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Max Payne A story-driven third-person shooter with a realistic weapon setup including over a dozen real-life guns, all fitting the crime-story setting like a bullet in the head. The action is surrounded with more than 80 hand-painted comic-screens that enhance the game's gritty atmosphere and attitude, introduce the game's murderous cast of characters, and carry the plot from one location to the next. [Gathering of Developers]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 91 / 100
User rating
Downloads 10183
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Modern, Arcade
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Gathering / Remedy Entertainment

Max Payne reviews ( 5 )

MichaelS, Jul 24, 2008

I will stand by this forever as the best game I've ever played! An astonishing masterpiece that is frequently ripped off but will never be topped.

MadKlauss, Nov 19, 2013

The first Max Payne is the best in my honest opinion. I just love the grim atmosphere, the story, everything. Graphics are overrated, it's all about the story and gameplay. Max Payne 1 is a prime example that companies with very limited budget make the best games.

Dyscivist, Apr 7, 2016

A classic. The epitome of the TPS genre and a game that everyone's familiar with, Max Payne manages to combine quality gameplay with an interesting story without cutting up the action with obnoxious cutscenes. The story is either told through narration during gameplay or through a graphic novel style in between game chapters. The gameplay is tight and very fun; it is just as satisfying today as it was when it was first released.

Marick, Dec 11, 2014

Max Payne is an action game developed by Remedy studio and published by GOD Games and 3D Realms. The story follows Max Payne, a cop in the great city of New York. The game tells the story in a way not seen in games too, the comic. The graphics is also good for that time and managed to not give you a headache after a few hours of play .. The sound is also very good game. Main character voice acting is very good even caught my attention. The soundtrack of the game is as good, even fits into the world of Max Payne. Gameplay is awesomehonestly now I've seen what many people say "most games in these years are pretty easy." I think I died at least 100 times in the storyline. In conclusion the game worth trying, is very good.

ReneD, Feb 28, 2009

I never played such a boring game. The graphics are boring too. Streets and boring buildings, that's all I see. If I had a photo-camera while walking in this game, I would throw it away. In one word: boring. Yes, bullet-time is boring too.