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McPixel McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through 100 short challenges in an old-school point'n'click fashion. The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools! You have only 20 seconds to save the day! Think quick! Key features: 100 mindblowing levels Bonuses, secrets and more Free DLC for everyone!
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2230
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Sos / Sos
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McPixel reviews ( 7 )

CpunDNF, Apr 14, 2013

Very cool game! I recommend to all. Simple graphics, which has its own style. An interesting and enjoyable gameplay. Zagrywałem at it for hours. this is one of the most interesting items of this type.

Cyph3rPunk, Nov 6, 2013

All these negative reviews only show that 99% of the jokes in the game just went right past them. The ending makes the game. My friends and I sat on the couch and played this game on the big screen, and were laughing non-stop through the game in all of its gags. And the ending? Priceless. Game dinged because the soundtrack does get a bit grating when trying to go for all golds.

Alkirin, Oct 2, 2012

I enjoyed this game. The graphic style is meant to supplement the ironic humor, which I think it does well. Though, much of the humor is very low-brow, immature, and slapstick, with a bit of potty humor thrown in. The puzzles are fun and often wholly unintuitive - which makes for a surprisingly fun twist in difficulty. Solving puzzles involves some very off the wall thinking. The 'obvious' solutions are not obvious, and failures often result in something so absurd and over the top that I found myself pursuing solutions that I knew would not work simply to see the often hilarious consequences. If you are a fan of over the top, immature, mindless fun, then this game is worthwhile. If you saw the trailer for this game and thought that any of it was funny, then pick it up. You'll enjoy it.

ThePCGamer101, Jun 24, 2015

A FUN little indie game, and it's true what the game warns you about staying too long on the game, because my brain was boiled after playing an hour. Shame that the game got pirated too many times...

Jake_, May 28, 2013

I, being weird, would normally enjoy a random and funny game like this. But McPixel goes too far, to the point where it's just stupid. Most of the levels don't require you to think, but more so require you to click randomly.

elsbeth, Jul 26, 2013

Phitt's review on 13/07/2013 makes a lot of good points. I had no idea what I was doing in the game, as there are no real instructions or any guidance as to what your character's purpose is bar 'save the day'. For the first three levels or so, I didn't even know it was about a bomb disposal expert. I've never been one to judge a game by its graphics: to me, they are there to convey the game-play the developers wanted to express. However, when the graphics are so poor and chunky that you cannot tell a hypodermic needle from a Concorde plane, something is wrong. It could possible be due to the fact that C64 graphics look terrible on new monitors? Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for it. There is little logic to the puzzles, and you are forced to cycle through each group of six 'scenarios' or levels in order. So if you think you have one solution, you could wait up to five turns to try again. Personally I found this very irritating. Controls are okay, bar the escape button not working to bring up an exit menu. Six presses eventually got it working, but the menu quickly disappeared again. I had to end the game in Task Manager. I'm sorry to be blunt, but this game made my eyes hurt just looking at it. I've never had that with a game bar one where the POV needed tweaking in the console. If you feel inclined to try this game, pick it up at 85% off or look for it on great disciun. My perception of this game is that, although it boasts 100 levels, it isn't worth the eye-strain to explore them all. It's possible, that the game could be better on the Big Screen setting Steam offers, and played on a television from a great distance. My setup is a regular PC. I've given a mark of 3/10 because a hundred levels takes dedication. I really wish I could have given more, and hope I can raise this mark when it sorts out the issues it currently has.

Ubaroo, Oct 29, 2014

This is the worst game I have ever played in my entire life. I had to sit back an extra meter from my monitor to attempt to make out what in gods name was going on, it is was too f**king pixelated. Even after doing so I had absolutely no idea what the f**k was happening. There are no instructions. Nothing makes sense and a McPixel logo pops up every time after finishing a 3 second long level. When I say level I don't really mean level as what you do is click on an object, then click another object and some cr*p explodes. This game should die.