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MechCommander 2 Take control of an entire company of the most fearsome military machines in history: BattleMechs! As a MechCommander, you command a unit of mercenary MechWarriors in a real-time strategy game of power, combat, and treachery set in the BattleTechВ® Universe. [Microsoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 809
Genre Strategy, General
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Microsoft Game Studios

MechCommander 2 reviews ( 5 )

Alex, Mar 7, 2005

MechCommander 2 is just another example of what makes the BattleTech series so great. takes all the great parts of MechWarrior and throws them into a StarCraft-esque game that has explosions, death, and more. it more than deserves a place in your game library.

JonathanS., Feb 18, 2004

Great game, this is exaclty what I wanted to first game to be. Sharp, 3d graphics, great and easy to understand mech customization. Only thing I would add is a skermish mode, wich would make it very nearly 10.

Ade_the_Rare, Jun 13, 2012

Fantastic game. Mechcommander was (is) good, and the sequel is actually better. Graphically it's everything it needs to be, gameplay-wise there's notable differences between the mechs and huge flexibility in how you approach each level and objective. Personally I'd give it an 8.5, but 9 will do. Recommended.

iddqd4, Jan 27, 2018

Тактика с участием группы ОБЧР из известной вселенной Battletech, исполненная в 3D изометрии, все на достойном уровне.

iseeall, Jan 12, 2016

This sequel of MechCommander Gold game takes everything good from the original and replaces 2D graphics with 3D graphics. Although it looks much better than the first game, it still plays pretty much the same. It's a good RTS game where you need to complete missions with a few mechs under your command. You equip mechs with weapons, mechs have weapon slots, and there is a weight limit for each mission, which allows different approaches depending on your tastes. If you still can get this game somewhere, try it out - it's pretty fun.