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Master Reboot Imagine a world where death is no longer final, where precious memories are saved to enjoy forever, where your soul is immortal, welcome to the Soul Cloud. Upload your soul to our dedicated servers and relax knowing that a part of you will live on, for eternity. That favourite holiday, happy moments from your childhood, meeting that special someone for the first time. All these memories saved for your digital soul and your family to revisit again and again.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1508
Genre Miscellaneous, Puzzle, General
Company / Developer
Wales Interactive Ltd. / Wales Interactive Ltd.
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Master Reboot reviews ( 5 )

T4AA, Nov 2, 2013

The game is OK. The atmosphere is cool a bit scary and just different than in most games. You slowly discover the story of main character by solving puzzles and sometimes avoiding or escaping something. Maybe it's not worth it's price but the game is still good.

Ulrich5000, Oct 31, 2013

Behind the really peaceful atmosphere lurks a dark, creepy presence. This game caught my eye when I saw it on Steam. The trailer showed an interesting set-up, people being able to upload their memories to a digital database called the Soul Cloud where they could be relived and eventually lived in when that person dies. Then I saw something, a scary presence shown in the trailer. It was enough for me to buy the game, and I must say, great time playing it. While the controls are a bit finicky at times, I easily overlooked them for an interesting story and a unique game. -Overall an 8/10

starise, Jun 15, 2014

Even if at times by the idea of being made ??�??�in a "handicraft" way, Master Reboot is an adventure game with a great breath, suspended between platforming, exploration and puzzle; and like a puzzle is also embedded the story, engaging and well-written, it becomes clear gradually with advancing levels, all equipped with strong atmosphere and unique emotions (in the library's level I had to pause to make up for the strong feeling of claustrophobia). This, along with the great narrative pace and variety of levels ( beautiful even if they are made with simplicity) helps to make the game interesting, enticing the player to continue until the end and never get bored.

punishing, Nov 4, 2013

This is a mystery adventure game with an intriguing storyline. The graphics have an excellent design used to pull you into the game world, however the implementation fails in some areas being overly simplistic and sometimes comically cartoonish instead of darkly symbolic. Some additional textures, details, polygon count and shading would have gone a long way but most areas do look good and provide an excellent experiences. The sound is pretty good. Most of the game consists of dissonant melodies and creepy sounds with the occasionally paranoid bang or swoosh to keep you on your toes. It's meant to put you in a state of paranoia and it does the job, along with some nice melodies and a surprise later in the game that I won't spoil. Gameplay is very simple. WASD move, E action key, SHIFT run, C/CTRL crouch and left click to use items with MOUSE looking is all you need. You will occasionally get items you can use to interact with, but the vast experience of this adventure game is a search and scour the level for items, and then find the thing or place to put them or use them. Finding the blue ducks is essential to gaining additional pieces of the storyline some of these are very easy, some are well hidden and required that I sweep through an area several times before I found them. You can replay a level if you miss any, I often found this to be a chore after I had already finished the level and wished there had been a in level duck counter to let me know when I had them all. None of the puzzles are difficult, some memory puzzles, put this here, mostly standard fair. Hints exist for some puzzles, and trial and error can be used if you get stumped as few puzzles have a large number of possibilities. The story is really good, it will require thinking on the part of the player including questions like "who am I" "why am I here" and "who is this creepy girl" amongst other mentioned characters and how they all fit in. Again, no spoilers here, but It is very worthwhile and rewarding to finish the game for the story elements alone. The bad parts about this game include a number of bugs, some of them quite serious such as being stuck in the environment and desktop crashes. I had 5 serious bugs requiring full restart of the game and 2 that required me to exit to the main menu and restart a level. Levels are fairly small, however if you do crash or have to restart, you'll need to restart the level from the start. The bugs that crashed to desktop for me seemed to occur at the end of the stages during loading making me lose everything from that level and requiring me to replay it entirely this made for a tedious and frustrating experience a number of times. I have not had this issue with other games that use the unreal engine, I feel like better testing and quality assurance should have gone into the game before release, and I have taken points from the score due to the severity of the issues and the effect on the game play. I was also displeased with a few of the puzzle interactions which require repeated clicking to align elements a better design could have been used considering this is a PC game and full use of the mouse and keyboard is within the designer's capability. Alas, this made some puzzles less of a mental challenge and more of a tedious chore. So, 7/10. If you're looking for a interesting story and a dark/tech world adventure that probably won't stump you but might curdle your blood if you play an unlit quiet room then Master Reboot is a good purchase. If adventure games aren't your genre or you're looking for a challenge you should pass on this one.

tronchaviones, Mar 17, 2015

Terrifying "game" if you are a whiny brat girl, stupid enough to call game to any **** like this. Bought on a dirty cheap pack, but there is no price low enough for this crap.