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Massive Chalice Massive Chalice is a single player turn-based tactics game within a multi-generational strategy campaign where you must unite your kingdom under a powerful dynasty as an immortal King or Queen to eliminate the demonic threat, and reforge the Massive Chalice.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1985
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy, General, Tactics
Company / Developer
Double Fine Productions / Double Fine Productions

Massive Chalice reviews ( 7 )

Rompcat, Jul 4, 2015

One of my three favorite games, the others being FTL: Faster than Light and X Com: Enemy Within. It feels like it hits the sweet spot between these two games in terms of length and investment of time. All three create character bonds between the player and the game. All three can/are played in "Iron Man Mode." All three are fantastic. Play this game!

RuiPTG, Mar 28, 2018

Really enjoying the game. Some times it feels too unfair but you cant always have things go your way. Be cautious, because 1 mistake can turn things around quickly.

Thilus, Jun 12, 2015

A suprisingly decent game. After reading opinions that this game is a bit like XCOM I really wanted to play it, and after I did I found out that... well... it wasn't XCOM at all. Even so, all those people who moan that the game not as intricate as XCOM are just plain whiners. This game is much more simplistic in its nature than XCOM and thanks to this it works fairly well. If it tried to be any more complicated it probably wouldn't stand a chance in comparison to the latest UFO series installment. Combat is much simpler than in XCOM. There is no cover, no flanking rules, and there are essentially only three hero classes (althought by mixing those you can get sevral sub-classes), which is actually ok in terms of gameplay. The bloodlines system is an interesting thing and as soon as you figure it out, you should have a lot of fun just searching for those perfect combinations. All in all this is a fun and even a little addictive 10-hour time waster that shouldn't be treated any other way. Even though Double Fine is still in the suspect zone for me for the way how they use crowdfunding operations I will give them half a credit for this game, hoping that it's a step in a good direction.

baconboy, Jun 4, 2015

If you like XCOM then you will love this game. A unique fantasy with many completely original elements, you play as an immortal being charged with commanding a realm for 300 years.

blade01, Jun 9, 2015

Massive Chalice is about strategy and some management of your kingdom, not more, not less.The game gives you a basic story, the rest plays out like Xcom:Enemy unknown.The fighting is very simliar and as a person that hates the X-Com remake i certainly dont like the combat in Massive Chalice.Lets look into everything: Visuals:At first, the game might look good.The artstyle is somewhat unique, or at least you will think that if you never played older games(on PS2 for example).While the artstyle is kinda unique today its not that unique if you compare it to Stellar Deus on the PS2 for example.From a technical standpoint the game looks bad.Weapons, armor and faces are not detailed, not unique.For a pricetag of 20€ you can get better looking games.But visuals are not everything, right? Sound:The music and the voiceacting is brilliant.The chalice is kinda seperated into 2 persons.They speak to you or they will comment on some things, like the death of a fallen soldier or new enemys.I really like that part of the game.The weapon-sounds are more or less non existent, i dont like that but many games have that problem. Gameplay:That is the part that disappointed me the most.When you start the game you think "oh, i can do so many things".Yes and no!In theory you can do some things.Research for example.The problem is, many things serve no real purpose.One example:You can research a bow that can pierce through multiple enemys.That feature sounds cool but its useless because somehow that weapon doesnt fit into the game.The bow is too weak and some enemys have abilitys that punish you if you do not enough damage per shot.There is one enemy that has the shellability.You hit it once, it will boost its armor and you can hit it only for 1 damage this turn.You need strong weapons for that enemy to kill it with 1 shot or blow.Other enemys need to be taken out quickly, like the wrinkler.They let your soldiers age with every hit.Why would i use a weak weapon on him??Thats just an example for poor balance, there are other things that makes no sense if you really think about from a mechanical point of view. There are other problems in the way you set up your kingdom.The fortress for example is where you breed new soldiers.The clases of the parents determine the class the kids will be at the age of 15 or so.For my playthrough i got stuck with 3 classes which turned out to be overpowered because they can cloak, shoot and move a second time or they have a sneak attack that is insta death for nearly every enemy.Other classes sucked compared to that(i played a second time).What i dont like about the way double fine handles the fortesssystem is that you give a fortress to 1 regent and if you appoint him/her the first time it locks in the family that can inherit that fortress.Because i lost some soldiers of that family in a tragic event i had problems to give the fortress to someone out of that family.Its not gamebraking but it is so much management for such a shallow game, it feels unnacessary.There are more things, but ill spare you more negative points. Conclusion:Massive Chalice seems like an interesting game at first.Unfortunatly the game is much like X-Com a very shallow expierence.Everything is basic, nothing more.Brilliant voiceacting cant save shallow gameplay in a not so good looking game.Plus, i had crashes in every mission.Had to save a lot because of that.I hear many of you say "its just 20€" but what i see from that game is not enough to justify 20€.Think about what you can get for that kind of money.If i look on steam they got Fallout Las Vegas Ultimate Edition for the same price and i bet i can find some older games in the same genre with more depth, better looking for the same price or less.Im sorry, that game is not great, not good, its mediocre at best.If you wait for a sale, lets say 7-10€ its okay.Dont buy it right now.

Longes, Jun 3, 2015

Massive Chalice is okay. That's pretty much the only thing I can say about it. The combat mechanics are a watered down X-Com tactical combat. Only there's not tactics, because there is no cover system, no relation between accuracy and distance, nothing. The meta aspects of the game are a wasted opportunity. The hero breeding results in small numerical bonuses to character attributes. The whole game is just so... bland. The sales pitch was amazing, but that's all the game has. Yet another Double Fine disappointment.

thorin_bane, Nov 1, 2015

Was really looking forward to this game given the way the kickstarter described it. Most of the ground work was a poor copy paste from XCOM. But the tactics are OK at best. I was hoping the meta game to be a LOT more indepth. It isn't. You have to reload the game over and over just to start with OK genetics. They could have let you pick one good triat or something instead of RNG of awful. I didn't like the art work at all. This is subjective so to each their own. But it was more like playing Viva Pinata then XCOM in the art department. I did like the voice work and the music score is stirring. Hence the 2. Sorry guys big failure when even the designer Brad whatever leaves Double Lame after yet another flop. I was expecting a lot different from what was delivered. I am not even bothering with getting my physcial copy on a game I paid 100 for that I would have a hard time paying 15 for on a steam sale after actually playing it though. (I did play multiple times but usually got bored with it fairly early in)