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Medieval Kingdom Wars Rewrite medieval history through bloody siege combat and grand strategy. Rule, build, and wage war as one of the minor lords of medieval Europe… Medieval Kingdom Wars redefines Medieval Grand Strategy.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 50
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Reveie World Studios, INC / Reveie World Studios, INC
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Medieval Kingdom Wars reviews ( 6 )

Ichiyamma, Mar 23, 2019

I have played Medieval Kingdom Wars for over 600 hours. I have player this game almost since it was first released in EA. There has been continuous improvement and I think the Developers are doing a wonderful job. Do I enjoy this game-yes. Do I recommend it to others-yes

Victorsaban, Dec 28, 2019

Tremendous potential here, but it appears pretty early on given its 0.11 version number and the estimated 10-12 months to completion. The art assets are of a high quality for a sub-$20 game, and the voice acting and music seem rather good as well. Of course, being early Early Access, there are little bugs and glitches all over the place. Unit pathing is rough, the tutorial isn't fleshed out, small graphical glitches here and there, and there's no campaign yet. Standard stuff for Early Access. But what potential! Taking inspiration from Age of Empires, Battle for Middle Earth, historical Total War, and Stronghold, it has a little something for all types of strategy gamers. It also offers two features very important to me in an RTS: high camera zoom out and WASD camera control. With good progress this could become a big new player on the real time strategy scene. Already the activity around this game seems quite high for an Early Access RTS with no fanfare. I plan on playing it for another hour or two and putting it on the shelf for a while to check back in a few months. Here's hoping it becomes something great. The foundation is there, it just needs a lot of polish (and a campaign).

sandor78, Dec 28, 2019

Great Total War style gameplay and world map with more innovative ways to attack and defend. Graphics are not the best, but the production team actually cares about the players which is something of a rare gem these day

raknash, Mar 23, 2019

This game really reminds me of the old Lord of the Ring: Battle for Middle-earth series. The Community is nice and helps very much. The devs & mods are also very active and the game gets updates very frequently.

realistic87, Dec 28, 2019

Bought on sell today 50% discount, i noticed that it got premiated by steam as best early access game for jenuary 2019. totally deserved. Less then 10$ for an indie game of this quality is a fair deal.

Revelation4ever, Mar 14, 2019

Thought id put in some hours on this title as it has been a while since i've actually bought a new game, reason being I find most games now repetitive & lacking depth. So I picked out a game that ticked my boxes, history, turn based, building & at least a challenge without paying for half a game. I was an avid TW fan from day one, but now it has been poor one after the other since MTW2 & Shogun2, I seen MKW & thought id give this a go, now it is early access but I read a few reviews stating that the developers are in key with thier fan base & recommendations, and they were not wrong! In game I have spoke to the developers & they answer you're questions in full plus more.. great to see, they always keep you updated on everything. So my hat goes of to you all for the great work. The game it's self I am getting more into the more I play, if you are looking for a game that is quick, then this is not for you. but if you are looking for a game that takes days, if not a week to do one faction then this is you're daddy! I'll do a few pros & cons - Pro - Decent graphics & art work, although dont be expecting TW style, Unique game play, to me it seems as if the game is a hybrid of TW & Europa universalis Rome, which is uber to me. Cool interface between map & battle mode. Good tech tree & awesome fort upgrades. Hours of gameplay, very immersive & gives the feel of the era. Good saving system, you just quit & it saves any progress, even if it crashed you are not robbed of progress. Cool boat battles although it's only infantry. Cons - Very limited units & unit information (although they will be add so ive been told, & own faction units) Unit positioning in battle can be annoying. AI at the moment can be pretty predictable & clump up or fan out too much. Tech can be quite hard to aquire quickly, you will need to put in hours to get the benifits of the game. Faction movement is a tad chaotic, Venice like to take out half of England & Scotland lol damn sneaky Italians. Crashing, odd little bugs with units & poor tutorial, I did'nt have a clue what was going on but it was fun figuring it out. Do note that they are aware of most things that need fixing & seem to work on it fast, I took a few days of playing & came back to some nice surprises. personally, if they keep it up... I reckon they have made an amazing game.. well worth the candy for me. Factions - Kingdom of Scotland Kingdom of England Kingdom of France The Holy Roman Empire The Venitian Empire Kingdom of Portugal Kingdom of Castile Cale of Ireland Papacy Kingdom of Aragon Emirate of Granada Duchacy of Bohemia Cheers for the read.. hit me a like if you thought it was useful..