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Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death is a third person, hack and slash fest. It is perfect for the player who wants to experience a game that brings to life the feel of blockbuster films, over-the-top action and cinematic gameplay with a focus on relentless high-octane combat and danger filled exotic environments.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1392
Genre Action, Action Adventure, General, Linear
Company / Developer
505 Games / ZootFly

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death reviews ( 7 )

Zitomir, Sep 24, 2013

AWESOME game!!! AMAZING! Really like the story and the way it leads you through. The graphics is also very nice, I know that this is not like games form crytek but the gameplay is simply great!

demiurge, Sep 25, 2013

Well, that was a genuine surprise! Who'd think an under-the-radar game would be so gratifying and fun. Did anyone try the credits? Gotta love the effort. OK, now back to GTAV...

Slipper, Sep 28, 2013

Just great. this is one really awesome game. Fun to play, action packed, beautiful graphics, very good sound effects and soundtrack. Combat system is easy to learn, but controller is highly recommended. For the price of 13.99 euros this is well done investment To bad that there is no co-op, then it would be just unbeatable comparing to some other big budget games. Keep up the good work ZootFly bring us more awesome games.

Matseb2611, Aug 23, 2015

I'd say this game is quite underrated and even underpriced. It's a pretty standard formula of action adventure games akin to the likes of Darksiders, God of War, and Devil May Cry, and it might do everything that's been done before, but it does so very well and manages to stay fun throughout. The gameplay is nicely balanced between combat sections, platforming, puzzles, and mini-games. You're never doing the same thing for too long, which keeps the experience fresh and entertaining. As you progress through the game, your weapon acquires different forms (scythe, twin daggers, whip, and hammer), which are useful in different situations and you can switch between them at any time. In addition you also learn some very powerful spells which are good at clearing out large crowds of enemies. Overall the difficulty I felt was balanced perfectly. There were no unexpected difficulty spikes and most of it was a smooth ride. In the last quarter of the game it gets a bit challenging, but it does so gradually and reasonably. Only one section involving a certain collapsing underground bridge felt a bit cheap since it gave me a lot of insta-deaths, but that section was pretty short. I really enjoyed most of the mini-games, such as the first-person shooting sections where you have to mount a turret and shoot down helicopters, or even flying one yourself, or sliding down the cliffs and dodging obstacles. No overcomplicated mechanics. Just simple and fun mini-games to give you a small break from fighting and platforming. The plot is somewhat cheesy and lighthearted, but the main character is quite likeable, and his frequent dialogue exchanges with his sidekick, the Mask of Death, are all very funny. The length was also quite spot on for a game like this. Took me about 10 hours to beat it on Normal. My only serious critique for this game would be the occasional crashes to desktop that I got (and it seems there are some other people who get them too). It wasn't too bad, since the game has very frequent checkpoints, so you don't lose a lot of progress, but it's still a bug. I'd say if you enjoy action adventure games and seek something to give you heaps of entertainment, then I'd highly recommend this game. I got it for merely £4 (~$6), which is its full price on Steam and enjoyed it way more than some games which I bought for a higher price.

coupdegrac3, Sep 24, 2013

14€ for a action adventure that brings 7-10 h of gameplay? sounds good right? well the animation are pretty and the soundtrack isnt anything special the story isnt srs at all. the game doesnt take itself srs at all but that makes the game fun the combat was also pretty fun the controlls are ported from consoles so i would recommend a gamepad but its cheap and brings alot of fun

99dolar, Feb 3, 2017

This game is one of the best unknown games on the market. I had no expectations about this game before i started playing. But i saw what's coming; a great action-adventure game with great combat and great graphics. I recommend this game to everyone.

AngryJoesnum1Fa, Nov 8, 2013

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death is nothing but a cheap imitation of God of War, Devil May Cry and the lackluster games Thor:God of Thunder/ Green Lantern the movie licensed games. The story starts off in a very generic way where the protagonist and his girlfriend are on vacation and then are ambushed by the main villain. What's worst is that the whole story is confusing. Gamers will ask themselves, WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHY? The characters are generic and easily forgettable! So where do I begin. Well first off, the gameplay is a copy cat of God of War and Devil May Cry, gameplay sections are too linear, there are multiple glitches that will cause gamers to restart from the previous checkpoints, the game is way too easy, boss battles are a joke, TOO MANY QUICK TIME EVENTS during gameplay, Static images tell the story most of the time, the voice acting is laughable, the jokes are bare bones, the graphics are average and the textures are in low resolution. Oh wait I am not done, enemies range from soldiers, demons and bugs, cheap enemies towards the end of the game which will cause gamers to die a lot, leveling up in this game has no effect which makes it is an ABSOLUTE joke and the ending....SUCKS!!! There are only TWO things that this game gets right. 1. Gamers can save their game at anytime and 2. Weapon variations are very fun to use for only a few hours. (Then it gets repetitive and boring!) As Angry Joe stated in his "Thor:God of Thunder" movie licensed game review..... "It's just one of those games, where you want to break your controller because it is so @#$%^&* lazy!" Oh to put the final nail to this PIECE OF #$%^! IT IS 4 HOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUURRRRRSSS! @#$%THIS GAME!!!! Marlow Briggs sucks on both PC and Xbox 360! Zootfly/505 games should be ashamed of themselves! And people rating this game a 8,9 or 10/10... WHAT????????