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Marvel Heroes Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play online game from Gazillion Entertainment.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6488
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
Gazillion / Gazillion

Marvel Heroes reviews ( 7 )

ilDestes, Jul 21, 2013

The game is fun. If you like ARPG it's fun. If you also like Marvel Universe it's extra fun. There are some problems, surely it rushed to release, but the developer are taking all the problems to heart (prices, itemization, end game content, client optimization) and releasing patches after patches to address the shortcomings of the game. From an august patch they will introduce a new item that you can collect from mobs drop and that will permit you to "buy", with a certain amount of drops, the character you want. So it's true that at the start you can choose only five characters but after some time with the game you have the opportunity to choose the character you want. And that's great. This, and much more changes they announced (like a new client), are the outcome of the active confrontation in forums of the developer with the community. Some kind of interaction I've sincerely never seen before in other games and that is giving this game a really bright future.

Subcutaneous, Jul 19, 2013

This game is still evolving and growing, and yes it does have its warts. But Gaz by and large listens to its playerbase and bottom line is MH is a blast to play. Gaz is working on many improvements to the game and what can anyone be out? Its F2P for petes sake. While the game is soloable this game really shines when you play with others. I have the feeling a lot of negative reviews come from people that do not group up a lot, or belong to an active supergroup.

StayGrizzly, Jun 4, 2013

This game is a ton of fun. It a terribly rocky launch but things are smooth now. It still has bugs though but that's common with launches. They should be ironed out soon. Every character is a blast to play and after beating the main missions the end game content will keep you coming back for more. I'm not much of PVPer so you'll have to check another review for that. Right now the game is a 7 out 10 with potential to be a 9 or 10 once everything is more balanced and the bugs are gone.

Exqzr, Jun 6, 2013

First, you can ignore anyone who says "This game suck because you must pay for x,y,z". These reviews are at best, silly. The game is FREE to play and it is A LOT of fun. I started with Daredevil (FREE) for a bit, then I played some Hawkeye (also FREE) and really enjoyed the casual action packed gaming. They have more FREE heroes than most ARPGS make you pay for. And it has 8 Chapters to play through. Again, totally FREE. In short, I like it better than any other ARPG since Diablo II. And its the best F2P game to date. I liked it so much, I gave them $20 and bought Black Panther, a costume and some XP boosts. Black Panther is ridiculously fun to play. I have played the game near to completion and I'm loving every minute. True, it's not that hard to get through it and it is not as deep as some other ARPGs. But, the powers are excellently done. The loot is acceptable (not too jackpotish, not to stingy) You truly feel like you are playing a superhero. For example, with Black Panther his acrobatic moves are just like you would want them to be. He Front rolls over a mob stuns them, punches and kicks then does a back flip while throwing a knife, or leaving a bomb. Then tumbles back into the fight, jumps again, punch, punch, kick, flip kick, sweep kick, and finally a double punch to the throat to finish the job. Its fluid even under a heavy load. I gave this game a solid 8. It does have room to grow and some of the pricing structure could be a little easier on the wallet, but this is a secondary concern. Try it. Play it. And if you do give them $20 for Thor, he won't let you down, he is a beast!

sinproducer, Aug 5, 2013

After 350+ hours and 50 dollars spent I'm done. I have a higher end gaming system, play multiple MMOs and have over 200 games on Steam that not share the baffling performance issues that this game has even after "Major performance increases". I drop to 2-3 fps in busier zones constantly making the game unplayable. Their patches add more costumes for sale and heroes on top of a system that is completely broken due to the defense mechanic being completely inadequate for any character. Many classes have fundamental issues like low spirit, spirit consumption so their talent builds are forced to invest in them. Itemization is meant to fill holes in these same weaknesses which leaves you with a character that's already half decided for you yet gives you this illusion of "full customization". Spirit the main resource works against in this game because the regen mechanic simply punishes you for using it. You will inevitably run out and use weak and boring basic powers while it slowly refills or if you are lucky enough to play a class that has a strong basic attack you will just spend your spirit on micromanaging boring aspects and rarely spend spirit. Either way that's just a boring play style in a genre that has always prided itself on fast and frantic gameplay. Leveling is completely boring because the game changes it's idea on how you are supposed to level every week. In the end it's always running the same map over and over, and not really in the same rewarding sense of doing "boss runs" in other games because the itemization is just flat boring. They added a higher tier of gear called "cosmics" but it's simply the same drab gear with 1 skills and a random effect that really only disjoints the character's aesthetics even further by summoning demons randomly or a random damage proc. These are cool, but it doesn't make sense when the game leaves me with a less than adequate way of developing my character for survival or functionality and just adds to this to an already random chance system of progression. The maps are just completely boring and do not have very many encounters and the bosses are generally cannon fodder with unnecessary health pools. In the larger zones there are many enemies and bosses spawning, but the chaos really serves no purpose other than walking around killing things. Even though there are other people around you, everyone is generally unorganized because the goals of the zones are not very clear other "do what you want". I suppose that's enough for an ARPG fan and I'd rather enjoy this, but it's impossible when you simply cannot keep a stable frame rate. Recently I had to download a patch 3 times. 5 gigs per download because they issued a patch, rolled it back, then repatched it again and forced the client to download all of this. The game is only 12 gigs total, so I spent over 36 hours and 3 days simply downloading before I could even play the game in any shape or form. Not everyone has an amazing internet connection. The forum community has now devolved into nothing but over-supportive people that trash complaints about all of these things at the mere mention of any type of negativity towards the game or it's developers, so issues that have persisted since the game has launched are still there. The only saving grace for the game is they switched to a system where you can earn your characters simply by playing... this really doesn't give a free pass for the rest of the game being completely average. This is not the replacement for Diablo 2. This isn't even the replacement for Torchlight II. Path of Exile and even Diablo 3 offer better and less frustrating experiences despite their issues. The sad thing is this game has better ideas and a better foundation, but unfortunately the Marvel license and usage of it to create the games "classes" will only create bottlenecked classes that are glued to very specific ideas and they will also have to operate with the restrictive mechanics the gameplay design has placed on them. The result is just simply disappointing and I hoped for better, but I no longer have the patience to enjoy it and I will never recommend this over other ARPGS for it is barely average.

Iced_Demon, Sep 29, 2013

Good concept with very bad execution. There are new bugs introduced with every patch and old bugs that are still lingering. The loot as well as the loot drop rate are very poor and even the newest "Unique" items can be tossed aside for "Epic" or "Cosmic" items. The grind from level 40 60 can be slow, dull, and frustrating. Add to that the nerfs(or "fixes" according to developers) that occur with almost every patch and it becomes very hard to sit back and enjoy the game.

FusionHAA, Jan 22, 2017

My god this game had some potential. I played it for 7-8h and i just can do it anymore i just cant, its to tedious, to many bugs, useless quest tracker, latest update dumbing it down to hell. Just go play diablo 2 this one is just ****