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MechWarrior Online MechWarrior Online is the first offiicially licensed free-to-play title in the MechWarrior franchise.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 8229
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
Infinite Game Publishing / Piranha Games
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MechWarrior Online reviews ( 7 )

Ayestes, Sep 17, 2013

It's a F2P game you can play every night and enjoy with friends. It has classic Mech combat and at this moment I think the balance is the best it's ever been since Closed Beta. The game is addicting and it's incredibly fun to design different Mechs. Between this and League of Legends all my competitive Multiplayer needs have been ruthlessly satisfied for many, many months. All the stuff that isn't in the game yet isn't a buzzkill to me like it appears to be for many others, and only gives me something to look forward to. Judging the game as it is currently though I figure if I am looking forward to sitting down for a couple hours on it nearly every day then it deserves a rating of ten in my book.

totalknowledge, Sep 25, 2013

Well on its way to being the best MechWarrior game. Sure it has its rough spots at the moment, but they don't detract from the game. Definitely worth a try.

CoffeeGuy22, Oct 11, 2013

This is a very fun free to play game about huge battlemechs, the F2P business-model is fair and the game runs smoothly. There's certainly enough maps and they are adding more, only 2 gamemodes though. the game has good in-depth mech customization as well.

HippyBait, Sep 17, 2013

While this game does have some of its foundation in place it is missing almost all of what the game was described as over the course of its development. The only content they release is new mechs, very rarely new maps, and new camo/paint. Core features such as Community Warfare and the Clans have been stated as coming in the next few months with lots of info in the coming weeks; however that is the same thing they have been saying since this time last year. Content is always around the corner but never arrives, nor does any information. The devs have a tendency to address problems with weapons/builds by implementing convoluted unintuitive mechanics that are both not fun, and poorly described. There are bugs and that is to be expected, but it takes a long time for them to be fixed and even when they are something new pops up. The user interface for the game is lacking in almost every aspect, but this should be addressed with the new user interface that has been coming soon since last year. The grind for c-bills is to the point of absurdity once you get past you first 25 games. The list could really go on and on, but really it is just too frustrating to put it into words on how disappointing the treatment of a beloved franchise by what can only be described as deceitful arrogant developers. This game has a lot of potential, however the devs do not.

ultraviper, Sep 18, 2013

A game with huge potential, ruined by inexperienced developers refusing to accept input from its community, failing to deliver on long-standing promises (while breaking others), and implementing the strangest balance changes I've ever seen.

HavokMode, Apr 7, 2014

This was one of the worst games I have played in a long time. I have played almost every Mech Warrior coming into this beta. With full potential, I started plaything MWO at beta, then slowly went to open beta. Just when you would start to get used to the game play, the DEV's would do some adjustment to heat detection, hit detection, and/or strength of the weapons. Upon every change was a new version but worse with more bugs. Slowly there would be fixes to the bugs and slowly they would add more features. As the game became more robust and started gaining followers, the old mech warrior fans started to die off seeing that shimmer at the end of the tunnel diminish. The game play got worse becoming over burden with rules and strange mathematical equations to find the best way to blow someone up. Unfortunately, every time you got settled in and started winning they would throw another wrench in the game. Now if you have an extremely highly performance graphics card you will enjoy playing this game with some of the highest frame rates known to the gaming industry. As a professional programmer, I can tell you that this game is not optimally programmed and they obviously have no clue how to interact with the game engine. I think you can find better displays of physics on Mario for Nintendo and better hit detection from mortal combat on Sega Genesis. Thank you for making an awesome game a complete pile of garbage.

DillionHarper, Jul 25, 2016

Its pretty bad. There are 4 or 5 mechs that you must pilot to have a chance. There are quite a few mechs actually avaliable, but if you aren't piloting one of these "meta" mechs then you dont stand a chance.