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Mass Effect 3: Omega

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1556
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / BioWare

Mass Effect 3: Omega reviews ( 6 )

elterifico, Dec 4, 2012

It was good... I had fun that is why I give it a 8. I won't comment on the price since for me it seems ok. It is a nice side story with new enemies. The story is simple you have to take bacjk Omega and kill everyting in your way. That is for my 8 out of ten. Despite this, I was expecting more and I was a little bit frustrated to see that the adjuvant plot was not more relevant. The other thing I disliked is the F****** ambiguity about the Indocrination theory, in Leviathan you seem to get controlled by the levianthan and you finish the DLC by admitting having a headache, wich is a sign of indoctrination. In Omega, sweet nothing... I was expecting some clues in either direction. If the Indoctrination theory is not true then why can they just say so... I am sick of their no comment attitude despite what looks like solid evidence. God dammit... I don't even care if the true ending is what we saw, I don't like it and if it's that way I want to get over it and wait to see what they' will come up to with ME4. The reason I am giving an 8 is because I don't want to pollute the rating (like ME3 deserve 0 lol) because I am pissed of at the ending. The DLC is good it deserve a 8 or a 7. WAKE UP BIOWARE

StaticSpine, Nov 30, 2012

This DLC is pretty short, but intense. There is one great thing about it - the disability to use your ordinary crew members and using the new ones instead. The story is about retaking Omega by Aria and it tells about the controversy of her and the other new NPC - Nirene, both of them are trying to defeat Cerberus, but their methods are different. So there are new allies along with new enemies. Lots of battles, few dialogues. Also I'd like to mention awesome sexy voice acting by Carrie-Anne Moss (Aria).

Sanicek, Dec 2, 2012

Omega is what a nice DLC should be, an extra side quest focusing on particular people and place. It does not try to add anything more to the main story arch, but it's own story arch is decent and nicely narrated. It includes interesting companions, decent level design and a few moral choices. Combat is enjoyable and there are sections with a few twists to it included. There are also atmospheric non-combat moments which are a nice touch. Overall it is a very nice side adventure.

jcasetnl, Dec 23, 2014

Omega isn't bad but it's a bad value. The action and environments are very good but the story is pretty plain and vanilla. I was hoping for things like side-quests or possible tie-ins to the main storyline. This is as stand-alone as it gets. Plus, it's only around 3 hours long. If you're getting this one to "revisit" Omega, I wouldn't recommend it. You fight your way through it and then that's it, and you can't even return to it. So no additional quests or shops to explore. Worth it for $5 - 7 tops, but not worth the $15 it typically goes for.

inkblowout, Jul 18, 2015

Probably the only DLC that is worth skipping in Mass Effect 3. This DLC is horribly priced for the content of gameplay and story for this story. The Story is poorly written coming from a person who has read the Mass Effect Invasion Comic books and also a huge fan of Aria. The story is about as vanilla it would get, also the gameplay is no better. The gameplay is just filled with explosions and shooting which doesn't really leave a whole lot of dialogue which mass effect is mostly known for (The interesting dialogue between the characters.) Even though you do have aria as a temporary squadmate as well a female turian. It doesn't change the fact the story is poor and the gameplay is average. It's only fair if I give this a 3 out of 10. Unless this DLC goes on sale for 5 or 7 bucks. I would recommend skipping this and get the citadel DLC which has more content.

Harbyinger, Oct 2, 2014

what the hell is this? it's supposed to be a part of the main 'story' ? it's only a 'phew phew' 'expansion to have no consequence,just like the rest of the game sure let's get back omega to have ...nothing,just for the lulz and Aria fans sure you get to see omega,but it's pointless since you can't get back there once it's finished Stop pandering bioware the whole sequence is a shooting gallery in different parts of Omega no consequences,it's the same as Leviathan,it has no impact on the storyline i'm really pissed off by these fake reviews done by EA or another publisher won't be long before this review is down advice,DON'T BUY THIS ****