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Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars Discover Master of Orion as it was always meant to be: A fully orchestrated score, interstellar warfare and exploration against the backdrop of animated far flung galaxies. Confront hostile civilizations, negotiate with mysterious aliens, share knowledge with allies and uncover this newlyDiscover Master of Orion as it was always meant to be: A fully orchestrated score, interstellar warfare and exploration against the backdrop of animated far flung galaxies. Confront hostile civilizations, negotiate with mysterious aliens, share knowledge with allies and uncover this newly imagined universe. … Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 92
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, 4X
Company / Developer
MicroProse, Wargaming World Ltd, WG Labs / NGD Studios
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Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars reviews ( 7 )

Prosmooth, Aug 27, 2016

I usually don't play these games because I'm dumb and never even understand the tutorials--but I can play and understand this one for some reason. I'm having a blast with it. Maybe I'm having a blast with it because I'm dumb. Either way--I think it's really cool. Thank you to whoever made it--even my Simple Jack mind can play around in space now and feel like I'm a conquering hero.

Psiraphim, Mar 21, 2019

Если у меня спросят: "Есть ли такой римейк, который воссоздал старую игру так, что в нее можно играть и старым фанатам и новчикам, при этом ничего не сломав и не испортив?" - я отвечу: "Это Мастер Ориона 2016 года". Игра полностью воссоздает второго Мастера Ориона на современном движке. Да, она может ничего принципиально нового не добавила - это и не нужно было. Это признание в любви к второй части, перенесено только то, что было в нем. Разработчики не стали "из рпг делать шутер", или добавлять лутбоксы. Римейк мог быть намного хуже, а продолжение могло быть хуже трешки, хотя куда уж хуже. Я очень признателен разработчикам. Вы молодцы!

Jaramide, Sep1, 2016

As a person who has always been very interested in 4X gaming but never really played that much because it's often a real chore to learn the system and understand what you are doing this game is really great for me. It's very friendly and really easy to get a sort of grasp of what is going on as the game UI is very well designed and easy to use and the game is very good at showing you what you should be doing (Sometimes a little too well, I'm looking at you espionage center) I enjoyed it a lot and I really got into the "Just one more turn, omg it's mornining already?" mindset.

Alexey_Polyansk, Jan 10, 2020

As of 1Q’20 “MOO: Conquer the stars” (2016) has a Metacritic score of 74 and if one sorts our Metacritic scores in brackets like this 90+ - highly recommended for all audience/ genre standard setting masterpiece 80-89 – must buy for genre fans; others may like the game as well 70-79 – genre fans may enjoy this; not recommended for others Below 70 – pre-release builds 74 is a reasonable estimate of MOO (2016) playability. 74, provided you play it with community designed 5X -The Ultimate balance mod (UBM), unofficial code patch (UCP) and the mod making 5X UBM and UCP compatible (all are listed as “top rated all the time” in Steam workshop. Otherwise, the game hardly deserves above 70 mark and should be skipped entirely in favor of Endless Space 2 or Stellaris. Pros: 1. Brand equity. Whilst MOO (2016) per se neither adds to it (like MOO2 did in 1996), nor destroys one (like MOO3 in 2003) seeing the same races and familiar interface adds value to the game 2. Lore. Nothing in comparison with Warhammer, but Sergei Lukyanenko’s trilogy “Dream Lane” and Mass Effect game series races clearly inspired by MOO help to enjoy playing 3. Gorgeous concept art for races and ships. Just look at the pdf enclosed; the game retained some of it Cons: 1. Developers dumped support for the game in 2017. Community fixed major bugs and issues in above listed mods, so they’re must have 2. User interface, in particular planet management and research tree screens resembles MOO2 one, but developers made it uglier and less convenient. E.g. the [original?] art team skipped work on some assets, so combination of poor and high quality images on the same screen makes the overall picture look even worse; MOO2 800x600 planet management screen was able to fit 10 planet lines whilst MOO (2016) can barely fit 8 on 2560x1440 3. Tactical space battles lost their allure after transition to real time, both in terms of battle strategies and graphics quality 4. Events design, diplomacy/espionage and heroes systems stayed on 1996 level Overall the game would be much better received were publisher and developers (WG Labs/NGD Studios) just took MOO2 patched to 1.50 version and made it run natively in Win10 with 2K/4K screen resolutions.

richard_kindel, Nov8, 2017

The game is better than master of orion 3 but not as good as moo2. The new designers took away turn based combat and substituted real-time, strike#1, and they implemented star-lanes instead of go-where-you-want limited only by fuel, strike#2. The reason that Civilization (sid meier's civ) has been so successful all these years is that they just improve on the basic system .. not change it. With the Moo series, every single version after moo2 is a completely different game. What I really, really want is just an upgrade of the prior version (similar to what civ does) do not create a different game & don't change the fundamental basic system. I want to play a turn based game (as moo2) with a semi-simultaneous turn based tactical combat system (as moo2) and with warp movement (go anywhere ... as moo2) ... why do they have to keep changing the things that made the original so darn great?? This is why every version after moo2 has been failing. Stars in shadow is the only space game that I've played since moo2 that retains the 3 core elements that made moo2 so great, and in fact, stars in shadow is a very good game (though it needs some more work & DLC before becoming truly great).

ExpertPL, Nov 11, 2016

I expected this game to be better. For me it seems like Civilization clone in space (not to be confused with Beyond Earth). For hardcore fans of 4X and strategies I would advice not playing this game, but for players that always thought that 4X and other strategies are way to hard for them, this game could be just for them. It's pretty easy to learn and has very transparent mechanics.

yosa1, Sep7, 2016

I gave this game a try only because I kind of liked sorcerer king rivals so why not grab something that seems so popular, generally I find these 4x(coined) games to be a hit the turn button more than any semblance of game. Well despite my biased opinion, I did like the voice acting, cut scenes, graphics and general ambiance,the setting and sound tracks were immersive. My first huge gripe is the tech tree, its a disorienting mess of upgrades, structures,ship hulls and weapons jammed into some drug induced order that kicks logic in the balls; its not the first game that I have tried that did this badly so I rolled with it.Then after two hundred or so turns and not really having done anything but watch the tech bar grow and my planet get more people, I saw that I was actually playing(to steal a term that keeps popping up in browser games) a slower and much prettier cow clicker. This highlights a general design flaw in these sorts of games, the whole game play takes place between your last turn and some distant turn far down the line, then do it again. In a game like Stardrive the developer employed time system were by a turn would be 5 seconds, so the game would progress rts style albeit the tech tree in that game was simpler and made more sense. This game is a bore fest, its not very interactive, build something, research a tech, send a ship to explore then wait 20 turns to do it again. There are numerous over sites in the ui and presentation of menus as well as aspects that should have been included such as a tabbed list of structure on the selected planet, control scheme needs some work and the tech tree/buildings available are chaotic and full of bloat.