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Master of Orion Discover Master of Orion as it was always meant to be: A fully orchestrated score, interstellar warfare and exploration against the backdrop of animated far flung galaxies. Confront hostile civilizations, negotiate with mysterious aliens, share knowledge with allies and uncover this newly imagined universe.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2324
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, 4X
Company / Developer
Wargaming World Ltd , WG Labs / NGD Studios
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Master of Orion reviews ( 7 )

Prosmooth, Aug 27, 2016

I usually don't play these games because I'm dumb and never even understand the tutorials--but I can play and understand this one for some reason. I'm having a blast with it. Maybe I'm having a blast with it because I'm dumb. Either way--I think it's really cool. Thank you to whoever made it--even my Simple Jack mind can play around in space now and feel like I'm a conquering hero.

Va1arMorgul1s, Sep 2, 2016

Loved the game! i don´t know why some people feel like this game is not up to expectations. Gameplay? Good. Animations? Good. Graphics? Good. Voice acting? Good (well, amazing actually). I love this kind of genre and sometimes feel like there are too many variables to understand exactly what is happening in all the layers; and I didn´t have this problem at all wit MoO, felt in control of my civilization all along.

darkbladebfg, Aug 25, 2016

It's not perfect,but it's better than most 4x space games out there. The combat is the weakest point of this game,only involving pressing the attack button.Ground combat is not animated like in moo2 or cinematic,for some reason that part has been overlooked :/. On the other side-great voice acting,unique races,chill music,good graphics,epic space battle cinematics,easy to get into.

MerodeTalks, Dec 29, 2016

I have only played MoO 3 before and never tried MoO 2 and 1. Master of Orion (the new one) is much better than MoO 3 in my opinion. I've watched MoO 2 gameplay on YT and it seems like the new MoO takes the most out of MoO 2. I've played just one campaign (500+ turns) which took me 17 hours. The game really sucked me in and I've not slept for one night. In the morning it was regular 4X hangover due to overdose. I've come back after breakfast though. Yeah, it's addictive. The AI is much better than in MoO 3 in which AI's actions didn't make sense 95% of time. During my 500 turns playthrough I've encountered only one nonsensical AI action. The AI was my ally with high standing and was oppressed by other empire. I've come to aid them and I've destroyed several systems of their enemies. After that I've established colony on oppressor's capital planet (my kind of thing). My ally was angry at me because I've built my colony close to his empire. This is just plain stupid: 1. They did the same thing building colonies right beside me and it was fine. 2. I've come to help them and they should be thankful for me getting rid of their troubles. 3. It was never their system. What the hell? Diplomacy is just as horrible as in MoO 3. Most of interactions are locked behind research. When you are approached by other empire with a request/offer you cannot send counter-proposition (really, wtf?). You cannot break 20 turns cease-fire or declare war in that time which makes absolutely no sense. There's much room for improvement when it comes to diplomacy. I'm also a little sceptical about Antarans. I don't like them. They regularly attack the strongest empire which usually is me. It makes me keep my forces close to my systems instead of going to wars and exploring galaxy. You often think about helping allies or conquering systems but then you realize it's been 50 turns since last Antaran's strike, they will be back soon. They are completely unnecessary. Defeating them is the only win condition without achievement on Steam. Oh, and by the way - once you go to destroy Antarans in their pocket universe, you cannot compare your strength to theirs until it's to late and you cannot cancel this action. Copy your saves before doing that. Research tree is really cool and much better than in MoO 3. Most of the stuff you research is really useful and often fun and interesting. Ship templates work fine as long as you maintain them yourself. Auto configuration often fails on stuff like parts that increase ship space and allow for installation of more weapons and/or additional systems. Why? It simply never uses them - you have to add them yourself. I'd also appreciate some way to test my designs. Maybe simulation battles? It's sci-fi, figure it out. The only way to test expansive weaponry is building expansive ships and declaring wars. It's not how it works in real life. Music is much better than in MoO 3 which made me feel sick after a couple of minutes. The game itself is lighter and doesn't take itself so seriously. Graphics are a little candy-like but that's good. MoO 3 tried to take itself very seriously and it was growing tiring after time. Turns take short time to compute in the beginning but after 300-350 turns when there's a lot happening (8 empires, largest galaxy) turns take longer to compute. I'd say they take about 5-10 seconds on i5-2400. I wonder if i7 (8 threads, 4 cores) would help - I'm not sure how well turn computing is paralleled. It's also worth mentioning that Mac client simply sucks. I've played game on both Windows PC and Mac and there's no way to make this game work full-screen on Mac. It just displays black screen which I've googled and turns out it is regular business with WG games. I see I've mentioned only the bad stuff. Don't mind it - I've had a blast with the game and will come back to it. Assume that what I haven't mentioned is really great. I just wish for some dev to read it and fix what can be fixed.

richard_kindel, Nov 8, 2017

The game is better than master of orion 3 but not as good as moo2. The new designers took away turn based combat and substituted real-time, strike#1, and they implemented star-lanes instead of go-where-you-want limited only by fuel, strike#2. The reason that Civilization (sid meier's civ) has been so successful all these years is that they just improve on the basic system .. not change it. With the Moo series, every single version after moo2 is a completely different game. What I really, really want is just an upgrade of the prior version (similar to what civ does) do not create a different game & don't change the fundamental basic system. I want to play a turn based game (as moo2) with a semi-simultaneous turn based tactical combat system (as moo2) and with warp movement (go anywhere ... as moo2) ... why do they have to keep changing the things that made the original so darn great?? This is why every version after moo2 has been failing. Stars in shadow is the only space game that I've played since moo2 that retains the 3 core elements that made moo2 so great, and in fact, stars in shadow is a very good game (though it needs some more work & DLC before becoming truly great).

Wainaa, Aug 31, 2016

I had great hopes about this game when it was originally announced. Since I didn't want to play a work in progress, I pre-ordered MOO and then waited for it to be released. Now, the good things. It really is a Master of Orion remake. It feels like Master of Orion and it looks and sounds like Master of Orion and that's about it. The bad news is that it doesn't add anything to the original or rather, it takes away features. Wargaming's Master of Orion isn't a bad game, it's just... redundant. So, just get the original Master of Orion 2 somewhere instead.

yosa1, Sep 7, 2016

I gave this game a try only because I kind of liked sorcerer king rivals so why not grab something that seems so popular, generally I find these 4x(coined) games to be a hit the turn button more than any semblance of game. Well despite my biased opinion, I did like the voice acting, cut scenes, graphics and general ambiance,the setting and sound tracks were immersive. My first huge gripe is the tech tree, its a disorienting mess of upgrades, structures,ship hulls and weapons jammed into some drug induced order that kicks logic in the balls; its not the first game that I have tried that did this badly so I rolled with it.Then after two hundred or so turns and not really having done anything but watch the tech bar grow and my planet get more people, I saw that I was actually playing(to steal a term that keeps popping up in browser games) a slower and much prettier cow clicker. This highlights a general design flaw in these sorts of games, the whole game play takes place between your last turn and some distant turn far down the line, then do it again. In a game like Stardrive the developer employed time system were by a turn would be 5 seconds, so the game would progress rts style albeit the tech tree in that game was simpler and made more sense. This game is a bore fest, its not very interactive, build something, research a tech, send a ship to explore then wait 20 turns to do it again. There are numerous over sites in the ui and presentation of menus as well as aspects that should have been included such as a tabbed list of structure on the selected planet, control scheme needs some work and the tech tree/buildings available are chaotic and full of bloat.