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Megabyte Punch

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 898
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Reptile / Reptile

Megabyte Punch reviews ( 7 )

Russian_Foxy, Jun 30, 2015

не знаю почему многие люди пишут говно, хрень я думаю игра просто супер я играл её на пиратке и с радостью её купил бы

Etherouge, Oct 4, 2013

A mash up of my favorite games jam-packed into one neat little title. Visual prowess and addictive gameplay leave me wanting more, but it's hard to complain to humble indie developers.

AwesomePossum, May 8, 2014

I'm a fan of Smash Bros., but I like this game better than the Melee or Brawl. The customizable robots with different moves and abilities based on the parts you use make it enjoyable to find out what suits your play style. It works well with controllers, imo, and has re-mappable keys if you need them. The story can seem a little drawn out at times, but looking for all the hidden things on the level can be fun. I haven't made any custom multiplayer levels yet, but I was a fan of that in Smash Bros. I also haven't had an opportunity to play with more than two people yet, and the only issue I've had with it is the time it takes to get the robots all customized to your liking, which isn't bad if you think about it. Overall, I love this game and recommend it for any fan of Smash Bros.

JinReview, Apr 4, 2017

At first glance Megabyte Punch might just look like a side-scrolling platformer with three dimensional graphics, and although the game does feature platforming, the real gameplay focus is on the combat. The fighting system is very satisfying specially due to one core mechanics of the game: the ability to switch the body parts of your character. These parts can be obtained through various ways and collecting all the different parts, exploring the different powers, set ups and building any character you want is what makes this game differ. Sadly there is no online multiplayer to be found. The potential for one is immense but only local multiplayer is really available. In terms of plot Megabyte Punch actually tells a good story. There are two factions warring for control of the village you were made to protect. The intrigue here is that these factions will help you to take down the other faction and even persuade you into thinking that they are friendly when they are in fact just waiting to backstab you. The problem here is that the story itself its not very well delivered to the player and the characters are always so lifeless. This might have been thought out to make the experience of the player feel more "retro" but I fear that most of the players will just skip the dialogues and miss out on the plot. Megabyte Punch has a good balance between Retro and Modern and the soundtrack is one perfect example of this. It sounds very modern while having a more retro feeling. The "blocky" graphics are somewhat resembling of a pixelated sprite and the gameworld is actually side-scrolling, both working towards that "retro" feeling. The world is layered through different levels each one with an unique look and feel to it. On the end of each world there is a boss fight that will reward you a special part from himself. Theese boss fights are the climax of Megabyte Punch. The overall Artificial Intelligence of the game is well done, proving to be somewhat challenging and all the bosses are unique both in design and skills wich make them real fun to beat and very rememberable. • Final thoughts In overall Megabyte Punch is a very entertaining experience and a greatly well done game. It has everything to be an excellent game: wonderful gameplay and mechanics, an awesome soundtrack, an interesting plot and a colorful aesthetic but has little issues that prevent him to become so much greater. The lack of Online Multiplayer really hinders this game. But still this is a must play for any type of gamer and I hope that one that day we see a sequel to Megabyte Punch.

Tb87670, Jan 27, 2015

Can't call this a 10, but it's not a 7. This should be considered a variant of Super Smash Bros type gameplay with customizable robots with parts you collect from 'wild' robots. Your parts can reduce damage taken, increase damage given with basic punches, or contain special moves and attacks like a jetpack or sliding kick or cutters to slash forward with. So you can have a robot decked for high speed and high normal attack damage but have no special moves except a double jump, or you can deck out a robot with various special moves that complement each other for many fight situations. All in all it's actually fun, but make sure to have a controller. Gameplay is pretty tight, collecting parts and colors can be fun in a pokemon-sort of way, and there is more than enough challenge for adult gamers with the bosses and arena mode.

Captain_Chaos, Jun 22, 2016

Megabyte Punch is an intriguiging mix of a traditional 2D platformer and a four-player fighting game. In fact, it was described to me as Custom Robo meets Super Smash Brothers. I have not played the former, but I can tell you that Megabyte Punch postively smacks of the latter: Damage to players is calculated as an increasing percentage, and you do not die unless you are launched out of the arena or level: however, the higher your damage percentage, the further you get knocked by attacks, and unlike Smash, you can be exploded if you slam into a solid surface fast enough. Also like Smash, the game is horribly balanced, favoring setups that use cheap, powerful weapons and players with the response time of a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hummingbird. Multiplayer is likely a blast for someone who enjoys such, as I did not. However, I found the campaign a mostly enjoyable experience, thanks to MP's excellent music, colorful graphics and simplistic, but eye-grabbing art style. There is considerable depth of character customization. The wall-jump mechanic is a bit odd, however- no actual use of the jump button is involved, you need only push away from the wall if you are contact with it. I've never seen this anywhere else and I found it more awkward then not. However, the game's greatest flaw is by far its difficulty. The campaign starts out easily enough but across a mere six or so levels, quickly ramps up to a ridiculous degree, aggrivated by an archaic lives system in which they only way to acquire more is to gather 64 bits, the game's coins. I was unable to beat the final boss and had grown weary of the game well before that point. I am sure there is someone out there who can and has beaten him. But regardless, there is enough about the game I like to give it a thumbs up, but be warned: non-fighting gamers may want to pass on it completely.

Galvnayr, Oct 29, 2013

It's really just quite boring to be honest. I can see why it'd be fun if it allowed you to play with friends online, but unfortunately there is no online mode. The adventure mode just... doesn't work for a game like this.