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Mark of the Ninja "Mark of the Ninja" is a side-scrolling stealth action game from Klei Entertainment that combines fluid 2D animation with intense stealth gameplay. Observe your enemies from afar, manipulate them with your tools, and execute your plan with precision. But be careful - you're as fragile as you are powerful.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 93 / 100
User rating
Downloads 9233
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Klei Entertainment

Mark of the Ninja reviews ( 7 )

CooBlu, Oct 16, 2012

Being a fan of fast-paced dodging and killing games (Mirror's Edge, for instance), I got into his game instantly. It does not matter how you like to play. If you like to be sneaky, fast, cruel, or unmerciful, then this 2D side-scroller is for you. You play as a ninja who accepts the First Mark, a tattoo with strange powers, to avenge your clan who was recently attacked by a security and arms enterprise. However, accepting the mark also means sacrificing yourself, as the ink in the tattoo has been said to drive people into stark madness and blind defiance. In my opinion, this was the best 1200 Microsoft Points (Xbox 360) I've spent, and I am more than willing to pay another 15-20$ just to play it on the computer. A great game with flawless animation and an overall amazing gaming experience. 10/10!

Heizer001, Oct 7, 2013

a must-have title. best 2d sidescroller- stealth-game ever. it makes so much fun to make high scores. sadly, that the leader-boards are full with cheater. have fun

Grimnir, Oct 25, 2012

I first got hooked to this game at PAX East before it was released for Xbox. One of the first questions I had back then was "When is it coming out for PC?" The creator seemed honestly puzzled, like he didn't realized that PC gaming was a thing. They've done an amazing job bringing it over and getting it working extremely well in Steam with achievements. Here's hoping for a sequel, multi-player, and Steam-powered.

Gamer2014, Feb 8, 2014

this game is awesome great playing style it needs a lot of speed and thinking at the same time it gonna make you REALLY feel like a ninja believe me its simply made for making you feel like a ninja .

violentine, Mar 5, 2013

Mark of the ninja is a 2D stealth/action, slightly puzzle game that let's you decide your own course of action. You may choose to kill every enemy in the game or none of them, use traps and devices to move undetected, to kill swiftly or just to distract enemies. The art style is very similar to Shank 1 2 although not as colorful, but rather a bit grim and gloomy which suits the theme very well. Fantastic game if you're into sneaking, planning and/or killing your way through the game.

everin, Oct 1, 2015

Tier 2 + Totally fluid mechanics coloring the stealth gameplay + Accounts well for a couple different play styles ? Non-lethal gameplay poses a significant challenge that might put off players ? Gameplay has incredible highlights, but its flow doesn't evolve particularly well - Despite being present throughout the whole game, the story is stale and uninspired

kagekirazuul, Mar 1, 2014

This game is NOT a 2D Metal Gear Solid. MGS had a depth of story and style as well as tight controls and action that could be played as a NON-stealth game. This game does not have that. It forcefully holds gamers hands and makes them plod through set pieces without much thought for imagery or imagination. Multiple branching pathways or engrossing storyline will not be found here.