, too.

akarnokd, Jun 23, 2013

Interesting puzzle game, with a few frustrations. Throughout the 2/3 of the game, the puzzles were surprisingly easy to figure out, with the learning curve gradually increasing. However, the last 1/3 is borderline frustrating and annoying sometimes: the difficulty jumps suddenly, and I died at least 100 times on the very same spot; bye bye no-death achievements. Another minor problem is that you can't jump while holding a large cube: which mechanically comes into play on 1-2 stages, but otherwise, too limiting. I haven't encountered any major bugs, but certain physics puzzles seem to react strangely on my ATI card (game uses PhysX). In addition, I think two of achievements are bugged, since I received them even by clearly violating the conditions. In summary, it's quite a refreshing game.

rogermorse, Aug 24, 2014

Nice ! The story is so so....but the puzzles are quite cool. Basically, mix the mechanics of Portal and Q.U.B.E. together, add Unreal Engine 3, try to put some crazy story together and you have magrunner. The magnet interactions were a nice change from the portals or the stuff you found in Quantum Conundrum. In a way, Magrunner is still different from all the others. It is no masterpiece but it is definitely a good puzzle game. Enemies will also come in some levels to put you some pressure, and the puzzles change enough to keep you interested. The story though (if there is one) is what it is....but better than nothing I guess, and the game has still atmosphere and is polished enough to be enjoyed. 12 Hours to play everything and get every trophy. Get this cheap and go past the beginning that looks a bit lame. 72/100

Voyou, Aug 22, 2016

This Portal clone does what most other platformers disguised as puzzlers do wrong: It doesn't let you save, using checkpoints instead, but still makes you carry cubes around (always a bad sign) for ages, jump from tight spots to tight spots (preferably timed jumps,) and as a result forces you to grind all these moves all over again at the first faux pas. As in so many coattails riding titles, your brain won't break a sweat. All you need is jumping patience. Well, in this particular game, you'll even need patience between the rooms, as you'll be stuck listening to the mandatory conspiracy story line narrated by static holograms. The makers didn't grasp what made their model, Portal, alive and entertaining. Not only aren't the game mechanics as simple and fun, the whole thing just doesn't flow.