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Max Payne 3 The gritty Max Payne series returns for a third iteration. From automatics to handguns to rifles and explosives, Max wields (and dual-wields) a wide array of high-powered weaponry in both single player and multiplayer. Max Payne 3 provides devastating firepower for any and all situations that call for kinetic and punishing action.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 19661
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
Rockstar Games / Rockstar Studios
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Max Payne 3 reviews ( 7 )

tehace, Apr 29, 2013

Not sure where all the bad reviews come from, maybe people expected something different. The plot is decent the mechanics are good, body physics is great. I bought it due to 3d vision support and it was great experience, really enjoyed the 'shooting gallery, cutscene, shooting gallery, cutscene". there is absolutely nothing wrong with it for me, although I'm not oging to replay it for every achievement possible.

NukeInbound, Dec 25, 2012

Great game,as good as the first one.I've seen Max Payne evolve over the years and it never let me down. The multiplayer is extremely good,I've had a lot of fun.The DLCs are cheap and often useful.The SP was also great,the flashback part brought back some memories and even if you never played Max Payne before you'd still understand what this game is all about.

kicky, Jun 2, 2012

Best game out in the last six months of 2012. Amazing gameplay, nice graphics, unique optimization, not bad multiplayer. This game everyone should to try! Good job Rockstar.

ProtPax, Feb 20, 2014

Max Payne is back and he is pissed. If you are looking for the good old Max Payne experience this is the game. Shoot your way through hundreds of enemies, while in bullet time! It is a cool game if you are looking for this kind of action. But don't expect it to bring fresh things into the genre.

176-761, Jan 30, 2013

Positive things are nice graphics, movie-like gaming experience and quite ok storyline. Negative things are that cutscenes may start even if you don't want to proceed on level yet (no warning) and ALWAYS after cutscene Max changes his rifle to pistol, which is...aaaargh! At it's worst, Max Payne 3 is continous repeat of itself: walk-shoot-cutscene-walk-shoot-cutscene (boring!), mixed with average storyline. As a whole, this game ain't nothing new or special, just a shooter with slow-motion and nice graphics.

Indrigis, Jun 3, 2012

I wanted a new chapter in the Max Payne story, but all I got is a generic grade B TPS. The Good: As everyone agrees, the graphics, physics and whateverics are great. And that's about it. The Bad: Triggers! Triggers everywhere!!! You open that door - three guys SPAWN behind you. Blam, reload. You kill that last guy - congratulations! Cutscene! Reinforcements arrive, take your women, raze your village and fart in your general direction. Ok, cutscene is over - you're in the middle of the room, hidden behind the flimsiest object around. Oh, and you're holding a pistol. Enjoy the epic gunfight. Speaking of cutscenes - there's more than enough of them (unskippable, to boot) to confuse you for the entire game. "Why am I doing that?!", "Errr, shouldn't I be shooting him instead of staring?", "Why am I not moving? Oh, cutscene over, right. Better press something.", "Goodness gracious! Why did I just lock the door behind myself right after I wandered outside in plain view of six mooks?". And if you're still willing to endure all that for the sake of good plot and characters - you don't get either. The plot is largely non-existent and amounts to "Where shall I kill today? Ah, right - in ". The characters around you give you no reason to care about them, they are there just to give you a reason for killing more brazilians. And there's one important aesop - it's ok to heavily drink on the job. No one seems to care, least of all Max himself. You drank two bottles of whiskey? No problem, your aim is steady as always.Maybe I'm too hard on the game. But it would've looked SO MUCH BETTER under the name "GTA: Sao Paulo" or, for lack of carjacking, "Brazilian Shooter 3D".

Enik, Sep 26, 2012

It's a beautiful interactive movie. But when I want to play a game, I want to actually PLAY the game -- not watch it. A great game for the "I don't want to think for myself" generation.