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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Written by active U.S. Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas and inspired by real world threats, Medal of Honor Warfighter delivers an aggressive, gritty, and authentic experience that puts gamers in the boots of today's most precise and disciplined warrior. Medal of Honor Warfighter is an up close and personal look at today's battlefield and the fight against the ongoing global terror threat.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5710
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Danger Close

Medal of Honor: Warfighter reviews ( 7 )

TraumaHunter, Oct 23, 2012

Let me just start off by saying I'm an avid Battlefield player and I haven't played a Call of Duty since 4. I've played 300+ hours of MoH 2010 and was on the leaderboards. I've got over probably over 2000 hours invested battlefield as a series and have played it at a tournament level multiple times. First thing I will address is the class system because it really feels like its one of the beefier more fleshed out aspects that will make it stand out from battlefield. When I first started playing I though that the Spec ops wall hack was so overpowered. But then as I played the other classes I realized that all of the classes have some sort of OP ability.. so it all evens out in the end. Assault has a VERY hard to aim and shoot grenade that is a 1hit kill to the body. Long reload means if you miss you are dead and it has limited ammo that can't be refilled other than a squad resupply defense chain. The heavy gunner has an unlimited ammo deployment that makes his LMG an ACTUAL lmg (unlike in battlefield 3 lol xD) if you get flanked you are screwed though. No hope for you. The sniper has an auto spotting mechanism built into their bipod which is handy (but again if you are flanked you are dead... also it makes you stand still for the easy counter snipe). The demoman has the mask that makes you a walking tank with double the health. It definitely helps you get 1 kill unscathed After taking any sort of damage you can't see and its better to just remove the mask though. Makes you slow as hell though and an easy target for the 1 hit kill headshots. The pointmans ability has a single magazine of ammo that does more damage. The ammo kicks like a mule though so you can't abuse it really. The specops ability to do the really hazy wallhack (with a 2 second delay) doesn't really help you do much other than lay down your point streaks and tell where the enemy is coming as a general direction. No class is seemingly OP - it all boils down to the situation and what you like to play with. Next I will address the "wall hack aura" that is cause for much controversy: This aura only appears in certain modes. It will be the thing that gets you killed the most. So after killing someone I usually keep tight eyes on corners - sometimes people rush and it enables you to get the drop on them even though they should have had the drop on you. I don't really like it atm - will probably play modes with it turned off most of the time - but it might warm up to me. I can definitely tell there is a lot of psychological warfare that goes hand in hand with it and I am not against any of that at all keeps things tense and keeps you thinking on your feet. Comparing it to 2010: In 2010 the score chains were 'chained' to stronger score chains... The top players basically learned how the spawns worked and would spawn kill to cruise missile. There was even gentlemens agreements that once someone starts laying down you let them get to cruise missile before entering the spawn and making them flip/ sending down your own strikes. It was how the game worked. In this game though you can't chain your point streaks at all. The smoke nets you almost no points. Meaning you have to do an offensive if you want to chain points towards your next streak other than resupply which only nets you 100 pts - Usually what I end up opting for though because the splash damage on the point streaks are abysmal ^^ you have to REALLY get a good hit on the enemy or they REALLY have to be bunched up to get multi kills. Even the apache is weak. It can be shot down easily with a semi auto sniper. All in all - the point streaks are not what you play the game for like in 2010. They won't help you very much and don't really serve you that well. In fact I would argue the most useful point streaks are the level 1 offensive for each class. So the UAV, radar jammer, a mobile spawn point etc. Also - spawn killing is improved 10x over. I will not lie and say it doesn't exist - but it's MUCH harder to achieve than in battlefield 3 or Moh 2010 ( I can't say i've played cod to know how bad it is for comparison ). When you are being spawn killed the best thing to do is to either sit there and not spawn - or to just quit out. No shame in it imo. The melee system is a panic system but the reach on it is impossibly short and there is no homing in or lunge. There is a recharge delay after 2 swipes so if you miss one of your two - you can expect to be dead. Your pistol is still a more viable "OH SHI" moment weapon - the pointman is the one you don't want to make go "OH SHI" though - that shotgun is undeniably the best secondary for CQB. The Fireteams system is better than BF3 squads imho - he is your man for everything and you don't have to chase after him HOPING he will drop ammo. You just take it from him. Great for the "no mic" lone wolf bunch that don't really wan to go around with you as a team. I would type more up - but I've hit max character limit. 9.5/10

str8pNOsh8ke, Nov 5, 2012

First off this is a SPECTACULAR GAME!. There must be some type of conspiracy against the Medal Of Honor Game. I love it! Great graphics great sound, and the best gun mechanics I've ever saw. I mean these guns feel and respond authentic. If you like fps/war games, support this game. If you don't we'll be stuck with the same old same old year after year. Two thumbs way up!!!

Ireland914, Oct 25, 2012

First of all, don't trust the critics' reviews for this game. It's a ton of fun. While it may not be very original, neither are the yearly increments in the Call of Duty series but critics always drool over those games. The 2-man fireteam system is a very fun dynamic and the overall feel of the game is pretty damn exciting. Plenty of customization and the neat option to choose from several different special ops soldiers.

netstorm, Oct 24, 2012

Graphics are good, and it is somewhat fun if you have a team mate who speaks english and uses the fire team properly. Voice chat is terrible, and I hate the small maps plus you can't jump on rocks or anything else. There are also invisible walls everywhere which are super annoying. Save your money, and wait for BF4. I think this may be the last MOH game released because this may easily lose EA a lot of money. Now it makes sense why they didn't allow review copies sent out early, and also heavily discounted it at 50% off to premium bf owners. Anyways now i'm ranting, the fact is don't blow your money on this game.

czaczaczar, Nov 5, 2012

Another linear FPS game like Call of Duty series & Battlefield series. Explosions, Car chases, I've seen most of it in movies. The plot is too overused.

SteelReign, Jun 24, 2014

**** this game. When you're not spawning directly in the line of fire of a sniper or LMG, you're dying to another enemy setup already to your flank. It doesn't let you strafe left/right, and most of the defense maps allow the attacking team to just spawn snipers and sit back and camp. No wonder this game flopped so bad, it pales in comparison to BF3 and COD. DO NOT BUY!

bearnet, Apr 7, 2014

Truly awful. Negligently so. EA may temporarily humiliated themselves by apologising but why not a refund or vouchers? I hope the bonuses of those involved were properly adjusted downward.